‘The Exorcist’ Season 2 Episode 6 Recap: Darling Nikki

The Exorcist Season 2 Episode 6
Ben Daniels, Alex Barima, Beatrice Kitsos and Hunter Dillon in ‘The Exorcist’ season 2 episode 6 (Photo by Sergei Bashlakov © 2017 Fox Broadcasting)

Fox’s The Exorcist season two episode six begins immediately where episode five left off, with Nikki unmasked and Grace gone. Andy (John Cho) faces Nikki in the attic room, and she chides him on making a mess of her painting room. He asks about Grace, but Nikki reminds him he sent her away and now he has her. Andy thinks it’s not real, so she caresses his face and asks if she feels real.

The kids walk through the woods and Harper (Beatrice Kitsos) is worried about Truck. Harper hears whispering in the woods as their neighbor walks them home in the pitch-black night.

Andy’s certain he’s losing his mind. His first kiss with this Nikki-demon is interrupted when the kids return. Before he checks on them, Nikki assures him she’ll never leave him again.

Seattle, Washington: Marcus (Ben Daniels) has been waiting for Father Tomas for hours. Marcus gets upset when Father Tomas (Alfonso Herrera) reveals he went to Andy’s house last night, but Marcus gets over it when Father Tomas says he felt a presence of evil. Father Tomas has another vision of all the children murdered on the island and Marcus has a difficult time calming him down. Father Tomas recalls finding a rock in the attic and seeing all the children dying, all killed by someone they loved. He and Marcus now believe the island is being used as a hunting ground.

Andy and Rose (Li Jun Li) visit Truck (Cyrus Arnold) at the psychiatric hospital, and Truck’s worried Verity hates him. He asks them to tell Verity he’s sorry. He then insists the person in his head made him do it.

As they’re leaving, Rose says she’ll look into more long-term options for Truck. Andy’s concerned his home will have to close after what happened and worried about what will happen to his kids. Rose reminds him no decision has been made, but Andy is certain his house will be shut down.

Andy finds a quiet place to sit alone, and he asks Nikki if she made Truck do it. She insists she didn’t and that the kids are sometimes unfixable. He tried to protect them and now thinks he let everyone down. Nikki smiles and says, “We won’t let them tear us apart.”

Rose and Andy return home just as Father Tomas and Marcus arrive.

Caleb (Hunter Dillon) explains to Harper how Truck got his name. Harper wants to know if the island witch is real, confessing she thought she saw someone in the woods.

Rose meets the priests outside and tells them about Truck attacking Verity. Marcus believes there’s something dangerous at work, and if she ignores it the children are at risk. Rose admits everyone has been stressed, especially Andy. Father Tomas confirms the demon seeks emotional trauma. Marcus adds this particular demon targets families and coerces parents into murdering their own children.

Father Tomas and Marcus want to talk to Andy and observe his behavior. They must verify what’s happening before they proceed. If they’re wrong, they’ll leave.

Verity (Brianna Hildebrand) finds Andy preparing lunch and can tell he’s off. He doesn’t tell her Truck apologized and simply says Truck needs more help than he can provide. He tells her to focus on the kids who are left, reminding her they’re still a family.

Andy’s surprised to see Father Tomas and Marcus at his home, and Rose says she asked them to stay for dinner. Andy replies, “The more the merrier,” and returns to the kitchen where Nikki comforts him. He’s mad the priests are there, and she tells him to make it through the night and then they can put the house back together again. She’s ready for their happily ever after.

Meanwhile in Chicago, Mouse (Zuleikha Robinson) and Father Bennett (Kurt Egyiawan) kill two bodyguards and then enter Maria Walters’ room. She’s in bed in bad shape, with intravenous drips. Maria’s eyes transform to reveal the demon’s, and the demon says it smelled Father Bennett coming.

Andy serves up dinner and seems more like himself. When Shelby (Alex Barima) asks about Grace, Andy stops short until he realizes Shelby’s talking about saying a prayer. Father Tomas leads the prayer and Andy throws in a couple of dumb jokes as Father Tomas prays. Verity gives Andy a strange look.

Andy asks what type of priests they are and Harper pipes up and says they’re exorcists. Andy laughs when he considers the fact they fight demons, saying it sounds 14th century-ish. Andy believes in the human brain and that primitive civilizations came up with metaphors to explain concepts they didn’t understand. He continues to put them down and asks Verity if these exorcists are like Verity’s conversion therapy priests.

Father Tomas apologizes for anyone from the Church trying to pray the gay away. Andy apologizes too, saying he wants the house to remain a safe place for his kids.

The Exorcist Season 2 Episode 6
Kurt Egyiawan and Zuleikha Robinson in ‘The Exorcist’ (Photo by Sergei Bashlakov © 2017 Fox Broadcasting)

Back with Maria Walters (Kirsten Fitzgerald), she has cancer and is terminal therefore worthless as a host. Mouse demands the names of the conspirators inside the Church. The demon wants Father Bennett to change his mind and come over to its side. Mouse changes out the IV to Holy Water, but the demon insists Maria Walters has been abandoned since her body is rotting. It’s happy about the torture as blood leaks from Maria’s mouth.

After dinner, Harper tells Marcus everyone’s sad about Truck. He asks if anyone has seen anything weird around the house and she tells him about hearing something whispering in the woods. The voice said her name. She asks if it’s the island witch and Marcus assures her there’s no such thing as island witches.

Andy, Rose, Father Tomas, and Marcus sit down for coffee and discuss Harper. Andy points out they were wrong about Harper and started an exorcism too early. Father Tomas goes through what they usually look for to determine possession, and Andy’s still acting out of character. Marcus says it usually starts with changes in demeanor…little things. Marcus reveals sooner or later the demon always makes a mistake.

Andy explains he’s been fostering kids for six years, and Father Tomas asks if it was difficult. Marcus tries to egg Andy on, and Andy says he and Nikki made the decision to foster kids. Andy remains in control of himself, even when Marcus blames him for abandoning Truck. Andy begins to get upset, but Nikki puts her hand on his shoulder and tells him to be careful.

Andy regains control of himself and leaves to get them more coffee. After he leaves, they explain to Rose they were trying to make Andy lose emotional control. Andy returns, pours more coffee, and Father Tomas has a vision of the coffee as blood overflowing the cup. He excuses himself.

Marcus tells Andy he admires what he’s done there. He asks if Andy wonders what his life would have turned out like if he hadn’t taken in kids. He then asks if Andy sought counseling after his wife died. Andy has a vision of Nikki standing behind Marcus motioning for him to be quiet. Marcus has the rock in his hand and tells Andy he found it upstairs. Nikki whispers, “He’s baiting you.”

Marcus thinks the rock is a funny thing to keep around. He asks its significance and Andy says there isn’t any. “It’s just a rock,” says Andy. Marcus wonders why Andy keeps staring at it, and then asks if Andy blames himself for Nikki’s death. Andy is about to attack Marcus and then demands he leave his house.

Rose says this isn’t what she agreed to. Nikki whispers to Andy that Rose has been against them since the beginning. Rose explains she did it for the sake of the kids in case there was just a chance something was wrong. Marcus whispers to Andy to fight it if he cares about his children and wants to keep them safe. Andy looks like he is and then says he’s calling the police. Father Tomas stops him and agrees to leave.

Father Tomas and Marcus leave the house, but they are now sure there’s something wrong with Andy. They’ll wait until the lights go out and take Andy by force. Father Tomas reveals he saw an “echo” and these visions are not a gift. Marcus reminds him if he didn’t have them, everyone in this house would be dead. Marcus assures him he’s there for him and together they pray.

Father Bennett promises the demon in Maria Walters that its pain can end if it tells them what they need. Blood is leaking from Maria’s mouth and eyes as the demon says it’ll still take Father Bennett, if he wants to change. But then it also reveals “great headway is being made with the little cub,” adding that Father Tomas has such promise. “He’s coming along nicely despite the warnings from the old grey lion,” says the demon.

The demon uses Marcus’ voice to tell Father Bennett that Mouse has skeletons in her closet. It suggests Father Bennett ask her why she became an exorcist and what happened at the Abbey 20 years ago. Mouse shots Maria Walters in the forehead, killing her. Lights shatter, a chandelier falls, and Father Bennett is wounded. He’s bleeding profusely. The demon leaves Maria Walters’ body.

Back at Andy’s, Rose knows Andy is angry at her and reassures him she was just worried about him. He’s pissed, but she thinks the family is in danger. She says with everything that’s been happening, she’s been worried about how he’s been acting.

Andy says it’s all because he’s about to lose his family. She apologizes and admits she should have talked to him. Andy confirms Marcus wasn’t wrong and that he didn’t deal with his grief after Nikki’s death. He tried walling off the pain so it wouldn’t hurt so much.

Andy won’t make that mistake again, and he kisses Rose. They move the action into the bedroom.

Harper wakes and hears something. There’s a storm raging outside but inside her room she sees her mom, Lorraine. Lorraine grabs her so she won’t scream. “I came back for you, baby. I came back,” she says.

Rose and Andy are in bed and it’s getting hot and heavy. He stops as he sees Nikki’s hands around Rose’s neck. He then sees all of Nikki, snuggling with Rose and saying, “Two for the price of one. What are you waiting for?”

Harper’s mom confesses she missed her and wants Harper to leave with her. Lorraine says they can go far away and she’ll take care of her. When Harper says no, Lorraine whips out a large knife warning her to be quiet.

Lorraine is taking Harper downstairs and is about to walk out the front door when Marcus and Father Tomas return. They force her back upstairs, demanding she put down the knife.

In Andy’s room, Rose is shaken as she realizes Andy is seeing Nikki. Andy speaks to Nikki and then Nikki kisses him.

Rose tries to leave and Nikki tosses her in the air. She also forces Father Tomas, Marcus, Lorraine, and Harper to fly up, out of control. Bodies are flung, but Marcus is able to grab Harper while Father Tomas grabs her mother.

Andy appears to be in a trance as Rose gasps for breath, clutching her throat.

Shelby emerges from Caleb’s room and Verity joins the fray.

Andy strangles Rose as Verity screams from the hall. There’s fighting going on as Andy emerges from his room and picks up the knife Lorraine dropped. He holds Lorraine by the neck against the wall as everyone yells at him not to stab her.

Andy doesn’t listen and slices open Lorraine’s chest. The children watch in horror as Andy’s body contorts as if fighting off the demon. It doesn’t work, and Father Tomas and Marcus begin the exorcism. Andy doesn’t fight and remains kneeling on the floor in the hallway by Lorraine’s dead body.

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