‘Trust’ Season 1 Episode 10 Recap: “Consequences”

Trust Season 1 Episode 10
Niccolo Senni as Fifty and Luca Marinelli as Primo in ‘Trust’ season 1 episode 10 (Photo by Philippe Antonello / FX)

FX’s Trust season one episode 10 (the finale) begins with a doctor addressing reporters and providing an update on J. Paul Getty III’s condition. Other than the head wound, Paul is in “surprisingly good” condition. He should be reunited with his family and friends in just a couple days.

Chace (Brendan Fraser) breaks the fourth wall to remind us stories don’t just stop. “What do you think this is? The f**king movies?” he asks. He then reminds us that at the beginning of the story, J. Paul Getty Sr said there are always consequences to every action.

Martine (Laura Bellini) and Paul’s mom, Gail (Hilary Swank), watch over Paul (Harris Dickinson) as he recovers. He asks to take a walk with just his mom, asking her what would happen if he says he planned the kidnapping. Gail doesn’t believe that, reminding him of his physical condition. “It can not be true,” says Gail.

Elsewhere, J. Paul (Donald Sutherland) addresses a meeting of museum board members and reveals he’s built his own museum in Pacific Palisades to house priceless works of art. He wants to buy the Elgin Marbles in their possession, believing they kidnapped them in the first place. He’ll give them half a billion dollars, taunting them that soon the Greek government will be coming after the Marbles anyway. (He has inside information).

Primo (Luca Marinelli) pays Fifty (Niccolò Senni) a visit, handing a present to their auntie and advising her not to open it until later. Primo takes Fifty out for a walk, revealing he knows Fifty told Gail his real name. Fifty confesses it was the only way to get her to turn over the money. Primo tries to hand him a stack of cash which Fifty doesn’t want. After they hug, Primo pushes Fifty off a high ledge to his death.

Primo’s next victim is Don Salvatore (Nicola Rignanese). After sneaking into his guarded estate, Primo places a pillow over Salvatore’s head to muffle a gunshot.

Leonardo’s wife hears a noise in the middle of the night and wakes Leonardo (Francesco Colella) to check it out. He grabs a shotgun and walks through the dark house. He finds Primo at his dining room table having a drink. Primo offers up a toast to Salvatore, may he rest in peace. Primo wants Leonardo to work with him now, however Leonardo was thinking of retiring and growing olives. Primo’s aware they live in a Regeneration Zone and wants to use the ransom money to build a port. He believes all the government money floating around will come their way.

1974 arrives and J. Paul has a facelift to try and turn back time. While he’s admiring the results, he’s told Paul is on the phone. He refuses to take the call from his grandson, calling him a liar. He calls all his children liars and claims he doesn’t need any of them anymore.

Bullimore (Silas Carson) informs Paul his grandfather won’t speak to him. When Paul asks why, Bullimore replies, “I don’t know. I never know why he behaves the way he does.”

Meanwhile, Paul Jr (Michael Esper) receives a wedding invitation to Paul’s wedding. He’s pissed about everything from the invitation to the fact the wedding’s in Italy where he can’t go. Paul Jr’s mad this is how his son treats him after he paid his ransom.

Martine is pregnant and ready to marry Paul. Jutta (Sarah Bellini) can’t believe it, but Martine reminds her Paul has no one else.

Paul helps get things ready for his wedding, happy to welcome his uncles Gordon (Norbert Leo Butz) and Ron (David Agranov) to his home. He confesses he doesn’t think his dad’s going to attend and hasn’t talked to his mom recently.

That evening around a fire, Paul confesses to his uncle Gordon that he doesn’t want the trust money. He just wants to give his son the love they didn’t have growing up. As they’re talking, Gail arrives and Paul’s really surprised to see her. They hug and he thanks her for coming. He apologizes for the kidnapping, and she takes the blame. She believes she let him drift away as a kid, and anything after that was the consequences of her actions.

Gail’s thrilled Paul’s getting married and genuinely pleased she’s about to be a grandmother.

The wedding’s beautiful and everyone has a wonderful time. Standing in the back of the crowd, Chace has visions of Paul doing drugs and winding up in a wheelchair. He looks at the camera again and hopes that maybe he’s wrong. “Just maybe you can outrun your fate on wings of gold,” says Chace before suggesting the audience Google Paul’s fate.

Construction begins on Primo’s port project. He pops champagne and toasts to the future of Calabria as the first hole is dug. Primo offers Leonardo’s son, Francesco, a taste of champagne and assures him one day he could be running the port.

Chace catches us up on some of the others involved in Paul’s kidnapping. Two of the lesser players were given eight years in prison.

Trust Season 1 Episode 10
Donald Sutherland as J. Paul Getty, Sr. in ‘Trust’ season 1 episode 10 (Photo by Oliver Upton / FX)

Back with J. Paul, his half a billion dollar check is returned by the museum. No matter what offer he makes, the museum turns him down. In a foul mood, J. Paul then visits Belinda and his new son. He kicked Belinda and her then unborn baby out of the mansion for breach of contract, but now he wants to put the child’s name in at Eaton. Belinda doesn’t want her child to go there because she’ll miss him too much. She also reminds J. Paul that her son isn’t a Getty; she signed a contract denying her child any rights to the Getty fortune. Biologically he’s J. Paul’s son, legal he’s not.

Chace tells us that J. Paul’s been on a winning streak for decades, but change is coming.

The first inkling of a change comes with the discovery J. Paul’s dogs are sick. No one, other than Bullimore, realizes they’ve eaten something poisonous in the garden.

The J. Paul Getty Museum is opened in Pacific Palisades, and of course Getty doesn’t attend because he doesn’t cross the ocean. J. Paul waits impatiently for the reviews, but when they arrive the reviews aren’t positive. The New York Times calls it vulgar and tasteless. The Los Angeles Times says the museum would have been better if it stayed as a model.

J. Paul sends everyone out of the room and then smashes the model of the museum. He then drives himself to see Penelope. Penelope’s boyfriend answers the door and says she’s not in. J. Paul waits outside until she arrives and watches through the window as Penelope and her boyfriend kiss.

Back at the mansion, J. Paul’s girlfriends seem happy they have the night off. He’s lost interest in them and no longer requests sex. When they ask Bullimore to refresh their drinks, he tells them to do it themselves and leaves the mansion.

Bullimore makes a call and then heads over to the museum to meet up with his friend, the Getty’s former gardener. They share a chuckle over the poisonous plants and the dogs vomiting all over the estate, including on priceless rugs. Bullimore assures his friend the dogs will be fine, and then thanks him for getting him out of Getty’s clutches just in time.

Chace informs us J. Paul, who hates drugs, unwittingly provided the money for the construction of a port that will provide 80% of Europe’s cocaine. Primo and the “goat farmers” will become the most feared (and wealthiest) crime syndicate in the world, thanks to a kickstart from J. Paul.

As the camera zooms out above the port, Chace suggests it’s a nice bit of irony that the port is built in the shape of an ear.

Paul Jr missed his son’s wedding and is having a rough time dealing with life. Victoria (Hannah New) takes Paul Jr to a ritzy clinic to get clean. He can’t believe she’s tricked him and refuses to stay. But when Victoria tells him she’ll only stay with him if he checks in, he gives in and stays.

There’s a momentary peace in the Getty family as Paul Jr recovers and Paul, Martine, and the baby stay with Gail.

J. Paul’s alone in his mansion as Chace recalls the story of King Midas. Everything the king touched turned to gold and he ultimately died of starvation.

Chace confesses his time with the Gettys has taught him important life lessons and he’s a changed man. He returns to his ex-wife’s house and sees his son who doesn’t recognize him. He introduces himself and the boy smiles.

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