Misha Collins Interview: ‘Supernatural’ Season 15 and Castiel’s Bucket List

The CW’s Supernatural stars have always been a huge draw at the San Diego Comic-Con, but their appearance at the 2019 sold-out pop culture event was bittersweet. The 2019 convention marked the final SDCC appearance of Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, and Alexander Calvert as Supernatural cast members, which also meant it was our final Comic-Con roundtable interviews with the popular cast.

During our interviews in support of the 15th and final season, Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles shared their hopes for the series’ legacy while Misha Collins admitted he has one wish for the end of Castiel’s storyline. Collins also joked about Castiel’s longevity on the series and shared what he considers to have been Cas’ most shocking moments.

Season 15 is set to premiere on October 10, 2019.

Did you ever think Supernatural would last this long?

Misha Collins: “Oh yeah, I knew right away that the show was going to run for 15 seasons and that I was going to be a regular character right off. (Laughing) I think you would have to have such hubris to think that the show would last this long, or that my character would last. I do have a lot of hubris. So yeah, no, everything has been sort of a shock and actually, even the end of the show is something of a shock.

There was a while there where I was starting to think this is never going to end. And, it is. That’s also kind of surprising.”

What was your reaction when you read the finale to season 14? Did they give you a preview of season 15 at that time?

Misha Collins: “No, that wasn’t terribly shocking. But they don’t ever give us a, ‘Don’t worry, guys…’ That conversation doesn’t happen on Supernatural.

We actually spoke years ago on the Spirit Awards red carpet when you first joined the show and you were so excited. Do you carry on that same excitement every season?

Misha Collins: “No fucking way. I am jaded and bored out of my mind, and I hope that conveys.

I, unfortunately, have to remind myself to be excited. It’s one of those things where I find myself in the situation where I have a great job, pays well, it has a workable schedule that allows me to see my kids, that comes with incredible fandom that I can mobilize to do really cool charitable things. That has given me celebrity and all these other great things, and yet sometimes I get like, ‘Oh, god, I don’t want to go to work.’ It’s just amazing. It doesn’t matter how good things are, it’s hard to stay exuberant and excited all the time. I definitely have to remind myself to be grateful and excited. Maybe it’s just my inherent personality flaws.”

I hope the ending ends up that it’s all a dream.

Misha Collins: (Laughing) “Or we can do something like Lost or Game of Thrones… Something that satisfies the fans.

For the final season, what do you want to see Castiel do that he hasn’t done?

Misha Collins: “Ultimately I would want to see Castiel die on the show and in a way that doesn’t feel like it’s leaving the door open for resurrection. Like a really final finale for the character, and I would be really happy if that death was some sort of real sacrifice that helped the world and humanity and ideally saved Sam and Dean. Yeah, I kind of hope for a heroic exit for Cas.”

What was the most shocking moment for Cas over the seasons?

Misha Collins: “I was pretty shocked when Cas became Lucifer. That was a big surprise to me. I was really excited when Cas became human. In the beginning when I first got on the show, I was just happy to see he hadn’t been killed yet. And then there was a certain point – I don’t know when it was…maybe season eight or so – where I started feeling like I don’t think they’re going to kill my character. ‘I think he’s going to stick around for a while. Cool.’”