‘Roswell, New Mexico’ Season 1 Episode 11 Recap: “Champagne Supernova”

Roswell, New Mexico Season 1 Episode 11
Karan Oberoi as Noah and Lily Cowles as Isobel in ‘Roswell, New Mexico’ season 1 episode 11 (Photo: John Golden Britt © 2019 The CW Network)

Isobel, Liz, Max, Michael, and Noah are gathered at the café trying to figure out who could be the alien serial killer as The CW’s Roswell, New Mexico season one episode 11 begins. Isobel (Lily Cowles) does her best to explain how it felt to have the fourth alien controlling her mind. They know whoever it was is super powerful, and they also realize all the killings took place following Ranchero Night at the Wild Pony.

Liz (Jeanine Mason) needs to get back to the lab to work on creating more serum. The rest decide to act like nothing’s happening out of the ordinary so as not to clue the killer in on the fact they’re investigating him. Isobel will host the reopening of the UFO Emporium as planned and the rest will go about their normal daily activities.

Max (Nathan Dean Parsons) returns to the station and joins Jenna ‘Cam’ Cameron (Riley Voelkel) to try and come up with any possible clues to the killer’s identity. Since the Ranchero Night’s clientele is the disenfranchised, the killer must believe they’re easy targets who won’t be missed. As they’re talking, they’re informed Wyatt’s on his way in because he thinks he has information that might be of use.

Max tells Wyatt he doesn’t believe he’s a killer, and Wyatt opens up about what he saw. He claims he saw Carla at the Ranchero Night on Cinco de Mayo. He heard yelling at the delivery door, and he witnessed a Carla having an argument with Maria.

Max and Cam talk quietly away from Wyatt, and Max wonders if maybe someone’s inside Wyatt right now. It doesn’t make sense that Maria is the killer. Cam reminds Max she’s worked with him for a few years and never knew that he’s an alien, so Maria could be a murderer.

Isobel’s at home getting dressed for the gala and at least now she’s able to talk to her husband about how she feels. Noah reminds her they’re stronger together and asks her not to use her powers, concerned it might lead to a blackout and she could be taken over again.

Elsewhere, things are a bit awkward between Michael (Michael Vlamis) and Maria (Heather Hemmens) when they pass each other in the café. Michael tries to convince Maria it’s over with Alex but she’s not having it.

Michael returns to his secret lab and as he picks up his jacket, some kind of chemical overtakes him. He passes out, alone.

Meanwhile, Liz and her dad have a heart-to-heart about Liz’s plans for the future. Liz’s boss decided to move the study to Palo Alto because the hospital pulled funding following what they assumed was a political attack. Liz assures her dad she’s staying put in Roswell and he reminds her she has a different American dream than his and should go to Palo Alto. Liz suggests they explore citizenship for him again.

That evening, the gala attendees are all dressed to impress as they celebration the UFO Emporium’s grand reopening. Maria’s impressed with Liz’s dress but not impressed with the possibility of Liz leaving town to finish her research in Palo Alto. Maria’s convinced Liz and Max fit together like puzzle pieces.

One important attendee is missing the gala. Max is knocked out while leaving the sheriff’s station with a bouquet of flowers. He wakes up on the floor of his brother’s secret lab (a former fallout shelter), coming to as Michael’s banging on the door. Max has no idea who hit him or how he got to the lab. Michael explains the powder from whatever was in his jacket is coating everything and someone has rendered them powerless. They’re trapped and can’t do a thing to free themselves.

Michael and Max are equally frustrated which leads to a short, heated discussion about aliens. Max then reveals Maria could possibly be the killer. Angry, Michael demands Max look elsewhere, certain Maria couldn’t possibly be the killer. However, he pauses his argument when Max asks if Maria was close enough to him to slip something into his jacket pocket. (She was.)

Max had no idea Michael was into Maria, especially given the fact he’s gay. Michael puts his brother straight, saying, “We are literally aliens. Are you going to hold me to some outdated binary of sexuality? I’m bisexual, Max. It’s not that complicated.”

The small argument transitions into a major one that addresses 20 years-worth of pent-up hurt feelings on Michael’s part. Max and Isobel got the good parents while Michael wound up in foster homes. And then it’s Max’s turn to spill his guts. “You want to talk about burdens? I carry the guilt of that day everywhere. I pushed my own parents away because I’m pissed they didn’t take care of you. You are my family, Michael,” says Max with tears in his eyes. “Everything that happens to you, happens to me. Every beating, every burn, every damn heartbreak. You are never alone!”

Now that they’re opening up, Max wants to know the real story behind Michael’s injured hand. Michael confesses Jesse Manes caught he and Alex together and snapped. Michael didn’t let Max heal it because he wouldn’t have been able to explain having his perfectly good hand back to Alex. Plus, he needed the reminder of what could happen when you believe humanity is good. His scar reminds him hope is a dangerous thing.

After brief speeches by Isobel and Grant Green’s look-alike brother Graham, Liz runs into Cam who’s been trying to reach her sister. Liz thanks Cam for everything she’s doing to keep Max’s secret safe and asks if Cam needs her help with anything. Cam confesses Jesse Manes is using her sister to make her turn over information she’s gathering at work. Cam’s trying to do what’s right, even though it means helping Max over helping her sister.

Isobel interrupts and jokes she’s ready to kill her brother for not showing up. Cam realizes neither Liz nor Isobel know she and Max received info that makes Maria a person of interest now. Liz is positive Maria wouldn’t kill anyone, but Isobel thinks it makes sense. Isobel got ill when she tried to influence Maria, which isn’t a normal reaction she has from delving into human brains. Plus, Isobel wound up in the desert unaware of how she got there after reaching into Maria’s head.

Liz can’t wrap her head around the idea of Maria as a suspect, but she also can’t come up with anything that proves it’s impossible. Isobel says Maria had motive, opportunity, and a weird alien force field around her brain. Liz remains unconvinced.

Liz catches up with Maria in the restroom and asks if they can bail on the gala. She wants some girl time away from Cam and Isobel, and requests Maria watch her purse while she goes into a stall to adjust her dress.

Maria looks through Liz’s purse and finds the serum. She takes it, puts it in her purse, and leaves. Liz immediately discovers the serum’s missing and finds Isobel and Cam. Fortunately, the serum was a fake. Isobel wants the real serum to take down Maria, but Liz believes Maria’s simply possessed by the killer. The fact Maria said something nice about Isobel in the restroom proves she’s not herself.

Liz thinks Maria was drugged and wants to take her glass of champagne home to test it. However, Cam’s wearing date rape detecting nail polish. She dips her finger in Maria’s drink and there’s a reaction. Maria was definitely drugged.

They finally locate Maria and she’s passed out from the drug. Unfortunately, she must have given the syringe to the killer before passing out. Liz and Cam also realize Max and Michael aren’t responding to phone calls or texts. Liz figures out they’re in a dead zone and knows right where that might be.

Liz, still in her gorgeous gown, attaches a chain to Michael’s trailer and uses a truck to pull it sideways, exposing the door to the fallout shelter. She’s got oil smeared all over her face after opening the door, but Max is stunned by her beauty, nevertheless.

Roswell, New Mexico Season 1 Episode 11
Nathan Dean Parsons as Max in
Roswell, New Mexico’ season 1 episode 11 (Photo: John Golden Britt © 2019 The CW Network)

Max, Michael, and Liz make it to the gala and agree Michael can watch over Maria while Max and Liz join the party and act like nothing happened.

Liz and Max discuss their relationship while they dance. She explains he makes her feel like she’s teetering on the edge, forcing him to agree that if she screws up and takes off again, he’ll follow her. “Don’t let me go that easily again, okay?” she asks. Max agrees. They kiss and then Liz’s dad steals his daughter for the next dance. Her dad agrees it’s time to try for citizenship again and indicates Noah’s going to help him. Noah volunteers on Ranchero Night, giving legal advice to the disenfranchised.

Maria’s come to and Max questions her about her argument with his murder victim, Carla. She admits she saw her leaving with someone she shouldn’t be with and tried to stop her. It turns out the man who should have been off-limits was Isobel’s husband, Noah.

Max and Liz piece together the clues, including the fact Noah’s the one who suggested Liz go to Grant Green’s warehouse the night she was attacked. Noah also told Max to lay off Wyatt. Still, neither are convinced Noah’s the killer but realize there’s a way to find out.

Noah (Karan Oberoi) and Isobel are dancing when Max asks to steal a dance with his sister. Max asks Isobel if she’s ever gotten into Noah’s head and she can’t believe he’s suggesting Noah’s the killer. She then realizes Noah’s the one who made her promise not to use her powers. She agrees to get into his mind, deserting her brother on the dance floor.

While Isobel and Max are dancing, Liz races out of the gala. She finds the shirt she was wearing during the attack on the lab and rips off a sleeve. The blood on it is Noah’s and she examines it under a microscope.

Isobel enters Noah’s head and asks him questions. It’s going okay until Isobel realizes Noah isn’t answering the actual questions she’s asking. He’s telling her he’ll protect her and that he’s been connected to her since the first time he heard her voice. But, he’s not saying he loves her. She asks if he loved Rosa and he admits he always has and always will. Noah warns his wife he’s in control. Isobel tells him Max won’t let him get away with this, but Noah assures her Max will – if she tells him to.

Isobel returns to Max and says she got in Noah’s head and he’s not the killer. As she walks away, Liz calls with the news Noah’s an alien. Max chases Isobel down and he knows she’s not herself. Isobel punches him repeatedly in the face and he doesn’t hit back, unable to hit his sister. She knocks him to the ground and then pulls his own gun on him as Max says he’s going to destroy Noah. Luckily, Cam arrives and Isobel flees before shooting her brother in the face.

Isobel joins Noah in their car and he smiles, telling her it’s time to go home. Liz has been hiding in the backseat and she injects the serum in Noah’s neck. She runs off but Noah is able to stop her mid-stride. He’s controlling her body and she demands he let go of her. His hand lights up bright red as he places it on her shoulder. She screams in pain but is unable to move away or protect herself.

Suddenly his hand returns to normal. Noah’s shocked and Liz realizes the serum worked. She gets in one punch before Max races up and knocks out Noah. Isobel, free of Noah’s power, joins them to look down on Noah’s unconscious body.

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