Alexander Calvert Interview: Supernatural Season 15 and Jack’s Role in the Final Season

The CW’s Supernatural star Alexander Calvert was really concerned that in season 14 when his character, Jack, killed Mary Winchester the internet would turn on him. During our roundtable interview for season 15 at the 2019 San Diego Comic-Con, Calvert admitted he was shocked fans were actually very supportive.

“Some people were like, ‘Okay,’ and then other people were sad, but everyone was like, ‘No, Jack was confused.’ I’m like, ‘No, he accidentally killed someone. It’s a big deal,’” said Calvert.

Also a big deal is the fact this upcoming 15th season of Supernatural will be the series’ final season. Calvert talked about that and more in our interview at Comic-Con.

Where do we pick up with Jack in the new season?

Alexander Calvert: “I’m really hopeful that we make Jack somehow back into the physical universe. We will pick up with Jack being dead, but as we know on this show dead means a whole host of things. So, starting from there.”

What can we expect from the ghost Jack?

Alexander Calvert: “I mean, it’s hard to say. The way I kind of took the end of the season was like Jack almost accepting his fate kind of toward the end of his own journey. But with the God thing, we are considering what is free will versus something that’s predestined for us. So, I think now the Winchesters kind of realize they have been maybe directed by God so I think Jack’s going to experience a version of that now.”

Jack is really only three years old in season 15. Is he still getting used to what the universe is because he’s still so young?

Alexander Calvert: “I think there’s always going to be some sort of discomfort with the universe just because he is and he isn’t from Earth. There’s always that kind of ongoing thing where all his interactions with people are almost always new. I don’t want to make him bitter, necessarily. But, yeah, I think for the next season we’re going to see the next iteration of his growth. There was the confusion and then last year there was acceptance, but now there’s death so I feel there’s a final step after that.”

What you do hope you’ll be leaving fans with as the series ends?

Alexander Calvert: “I just hope that people are happy. I hope everybody gets the ending and the feelings that they want towards the end of this journey. It’s been so long and it’s been a part of so many of our lives, so I just hope people leave with that family feeling that I feel the show has really cultivated. I just hope that goes forever.

I just hope the finale and this coming last season just kind of sums up the boys’ journey from 2004, was it?”

How do you ground Jack and go about playing these things that are larger than life?

Alexander Calvert: “Well, I think that anytime…forgive me if this sounds douchey…in any artform there’s some sort of universal truth that you experience and it either resonates with you or it doesn’t. I think for this character I know the things that are true about him that are true about me. I think that me doing that for the character makes it believable in some sense.

That is what we’re doing; we’re bringing parts of ourselves to the character. Obviously, it’s like what’s an angel or did we stab this guy are very larger than life things. But we always ground these mythological things but in real truth, right?”