‘The Exorcist’ Season 2 Episode 2 Recap: Safe as Houses

The Exorcist Season 2 Episode 2 stars Ben Daniels and Alfonso Herrera
Ben Daniels and Alfonso Herrera in ‘The Exorcist’ season 2 episode 2 (Photo by Sergei Bachlakov ©2017 Fox)

Fox’s horror series The Exorcist begins season two episode two at the Vatican’s Office of Exorcism. Father Bennett (Kurt Egyiawan) is continuing his investigation into the corruption inside the Church, but unfortunately he’s running out of time and forced to appear at the Court of Appeal before he’s finished looking into the conspiracy. He addresses the panel, telling them about the integration phase of possession which is the fusion of a demon and the human soul. He wonders if they’re aware these integrated beings have made their way into the Church, including into the Vatican.

The panel calls for Cardinal Guilott (Torrey Hanson) and Father Bennett is shocked to see him. The panel accuses him of demonic possession and Cardinal Guilott jokes he only has arthritis. Father Bennett questions him, reminding him he put a bag over his head and slit his wrist when he tried to warn him about a plot against the Pope. The panel admonishes Father Bennett, but he knows what Cardinal Guilott really is.

Cardinal Guilott volunteers to prove he’s not possessed, drinking what he claims is Holy Water. There’s no reaction and he’s excused. As he leaves, he winks at Father Bennett.

The panel blames Marcus Keane for being the person behind the conspiracy perpetrated against the Church. They demand to know his whereabouts, but Father Bennett doesn’t reveal his friend’s location.

Speaking of Marcus (Ben Daniels), he comes to in the barn and he’s tied to a post with Father Tomas (Alfonso Herrera). Marcus demands to know Cindy’s location and he’s told Cindy’s been taken to a hospital. He warns the men that everyone at the hospital will die if they don’t let them go see Cindy.

On Nachburn Island, Washington, Andy Kim (John Cho) fixes the boards covering the well and Rose (Li Jun Li) joins him. He claims what happened the night before was an anomaly; however, Rose isn’t so sure this is the best place for the kids. She doesn’t understand how a blind kid wound up at night standing on the cover of a well.

Back at the house, Truck (Cyrus Arnold) is worried his parakeet, Morty, hasn’t been fed and is locked up in Caleb’s room. Shelby (Alex Barima) assures him the bird can go for a while without food and escorts him down to the kitchen. Their neighbors, Russ and Colleen, show up with a basket of fruit from their farm. They let Shelby know their ewe is about to give birth and invite him over to witness it.

Cindy’s husband, Jordy (Warren Christie), returns to the barn to question Marcus and Father Tomas. He wants to know what supplies Father Tomas bought at the store, and doesn’t believe it was saline and water. Marcus tells him the poison inside Cindy isn’t from their treatment. Marcus says the poison is Lucifer, the Morningstar, and he’s taken Cindy. He says Jordy is killing his wife by not taking them to her.

Father Tomas confirms Marcus’ story, and then shocks Jordy by describing the church he attends (the one Tomas saw in his vision). He even talks about Cindy’s radio that’s pink with stickers, and how Cindy sings along when she’s happy. Jordy confirms they haven’t been to that church in 10 years. Father Tomas says that’s where Cindy retreats to to feel safe. She needs to be saved from there. Then Father Tomas sings “Walkin’ After Midnight.” Jordy warns, “She dies, you die,” and then leaves again.

Rose and Andy have a talk with Caleb (Hunter Dillon) and he takes it as an interrogation. Rose wants to know why he left the house in the dark, and Caleb says he doesn’t need the sun to come up since he can’t see. She’s concerned he wanted to hurt himself, and Andy defends Caleb saying he was probably upset after getting the news about his father. Caleb doesn’t want to talk about it and shuts down the conversation.

Jordy’s at the hospital next to Cindy’s bed and she’s in horrible shape. He tries to get her to squeeze his hand and she screams like a banshee and then looks at him, possessed.

Marcus is mad Father Tomas risked Cindy’s immortal soul by addressing the demon and letting it in his head. Father Tomas claims he can take care of himself, and they rehash Father Tomas’ first exorcism of Casey Rance. Father Tomas reminds Marcus he was a beginner at that time but now he’s experienced. Marcus says six months ago is just a blink in time. However, Father Tomas is sure God gave him this ability and it’s a gift.

Marcus is angry because he’s worked with other exorcists who’ve paid for taking unnecessary risks. He watched a friend walk into a room with a demon and not leave for six months. He was ruined, and that’s what happens when the darkness gets inside. Father Tomas remains stubborn, sure Marcus simply hates the fact God chose him.

The Exorcist Season 2 Episode 2
Alex Barima in ‘The Exorcist’ season 2 episode 2 (Photo by Sergei Bachlakov © 2017 Fox)

Rose and Andy have another talk and she informs him she must file a report. Andy says she only needs to file if she thinks Caleb is at risk in his home, worried that simply filing the report jeopardizes his foster home. Still, Rose is concerned Caleb is trying to hurt himself and that he needs to be institutionalized. She doesn’t think Andy is looking at this clearly and that maybe he’s missing the warning signs. She reminds him he’s done it before, bringing up Nicole and saying he hasn’t moved on with his life.

Andy leaves the room and sees Grace in the hall. She’s been listening to his argument with Rose.

Jordy calls the men at the barn and has his cousin bring Marcus and Father Tomas to the hospital. It looks like a tornado went through it, and there’s blood in the hallway. Jordy and the officers tried to clear the hospital but Cindy is holding one of the unfortunate men who didn’t escape by the throat.

Back at the Vatican, Father Bennett and Cardinal Caro (Philip Craig) meet, and the Cardinal knows Cardinal Guilott was putting on an act. The Cardinal informs Father Bennett the Office of Exorcism has been disseminated, with the most talented exorcists pulled off cases and brought back to the Vatican. It’s completely undermined the Church’s ability to help those in need of exorcisms and in fact the Church hasn’t approved an exorcism in the last six months. The conspirators have declared war and those loyal to the cause are needed to help. The Cardinal hands Father Bennett photos of a young woman and instructs him to find her and keep her safe. He also warns Father Bennett not to give her a gun.

Father Tomas and Marcus enter the room with Cindy and her hostage, and she immediately bites the man’s face and spits out the chunk of flesh she’s removed. Father Tomas tells Cindy he knows she’s in there and to let the man go. She doesn’t and instead slices his throat and then climbs the wall and escapes into the ceiling. They track her movements.

Caleb is in the kitchen and grabs an apple from the basket the neighbors brought over. He immediately grimaces and spits out the bite, revealing it’s full of maggots. He’s rinsing his mouth in the sink when Verity (Brianna Hildebrand) joins him and says he freaked everyone out. The apple basket falls to the floor as Caleb leaves the room, telling Verity to leave him alone.

Shelby’s over at the neighbors’ farm watching the ewe who’s about to give birth. They determine it’s coming out breach and although they suggest Shelby wait outside, he stays in the stall while they work on helping the ewe. A horse is anxious and agitated as the pregnant sheep is in obvious trouble. Russ is finally able to remove the baby, but it’s not a normal lamb. It has teeth and looks grotesque. They warn Shelby to look away as Russ gets a pitchfork and kills it.

Caleb visits Andy in his room and wants to talk. Caleb wants to apologize, but says he was on top of the well because of Verity. He says Verity was with him and told him to count to 10. She left him there by himself, but he didn’t say anything earlier because he didn’t want her to get in trouble.

Father Tomas and Marcus lead the hunt for Cindy, following her path in the ceiling. They find her in the nursery cradling a newborn. There’s a dead nurse on the floor as all the babies cry. Marcus tells her not to harm the baby and suddenly all the babies go quiet. Marcus doesn’t think Cindy’s body has the strength to fight them. The demon says all Cindy wanted was a baby, and it forces Marcus to stop trying to exorcise it by threatening the baby in its arms.

Father Tomas starts singing and when Marcus turns to tell Father Tomas to stop, Cindy lunges and grabs Marcus. She holds him against the wall by his neck, feet a foot off the floor. Father Tomas tries to get her attention by singing again. Cindy releases Marcus and the baby, and Father Tomas makes a run for it with the baby as Marcus holds Cindy on the ground and continues the exorcism.

Shelby is out in the woods reading the Bible with a flashlight while around him he hears sheep and other screams. He’s freaking out and begins running through the forest.

Andy confronts Verity, wanting to know about Caleb. She admits it was stupid, but it’s a rite of passage. She did it when she got to Andy’s place. She thinks she might have pushed him too much, and Andy agrees. He can’t believe she left him out there by himself and Verity has no idea what he’s talking about. She’s angry Andy believes Caleb’s story, asking why she would lie about this. Andy reminds her of her history of destructive behavior, telling her she put the whole house at risk. If Rose reports this, the house will be shut down.

Verity is astonished Andy thinks she would hurt Caleb. She kicks him out of her room and as he opens the door, Grace is once again standing in the hallway. She doesn’t want to leave the house and Andy gives her a big hug. She begs Andy not to let Rose take her away.

Back at the hospital, Father Tomas and Marcus have Cindy pinned on the ground. Jordy watches through the window as the demon tries to bargain with Father Tomas. If he lets it in, it will let Cindy go. Father Tomas responds by continuing to pray. Unfortunately, the demon is able to make Father Tomas look at it instead of Marcus. His eyes roll up and Father Tomas is once again inside himself.

In the vision, Cindy is seated in a pew and pointing to the confessional. She begins singing as Father Tomas enters the confessional. He sits down opposite the demon who tells the priest Marcus is afraid of him. Father Tomas screams at the demon, “Deliver us, Oh Lord!” The demon throws open its mouth and its face falls apart.

Marcus continues the exorcism by himself. Cindy’s mouth opens wide, just as in Father Tomas’ vision. Father Tomas and Marcus both scream as they pray, while Cindy’s head is bent backwards. Father Tomas’ eyes return to normal and everything calms down. They speak to Cindy and her eyes are clear.

Jordy rushes into the room and hugs his wife.

A while later, Jordy sits beside Cindy who’s back in a hospital bed. In the doorway, Father Tomas tells Marcus to quit sulking. Marcus reminds Father Tomas this is not a game and that they won in spite of his recklessness. Father Tomas is sure he’s responsible for exorcising the demon and that singing to Cindy worked. He says the song came from inside Cindy and it was the key to saving her.

Jordy interrupts their argument and tosses them car keys.

Father Bennett watches as Cardinal Caro is taken away. He calls Marcus and warns him to get as far away from where he is as possible. The Vatican has been compromised. Father Bennett says he’ll find him and for Marcus not to contact him.

Andy lets Rose know that Caleb was embarrassed and that standing on top of the well is apparently just a rite of passage ritual. Andy apologizes for not knowing it was a collective bonding experience for the kids, saying maybe it’s even a show of strength. The kids have promised him no more rituals. Andy adds that Caleb is not suicidal, asking her to trust him. She apologizes for bringing up Nicole earlier and he tells her she doesn’t need to apologize. He says he’s glad she’s there.

Rose finishes typing up her incident report, saying no further action is needed at the house.

Marcus drives and sings Cindy’s song. He admits he can’t get it out of his head and so Father Tomas turns on the radio. Marcus doesn’t tell Father Tomas where they’re headed, but a sign indicates Spokane is in 197 miles and Seattle is in 475.

Back at Andy’s house, he watches from a doorway as Truck and Caleb relax in their shared room. Andy pauses in front of Verity’s room and just as he’s about to knock, he hears a noise downstairs. He heads outside and looks around. He sees bloody handprints on his front door and turns around suddenly as Shelby says, quietly, “Andy.” Shelby is cradling the bloody, dead lamb in a towel. He put its blood on the front door because lamb’s blood can protect a home, according to the Bible. “I didn’t know what else to do. There’s something in the woods,” says Shelby.

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