‘Trial in the Outback’ Revisits Australia’s Infamous Dingo Case

Trial in the Outback
Lindy Chamberlain and baby Azaria’s story unfolds in ‘Trial in the Outback: The Lindy Chamberlain Story’ (Photo Credit: Michael Chamberlain/NMA/Sundance Now)

The true crime documentary series Trial in the Outback: The Lindy Chamberlain Story arrives for US and Canadian audiences on Tuesday, October 12, 2021 via Sundance Now and AMC+. The docuseries offers an in-depth examination of the case made famous in the 1988 film, A Cry in the Dark. Meryl Streep earned an Oscar nomination for her portrayal of the mother, Lindy Chamberlain, who claimed a dingo killed her baby girl.

All three episodes of the docuseries will be available for binge-watching on October 12th.

Mark Joffe (Working Class Boy) directed and Francine Finnane (Vietnam) served as writer. The true crime docuseries was produced by Empress Road and Easy Tiger Productions.

Sundance Now released the following synopsis along with episode descriptions:

Trial in the Outback: The Lindy Chamberlain Story explores the case that has figured in Australia’s collective conscious since 1980, when a dingo took Lindy Chamberlain’s defenseless baby in a random horrific attack. But it quickly turned into more than that, resulting in the trial of the century and Australia’s most notorious miscarriage of justice. Through interviews with Lindy, her children and eyewitnesses today, archival footage and broadcasts and – for the first time – access to Lindy’s personal archive of family stills, movies, audio recordings and letters, the series is a compelling universal story that still resonates today.

  • Episode One
    The tragic loss of Azaria Chamberlain to a dingo in the Australian outback is turned on its head by a sensationalist media, a disbelieving public, an aggrieved Territory government and its biased police, all combining to send her mother, Lindy, to trial for her murder.
  • Episode Two
    An obsessed and divided Australia watches the trial of the century as facts and eyewitnesses are disregarded, false forensic evidence is presented and a provincial jury is swayed to convict Lindy for murder, sentencing her to life in prison with hard labor.
  • Episode Three
    Three years into her life sentence, following an intense public campaign and the confluence of extraordinary events, Lindy Chamberlain is suddenly released from prison but the fight for justice for her and her family continues, taking her story through to the present day, 40 years after the tragic death of her daughter Azaria.