Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 5 Episode 16 Preview

A scene from 'Star Wars: The Clone Wars'
A scene from 'Star Wars: The Clone Wars' - Photo © Lucasfilm
Life gets even more dangerous for Ob-Wan as Darth Maul uses Duchess Satine to lure him into a trap in Star Wars: The Clone Wars season 5 episode 16. “Drunk with power, Maul declares himself the true Sith Lord, a claim that will not go unanswered” in the episode titled “The Lawless” premiering on Saturday, February 2, 2013 at 9:30am on Cartoon Network.
Episode Trivia:
– This episode marks the first appearance of Darth Sidious “in the flesh.” In all other appearances, he has been a hologram.
– Obi-Wan Kenobi is wearing his Rako Hardeen disguise (from Season Four’s “Deception” arc) when he arrives on Mandalore.
– The much battered Twilight now sports a cartoonish illustration of Anakin as a boy Podracer pilot, with Aurebesh text that says “WIZARD!!!” The Twilight has not been seen since Season Two’s “Children of the Force.”
Watch the clip:

Posted by Rebecca Murray

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