‘Roswell, New Mexico’ Season 1 Episode 9 Recap: “Songs About Texas” Brings in a ‘Roswell’ Alumni

Roswell, New Mexico Season 1 Episode 9
Behind the scenes of ‘Roswell, New Mexico’ season 1 episode 9 with Nathan Dean Parsons, Jeanine Mason, Michael Vlamis, Shiri Appleby and Heather Hemmens (Photo: Lewis Jacobs © 2019 The CW Network)

Original Roswell star Shiri Appleby returned to direct season one episode nine of The CW’s Roswell, New Mexico. The action picks up six weeks after Isobel (Lily Cowles) was placed in the pod. Liz (Jeanine Mason) and Michael (Michael Vlamis) have been busy working on a cure, while Max spends time reading to his sister. Liz and Michael are up to antidote 148 but still no luck. However, Max assures his sister they’ll never give up on her.

Meanwhile, Noah (Karan Oberoi) is frantic that his wife has been gone for so long. Sheriff Valenti (Rosa Arredondo) takes the brunt of his frustration as he reminds her Isobel was only supposed to be in rehab for 28 days and it’s been much longer than that. Sheriff Valenti promises him Max will be in soon, but Noah’s no longer sure they should trust Max. He suggests they question him more closely about Isobel’s whereabouts. If Isobel’s not back soon, he’ll go to the press.

Alex (Tyler Blackburn) is done with Michael and when he shows up at the bar, that’s Alex’s cue to exit. Michael believes that after epic sex, they should at least have an epic breakup complete with screaming. Alex disappoints him, noting sometimes the world ends with a whimper.

Max (Nathan Dean Parsons) shows up at the bar, clears Michael’s bar tab, and then asks for a favor. He wants to go see a faith healer in Texas. Apparently, the symbol Max is fixated on is on the faith healer’s flyer.

A bro road trip is in the works to see if the faith healer is actually an alien.

Kyle (Michael Trevino) checks in on Liz at the lab to see what’s happening with the antidote. Liz might have one that actually works, but she’s reluctant to try it on Isobel. Kyle reminds her they don’t keep things in eggs, no matter how much they suck.

Their discussion’s interrupted by Maria (Heather Hemmens) who wants Liz to help her with her mom.

Elsewhere, Jenna Cameron (Riley Voelkel) pulls over Alex, informing him his dad’s forcing her to be on the lookout for strange activity. She thinks the information should actually be delivered to Alex rather than his dad.

Alex and Cameron head to the bunker where she shows him secret files and explains Alex’s dad, Master Sergeant Jesse Manes, wanted her to report any handprint-related deaths directly to him. She shares a photo of a teenage prostitute killed in 2011 who had a handprint imprinted on her back. The handprint isn’t mentioned on the autopsy, and the medical examiner who performed it has done 14 autopsies for Roswell of homeless people, drug addicts, and others who wouldn’t be missed. However, the first autopsy she performed was on Rosa Ortecho.

Cameron admits she brought this info to Alex because his dad blackmailed her into surveilling his son. Therefore, they have a mutual enemy.

Kyle arrives after they call, wondering why Alex has let Cameron into the “clubhouse.” They explain they need info on Dr. Jane Holden who works at his hospital. Cameron reveals Dr. Holden’s autopsies all involved people who’ve been killed by a mysterious handprint.

Kyle’s shocked to learn Rosa was the first of 14 deaths. Cameron explains she waited so long because Max might be involved, and he might be a suspect in Isobel’s disappearance. If they try and push her out of this investigation, she’ll tell the sheriff or Alex’s dad. Kyle replies, “Did you just threaten to tattle to our parents?”

Kyle reveals he’s been in Jenna’s position before and tells Alex to explain. “If what you’re suggesting is true, we aren’t investigating a serial killer. We are investigating an alien serial killer,” says Alex.

Cameron is, understandably, shocked. “I knew something weird is going on, but Max Evans is an alien murderer wasn’t top of my list,” she admits. Neither Alex nor Alex believe Max is a murderer.

Kyle hears from a friend that there isn’t a Dr. Holden in Roswell. There never has been and instead Project Shepherd created Holden to keep things quiet. Alex decides to turn Project Shepherd back on one last time to locate the serial killer. It’ll be different this time because he’s in charge.

After Cameron leaves, Alex and Kyle talk about Max, Michael, and Isobel. Alex doesn’t know what to think now that they’ve learned there are 14 unsolved murders. Kyle reminds him the siblings are kids they grew up with and believes if Alex cares about Michael, he should talk to him.

It turns out Max and Michael aren’t the only Roswell citizens taking a trip to see the faith healer. Liz and Maria also show up, much to Max’s surprise. Michael and Maria do a little flirting and then head off for some lemonade, leaving Max and Liz to stare at each other in uncomfortable silence.

Arizona the faith healer begins her show, calling up a crippled elderly man. She places her hand on his forehead and it lights up red, seemingly confirming Max’s suspicion.

Michael and Max talk privately after the show and try to figure out their next step. Max thinks Arizona might have come in a different pod, and Michael believes they should corner her in her tent until she confesses who she is. Max says they can’t approach her guns blazing because if she’s an alien, she’s obviously stronger than he is. (She didn’t get sick after healing the man.) Max is sure they should make her an ally and suggests Michael ask her to heal his hand and see what happens.

Maria’s with Michael when he shows the healer his hand. She claims she can heal it, but not until he pays $8,000. Michael’s furious she’s charging that much, aware most of the people in line don’t have that kind of money. She points out the grease on his jeans and asks him if he fixes cars for free.

Michael rejoins Liz and Max who’ve been debating whether the woman’s an alien, a fake, or an actual miracle worker. Michael tells them she wanted to charge a sum of money she knew he wouldn’t have. He walks away, disgusted with Arizona the faith healer.

Maria, however, wants to believe she’s real. She reminds them of the guy with the limp, and Michael uses his powers to loosen the ties holding the flap of the tent in place. It exposes Arizona paying the old guy money, confirming that she’s a fraud.

Maria charges off, ready to pay a visit to the nearest bar. Max and Liz enter the tent to confront Arizona, calling her a fake who rips off the sick and the elderly. She reacts in pain as the wires she’s wearing to make her hand light up give her a jolt – thanks to Max.

Fraud exposed, Max moves on to questioning her about the symbols on her flyer. She claims it’s just something she saw and incorporated into her flyer. She dresses down Liz when Liz calls her out on stealing important iconography. Arizona reminds her the customers waiting in line vote every year to strip Native Americans of their lands and their rights. She doesn’t feel bad about taking advantage of them, given what they’ve done to her people and culture.

An elderly woman with Arizona seems to know something about the sigil, staring after Max and Liz as they’re walking away.

The gang end up at The Mineshaft Tavern for drinks, but Max isn’t in the mood. Michael explains it’s because Max can’t have fun without Isobel. He almost blows it by saying where she is, but Liz quickly jumps in and says rehab. Maria’s having none of it since her day is much worse than Max’s.

Roswell, New Mexico Season 1 Episode 9
Heather Hemmens as Maria in ‘Roswell, New Mexico’ season 1 episode 9 (Photo: Lewis Jacobs © 2019 The CW Network)

Maria works out her anger and frustration by taking the stage and singing “Jagged Little Pill.” Sourpuss Max refuses to dance, so Liz grabs Michael. Maria doesn’t let Max off the hook though. She sings her way through the dancers to Max’s table and playfully forces him to not only get up and dance but also sing a little.

Afterward, Maria heads outside to smoke and a semi-drunken Michael follows her. Inside the bar, Liz and Max have a friendly chat and he admits he hasn’t been sleeping. His world feels wrong without Isobel.

Since he’s exhausted and she’s full of tequila, Liz suggests they get a couple of rooms at the nearby motel. That settled, they check in to separate rooms but neither Max or Liz can sleep. Separately they head outside to the swings. She apologizes the faith healer didn’t turn out to be an alien and reminds him he still has Michael. He wonders if he’s wasting his gift by not healing people, and confesses he’s watched five people die on his watch. Liz is the only person he saved. “Not saving someone isn’t the same as killing them,” says Liz. They agree it’s not easy having a super power.

It’s chilly outside and Max, ever the gentleman, gives up his coat. He thanks Liz again for helping Isobel. Liz says she doesn’t hate him for helping his sister; she’d do anything she could in his circumstances. She also admits she doesn’t trust people or think they’re inherently good, but she does believe that about him. When she learned he lied to her, it broke her heart. However, she still believes he’s good.

They say good night and Liz heads back to her room.

Meanwhile, Michael and Maria are wandering around unsure which way’s the bar. They kiss and when Michael pulls away, he claims he did it because he just needed some quiet. They kiss again and then rip each other’s clothes off. (Michael with Alex’s best friend? This can’t end well.)

Max returns to speak with Arizona, tossing down his belt, jacket, and some cash to get her to help. He needs to know about the symbol on her flyer, and the elderly woman sends Arizona away. Max says the symbol is connected to his family, showing her the tattoo on his back.

She reveals there was a woman on her reservation who could heal people with her hands. That symbol would draw itself on things she touched, even on spilt water and on fire as it burned. The woman never spoke until the day she died. Then, she said, “He has arrived so I may leave.” She died about 20 years ago and they’ve always thought someone would show up. She seems disappointed in Max as he’s not what she expected.

Maria and Michael wake up in the desert in various states of undress. She threatens to cut off his fingers if he tells anyone. “I hate secrets, but sex secrets are the exception,” says Michael. And, it turns out they’re about 50 feet from a large sign pointing to the bar. They weren’t lost after all.

Back at the pods, Max tells Liz that any info died with the woman on the reservation. However, she did die just about when he, Michael, and Isobel emerged from the pods. Liz looks around and notices the books, chair, and blanket and asks if he’s been sleeping there. He admits he was, but it got too cold.

Max follows Liz outside and she confesses she doesn’t want to accidentally kill Isobel. He’ll hate her if she does. Max assures her she won’t kill Isobel and he won’t hate her. He trusts her. Liz doesn’t know what to do about how Max feels about her. She admits she’s not the girl he knew 10 years ago. Max, however, is fully aware she’s changed.

“You’re overly defensive and you’re sometimes selfish. And you’re always muttering in Spanish like you think it’s some secret language that no one understands but you,” says Max, filling her in one what he’s observed.

As he gently takes her hands in his, he calls her the smartest person he knows. He also has figured out that by being perfect and smart she believed she’d be easier for her mom and dad to love. “But you’re not perfect. I see your faults and I love you, easily,” says Max. “You believe in the good in me when I can’t see it, so is it so crazy that I believe in you, too?”

Max starts to turn away, ready to drive Liz home. She yanks him back and they passionately kiss. (It’s about time!)

Max and Liz are still kissing when the episode returns from a commercial break. Liz asks if it was worth the wait and Max, smiling like a kid in a candy store, confirms it was. “Let’s not wait again, okay?” he says, unaware Noah’s lurking nearby.

Noah secretly followed them and while they’re not looking, he enters the cave. He sees the three pods and then notices his wife inside of one.

Liz returns to her lab and Kyle’s there looking at slides. He announces that it’s been 36 hours and the cells are still stable, so they should be clear to inject Isobel. But he wants to hold off. He thinks it’s possible Isobel is a serial killer.

Noah didn’t spend much time in the cave. Instead, he’s back in his car calling in to the sheriff and telling them to cancel his missing persons report. He knows Isobel’s in rehab, just like everyone said.

Cameron took the call and she looks confused when she hangs up. Kyle arrives just then with another twist. The non-existent Dr. Holden signed Kyle’s father’s death certificate which means he didn’t die of a brain tumor. Master Sergeant Manes covered up for whoever did it.

Alex arrives at Michael’s place and Michael doesn’t seem thrilled to see him. Michael takes off his boot and removes a piece of jewelry. Alex immediately recognizes it as Maria’s necklace. Alex claims he’s there because his car has a rattle and is about to walk away when he changes his mind. He tells Michael he loved each other for a long time, but they didn’t know each other that well. It was a cosmic connection and they never really talked. Now Alex wants to start over and be friends, and wants to know who Michael is.

Michael asks him if he wants to know who he is and what he is. Alex responds with a yes.

Liz returns to the cave and hears Max reading something to Isobel. It turns out Max is reading from a book he’s writing, and Max is embarrassed to have been discovered. She reveals she thinks she’s got the cure and before she can deliver a full explanation, they kiss. When they finally separate, Liz tells Max that there were a lot of people killed by an alien – not just Rosa. Max doesn’t think Isobel killed anyone else, and Liz is also certain that’s true. In fact, she’s so sure that she brought the cure with her. Liz thinks there’s a fourth alien in town and this unknown alien is much more dangerous than Isobel!

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