‘The Exorcist’ Season 2 Episode 5 Recap: There but for the Grace of God, Go I

The Exorcist Season 2 Episode 5
Brianna Hildebrand, Alex Barima, Amelie Eve, Rochelle Greenwood, Hunter Dillon and Cyrus Arnold in ‘The Exorcist’ season 2 episode 5 (Photo by Sergei Bachlakov © 2017 Fox Broadcasting)

After taking a one week break, Fox’s The Exorcist season two picks up with episode five airing November 3, 2017. Episode five begins with Andy (John Cho) paying Grace (Amélie Eve) a visit in her room, however Grace is not alone. Verity (Brianna Hildebrand) is standing by the window and wants to know who Andy’s talking to and who’s Grace. Andy suddenly sees the room as it really is, full of paintings and rotten food. There’s a painting of an owl he’s drawn to as Verity asks if this a Nikki thing. Andy gets defensive and tells her she’s not supposed to be in this room.

After she leaves, Andy spins in circles, hands covering his face, and he’s complete confused. Something unseen attacks him and leaves a mark on his shoulder. When he looks at the bed again, he sees Grace is there with her arms stretched out to embrace him.

Andy flees the room and now Grace is at the top of the stairs. He tells her she’s not real and runs back down the stairs.

Rose (Li Jun Li) finds Andy packing up stuff and he insists it’s the perfect time to take the kids camping. He admits he asked Nikki to marry him 14 years ago today, and needs to escape the house. Rose isn’t sure now’s the time to take Harper on a camping trip, but Andy pretty much insists.

Father Tomas Ortega (Alfonso Herrera) stops by the foster home and Verity announces his arrival by calling for Rose, yelling, “The creepy, annoying priest is back!”

Father Tomas speaks with Rose alone in the kitchen and asks if she’s noticed anything unusual in the house. Rose says she’s only been there a few days, and Father Tomas asks to speak with the kids. Rose won’t let him talk to the kids and definitely doesn’t want him upsetting Harper.

Meanwhile, Marcus (Ben Daniels) pays a visit to Fish & Wildlife Agent Peter Morrow (Christopher Cousins) to find out if he’s aware of anything unusual ever happening on the island. Peter tells him about Glen Powell, a father who killed his wife and kids in the 1950s. His oldest daughter wasn’t home at the time, so he tracked her down and killed everyone she was with at a party. The daughter survived by hiding in a cabinet, and Glen was ultimately killed by the cops. Peter offers to take Marcus to see the daughter across the bay, if he wants to find out more about the killings.

Back at Andy’s house, Grace continues to follow her dad around insisting she’s real. When he refuses to admit she’s there, she forces him to see a gross wound on his shoulder with a bee crawling out of one of the holes.

Marcus meets with Glen’s daughter and she can recall in detail the events of that day. Her father was the best; a kind man who didn’t drink or cuss. She claims it wasn’t her father but instead something that looked like him that killed all those people. No one believes her, but Marcus says he understands and believes her. She also claims the voice was wrong. Whatever was inside her dad was using a scratchy voice and talking in a foreign language. Her father didn’t know any other languages.

Once again to Andy’s place and Verity’s not happy about this camping trip. The rest of the kids seem fine with it, including Harper. She admits to being afraid of starving bears on the island, but Andy reminds her bears can’t drive boats.

As Andy’s heading out the door, Grace is seated on the stairs and stares angrily when he indicates she’s not invited.

Marcus gives Father Tomas a call and tells him about Glen’s murder spree. Marcus now believes Father Thomas’ visions and suggests they team up to talk to Andy’s family tomorrow. Marcus warns Father Tomas not to do it tonight without him because it could scare the family off for good.

Father Bennett (Kurt Egyiawan) is praying for Sister Dolores (Karin Konoval) as Mouse (Zuleikha Robinson) packs. She warns him to hurry so they aren’t caught, and Mouse assures him Sister Dolores is already dead. Mouse hands Father Bennett a syringe full of Holy Water as Sister Dolores begs for his help, claiming she’s still inside her body, fighting the demon. When she argues he needs to stay with her and puts herself above the lives of others, he realizes it’s just the demon speaking. He injects her and the Sister’s body is engulfed in flames.

The camping trip is underway and the kids are roasting marshmallows. Harper and Rose whisper to each other, and Harper wonders if she can stay at Andy’s. She likes the place and likes her foster brothers and sisters.

Andy’s setting up a tent in the woods at night, away from the campfire, when Grace appears. She hugs him and asks him to come home, promising to be good. “Stop it! I know what you are. You’re a stress-related delusion. You’re a mental break. You leave me alone!” says Andy, screaming at her to go away.

Grace reiterates that she wants him to go home, but their talk is interrupted by Rose saying the camping is going great. She’s particularly happy about Harper.

Andy admits there’s something wrong with him and he’s not 100%. He can’t pretend anymore, even though the kids need it. Rose assures him it will be okay and that he’s allowed to grieve. He truly believes he’s losing his mind and as they hug, Grace is staring at them from nearby. He’s about to admit he’s seeing Grace when his shoulder causes him intense pain. Rose is concerned, but Andy claims it’s just a bug bite.

The kids are still roasting marshmallows as Grace circles behind them. Truck (Cyrus Arnold) is the only one who seems to react to her presence by tensing up.

Father Tomas, against Marcus’ instructions, visits Andy’s house. It’s empty but as he looks around, the lights go off and he senses an evil presence.

After visiting Glen’s daughter, Marcus and Peter are making their way slowly back to the island. Peter describes Marcus as someone who’s not happy sitting quietly with his own thoughts. He’s the same way after two tours of duty; it’s impossible to just sit still. Peter then recalls a kid he saw in the bombed-out rubble and how he still sees that kid. He asks what Marcus sees and Marcus’ confesses he has visions of his mom and dad arguing, with his dad swinging a hammer and his mom attempting to put her brains back in her skull with both hands. He tried to get his dad to stop, but he was just seven. Marcus shot his dad with a rifle as his dad was trying to choke him. He then reveals that at the orphanage he was bullied by all the other boys. He used to cut himself in order to sleep.

Marcus’ gut-wrenching memories turn to all the possessed people he’s helped. (Ben Daniels is phenomenal in this scene.) Peter listens and then gives a small nod with a smile. Marcus manages to smile back through tears.

Father Tomas explores the house, shining a flashlight on the handprints. He leans his head against the wall and a door opens down the hallway. Father Tomas enters the room and looks through the cabinets. A record player turns on and Father Tomas begins praying. Grace is standing unseen immediately at his side.

It’s now time for horror stories around the campfire. Verity is listening to music and Shelby (Alex Barima) is reading his Bible when he hears something in the woods. When he asks if Verity’s noticed anything strange around the house, she tells him to stop hanging out with the weird priests.

Shelby reminds her some people actually want to help and Verity wonders if that’s what the counselors at her camp that tried to pray the gay away were doing. She talks about being strapped to a bed and sprayed with freezing water as they told her she was an abomination in the eyes of God. Shelby calls them misguided, and Verity admits she tried to kill herself three times.

Shelby attempts to convince Verity those people worked for the Devil, not God, but she’s having none of it. Shelby insists he knows this because he almost died at birth. All his siblings are dead, but he found God. Shelby assures Verity she’s perfect because that’s the way God made her. They both admit they hate camping.

Rose returns to the campfire and asks about Truck. Caleb says Truck’s been gone for a while and Verity heads out to check on him.

Father Tomas continues his search through Andy’s house as objects begin to move on their own. Doors fly open as Father Tomas walks and quietly prays.

Verity calls for Truck and then hears a noise in an abandoned house. She enters to find Truck banging his head against the wall.

The Exorcist Season 2 Episode 5
Alfonso Herrera in ‘The Exorcist’ season 2 episode 5 (Photo by Sergei Bachlakov © 2017 Fox Broadcasting)

Back at Andy’s place, Grace is in her room holding a doll and its banging its head against a wall. She stops at the same moment Verity prevents Truck from continuing to hit his head. Father Tomas enters Grace’s room but doesn’t see her. Instead, he sees the room in its actual shape.

When the flashlight isn’t directed her way, Grace begins banging the doll’s head again, causing Truck to start hitting his head once more. Grace turns the doll toward her and begins choking it. Truck echoes the movement, choking Verity. He lifts Verity off the floor and starts banging her against the wall. Verity manages to scream and Andy comes running.

The room shakes around Father Tomas as he prays, ordering the demon to show itself. As Father Tomas forcefully reads passages commanding the demon, items begin floating in the room.

Andy yells for Verity, attempting to figure out where the screams are coming from. He finally arrives at the abandoned house and tries to free Verity from Truck’s grasp. As the items crash to the floor in Andy’s house, Verity also crashes to the floor – free of Truck’s hands.

Truck has no idea what happened as Verity struggles to breathe. Truck has no memory of attacking Verity, while Rose says Verity has to be taken to a doctor. Andy freezes for a minute and then takes control again. He agrees to take Verity to the doctor as Truck apologizes for hurting her. Rose needs to take Truck away as the kids all freak out. Truck cries and says, “I’m sorry,” as Rose hugs him.

Father Tomas looks at photos of Andy and Nikki, and then picks up a rock near the photos. “In the name of Jesus Christ, show yourself to me,” he commands. Grace is now standing mere inches from his body. She grabs his wrist and he’s propelled into a vision.

Father Tomas sees dead children under blankets covered in blood. He then sees a large man standing in front of him, back turned, holding a gun. A shot is fired and Father Tomas reacts in pain, blood flowing from his mouth. He looks down and he’s been shot in the stomach. He watches as the man places the shotgun under his own chin and takes his life.

Father Tomas’ vision continues but this time he’s outside a house and standing by the well that Caleb almost fell into. He watches as a mother pushes her son into the well. Father Tomas reacts as though he’s the one in the well; he’s soaking wet and choking up water.

He tries to claw his way forward in the grass but now the grass transforms into carpeting. He watches as three young girls are doing each other’s hair. He’s standing next to Glen (Troy Anthony Young) as Glen begins speaking a different language. The man has a chain and Father Tomas reacts as though he’s being beat with it as the man murders the children.

Finally, Father Tomas snaps out of the vision and sinks to the floor in the bedroom, passing out from the experience.

Marcus is still on the boat with Peter, and he’s praying. He looks peaceful and smiles, and Peter joins him to find out what Marcus just heard. Marcus reveals he didn’t hear anything and Peter tells him, “That’s a start.” Peter leans in for a kiss and Marcus doesn’t pull away. They kiss again, but Marcus breaks up the embrace to say he needs to get back. Marcus sincerely thanks Peter and caresses his face.

Andy and Verity arrive back at Andy’s place. He’s not talking to her, and he didn’t take her to the doctor. Verity takes the blame all on herself. She’s not angry at Truck and thinks it happened because she woke him up. Andy looks lost and uncertain. Verity wants to know what’s wrong with him, but he says nothing as he gets out of the car and charges into the house. Andy heads straight up the stairs as Father Tomas watches, unseen, from the porch.

Andy makes it to Grace’s room and begins throwing everything around and pulling paintings off the wall. He spots the rock Father Tomas was just holding and heaves it through the large painting of an owl. Grace’s face in her brave pillow case covering appears in the hole in the painting. Andy demands that she leave this house.

Grace stands up but now she’s noticeably taller than a child. She’s Andy’s height and she approaches him, standing face-to-face. He removes the pillowcase and now it’s Nicole under the pillowcase.

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