‘Supernatural’ Season 12 Episode 19 Recap: The Future

Supernatural Season 12 Episode 19
Jensen Ackles as Dean, Jared Padalecki as Sam, Courtney Ford as Kelly Kline and Misha Collins as Castiel in ‘Supernatural’ season 12 episode 19 (Photo: Robert Falconer © 2017 The CW Network)

Baby drama is in full force in season 12 episode 19 of The CW’s Supernatural. Time is running out for a solution to be found. This is clear from the beginning as we see Kelly (Courtney Ford) appearing miserable, broken, and about to pop at any time. Dagon (Ali Ahn) is keeping her well enough to be a good container for the baby, but she is clearly done being nice about it. There’s no attempt at hiding the fact that she and Lucifer could not care less about what happens to the pregnant woman, only that the child is born. When left alone again, Kelly makes a decision while preparing to take a bath. Giving the child a heartfelt apology that they will never be together, she slits her wrist, letting her life flow out of her and dying.

Sam (Jared Padalecki) is deep into a project back at the bunker trying to figure out when the Nephilim will be born, using lore to estimate it will be around May 18th. At that moment, Castiel (Misha Collins) shows up at the bunker. Dean (Jensen Ackles) is angry about the angel ignoring their phone calls. He tries explaining that he was in Heaven working with the angels to come up with a plan to deal with Kelly’s baby. This isn’t good news to Dean, who states that they had a shot at Dagon which might have turned out differently if he had been there to help them, then storms off.

Castiel goes to Dean’s room a bit later and apologizes. Dean says he can’t just disappear like that, they were worried about him and that is not okay. Cas explains that he didn’t mean to make things worse for them, but he feels like he is always failing. He needed to come back with a win, for them and for himself. Dean mentions that Sam is working on a way to get rid of the baby without harming Kelly. However, Castiel asks if it comes down to it, will they be able to kill an innocent? The response is that they will find a better way, all three of them.

Meanwhile, Dagon returns to Kelly only to find a bathtub filled with bloody water and the woman curled up in a corner, alive. She says the baby wouldn’t let her die, looking more hopeful than she has in a long time. Kelly is convinced that her baby isn’t evil because he saved her. Dagon is quick to try and ruin those thoughts, claiming the baby didn’t save her, he saved himself. The demon has plans after Kelly’s demise to raise the child at Lucifer’s side and nurture his evil.

Back at home, Sam and Dean do some more brainstorming, considering the ability to track the Nephilim since they can’t track Dagon. They consider a spell they’d worked on before to track an angel, the non-human part of the baby, only they know the spell never worked. Then Sam has a brilliant idea, the tracking spell may not have worked but they can remove the child’s grace, making him human. Confident in the plan, Dean goes to tell Cas but he’s gone yet again.

It turns out the angel was just there for the Colt as we find him meeting up with another angel, Kelvin (Nathan Mitchell), and giving him the gun. It only has two bullets in it but he wasn’t exactly able to ask for more. Kelvin is confident anyway, saying that soon the whole problem will be over and Castiel’s reputation will be improved. That isn’t his main concern though, this is about helping the Winchesters. He will kill the girl so they don’t have to. So the two angels, along with one more, sneak into the house where they know the women are hiding. Only Dagon is prepared, fighting two of them while Castiel finds Kelly.

He succeeds in his search, but is unable to kill her, taking off with the woman instead. She knows what his intention was and thanks him for not following through. Castiel tells her not to thank him though, he had a mission and he failed. Now he doesn’t know what he’s doing except getting them away from Dagon.

It certainly doesn’t take long for Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino) to realize something is wrong and to contact the princess of Hell to find out what happened. She is forced to explain who took Kelly and the child. As expected, he’s furious, threatening unbelievable torments if she doesn’t find them. Dagon swears she will right before it is revealed that she has a new captive, Kelvin.

The next day, Castiel leaves Kelly alone in the truck to contact Joshua and get his new orders. When he returns, the angel explains that he couldn’t kill her before but he will now. He will take her to Heaven, a trip that no human can make and live, resulting in their souls ascending while their bodies perish on Earth. The child is too dangerous and could destroy the world. She corrects that maybe the child could actually save the world but he isn’t willing to take that risk. His intent’s to take her to the sandbox, the entrance to Heaven, when the truck won’t start.

Castiel gets them a motel room while trying to figure out how to fix the truck. Kelly isn’t ready to give up, confessing to the angel about her suicide. She had died, her son had saved her, and in that moment she’d felt his soul surge through her…and it was good. Cas still says that isn’t proof since the child still needs her alive at this point.

However, she feels that she is part of a greater plan, a plan for good. Castiel doesn’t believe in plans anymore though, everyone is just winging it. There is no plan, Lucifer only wants chaos and destruction. She wasn’t chosen for a reason, she was just there. He also says that she won’t survive the birth. And who will take care of the baby then, keeping him on the righteous path? The discussion is paused when the baby starts kicking. Taking his hand, Kelly lets him feel it. As she’s watching his smile, her eyes start to glow yellow as a vision flashes in her mind.

Before she can say anything, Dean and Sam knock at the door. Apparently Sam put a tracking app on Cas’s phone while he’d been talking to Dean. And the elder brother is livid about him taking the Colt, along with disappearing again. The anger is momentarily replaced by surprise when they realize he has Kelly with him. Castiel explains that he wanted to keep them out of it, to keep them safe. Dean, with a good point, replies that they are never safe.

Finding out about the angels intention to take Kelly to Heaven, killing both her and the baby, they share their own plan of removing the baby’s grace to make him human. It would solve their problem and beats the guaranteed death that Castiel’s plan included. However, Kelly doesn’t agree. Saying no, she leaves the motel room. Of course they follow, still trying to convince her that this is the better option and only succeeding in getting her to agree to talk in a safer place.

The Winchesters discuss the situation while the other two go to the Impala. But Kelly makes another decision while waiting and steals the car, speeding off. Cas, knowing how stealing Baby is the worst thing they could do, tells her to turn around. They are on her mission now, which means they are going to Heaven. The vision she was given was her son choosing Castiel, assuring her that if they followed the angel’s plan, he would make sure the child was born. She knows now, Castiel will be the one to take care of the boy when she is gone.

This statement shocks Castiel, resulting in his statement that he’s not someone she should put her faith in. He’s done so many things wrong. Kelly admits that before all of this, she was a mess too. And she doesn’t know why, but this is their destiny. He wishes he had her faith, to which she responds that he will.

A while later, they arrive at the sandbox, Kelly’s confidence that everything will be fine as long as Castiel is with her still holding strong. Joshua appears to them, telling her not to be scared seconds before Dagon appears and kills him immediately. The demon has been waiting there for hours, since Kelvin tipped her off about where they would go. Realizing that he doesn’t have the Colt, the fight is easier for her. The boys show up in the now-working truck as she is about to kill Cas, too. Before Dean can even take a shot at her with the Colt, Dagon appears behind him, grabbing the gun, melting and destroying it.

With their only way of killing the demon gone and Castiel pretty beaten, the fight appears to be over. Yet our favorite angel isn’t done, pushing himself up and going to stand beside Kelly, telling her to run. She refuses, taking his hand instead. Her eyes begin to glow again, a power flowing from her into Castiel and causing his eyes to glow too. Dagon moves to attack, but he grabs her arm, causing her to burst into flames.

The hunters manage to get to their feet again, completely stunned and asking what just happened. Cas states it was him, but it was also the child. After healing Dean, he thanks them for coming to fight for them. He was lost but not anymore. He realizes the child must be born, and with his powers. The angel has faith again…faith in the baby.

Cas moves to leave with Kelly, however after what just happened they can’t let him go. Telling them to trust him, he touches their foreheads, putting them to sleep. As they get into the truck to leave, Kelly asks what her son told him. He didn’t tell the angel anything, he showed him the future. We are left to wonder if the world has a new savior on the way. Or is that child already like his father, the great deceiver?

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