Travis Fimmel and Clive Standen Discuss ‘Vikings’ Season Three

Travis Fimmel and Clive Standen Vikings Season 3 Interview
Brothers Ragnar (Travis Fimmel) & Rollo (Clive Standen) in ‘Vikings’ (Photo by Jonathan Hession/History/
Copyright 2014)

The press room for History’s Vikings was once again one of Comic Con’s best as the network set up an incredible spread of food and drinks for members of the media as well as cast members from the critically acclaimed dramatic series. The room was also one of the loudest at the event, as the cast – including Travis Fimmel (‘Ragnar Lothbrok’) and Clive Standen (‘Rollo’) – were in good spirits. It was obvious this is one cast that truly gets along away from the set.

Season three doesn’t debut until 2015 but Fimmel and Standen were already working on the new episodes when we sat down to discuss the series created by BAFTA Award nominee Michael Hirst (Elizabeth). Fimmel says in season three it’s all about Paris. “Paris is such a big thing about this next season. We’ve done the England thing. We’ve set up the farms in England, and now Ragnar wants to get back to exploring. It’s very exciting to see new places again and he gets back to raiding a bit more than setting up the farm,” said Fimmel.

Asked if this was third season is more difficult or if he’s just really comfortable in the character at this point, Fimmel replied, “I’m glad a lot of family stuff is out of the way last year. The first year Ragnar was all about exploring but then he got caught up with all the family issues and all the drama at home, so this year we get to go to Paris and do what Ragnar wants to do.”

“I think I’m just getting older,” answered Fimmel, laughing, when asked if physically season three’s a more demanding season. “I’m huffing and puffing a lot this season.”

“We’ve got great stunt men,” said Fimmel, adding that they’ve got a great team put together in front of and behind the camera.

As for what we can expect, I asked Fimmel and Standen if Michael Hirst has written anything that’s shocked them or if they’ve predicted all the changes that have taken place over the previous two seasons leading up to season three. “We haven’t read the last four scripts so we have no idea what’s going on in Paris so I’m sure that’s going to be a big surprise for all of us,” replied Fimmel. “I’m surprised I haven’t been killed yet.”

“We’ve seen some of the concept art for Paris; they’re still building it. That’s incredible. It’s unlike anything that we have seen before in France. Paris was a very different place,” said Standen. “It was almost an island so it’s impenetrable. Somehow, Ragnar Lothbrok and his Vikings managed to somehow get inside. We’ll be telling the story of the first raid on Paris. It’s there in the history books so we’ve done a lot of research. Some of us have done some research on it.”

What state is the relationship in between Ragnar and Rollo in season three? “We’re together more, but once again the women cause us grief,” answered Fimmel.

“I think what draws us together and gives us some mutual respect again is that Pagan / Christianity thing. There seems to be unrest within the camp, with some people not liking any of the Christians being involved in anything and keeping our old Pagan ways. I think the brothers obviously being brought up the same way so they have the same beliefs, they have that as a common interest. I think Rollo finds a way of having his brother’s back that way as well. They don’t have to share that much with words; they can read each others minds,” explained Standen.

“And like I said, we go back to the raiding thing this year more so than all the dramas, so we’ll be on the boat again together raiding,” offered Fimmel.

-By Rebecca Murray

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