‘Trust’ Season 1 Episode 5 Recap: “Silenzio”

Trust Season 1 Episode 5 Recap
Harris Dickinson as J. Paul Getty, III and Andrea Arcangeli as Angelo in ‘Trust’ season 1 episode 5 (Photo by Philippe Antonello/FX)

FX’s Trust hits the halfway point of season one with episode five airing April 22, 2018. Season one episode five titled “Silenzio” begins with Primo (Luca Marinelli) falling asleep in his car after a night of drinking and snorting cocaine. He’s been waiting for the gas station to open so he can grab some gas and burn the evidence. When the station attendant finally gets there, he treats him horribly before demanding gas.

Angelo (Andrea Arcangeli) and Paul (Harris Dickinson) make a run for it through the forest and up the mountain, but Paul’s weak and hasn’t walked in a while. He asks for a minute to sit and then Angelo spots Primo driving back to camp. Angelo wants to take Paul back, but Paul starts running further up the mountain. Because he’s weak, Angelo quickly catches him. Angelo’s going to lie and say Paul escaped, however Paul reminds him he’s the one with the key.

Primo’s happy one of his men shot Paul until he sees the empty grave. Primo’s associate claims he dug the grave and was ready to kill Paul, but when he went to check on Angelo he was gone and Paul’s door was open. Primo tosses his associate in the grave, soaks him in gas, and demands to know how long Paul’s been gone. He’s told it’s been a couple of hours. Whatever he planned to do next is interrupted when a car drives up, honking its horn.

Primo’s uncle, Don Salvatore, and the accountant, Leonardo, arrive wanting to see Paul for themselves. Primo’s forced to tell them Paul’s gone and the news doesn’t go over well. Don Salvatore commands Primo to call Fifty and instruct him to stop talking to the Gettys until he’s told otherwise.

Paul and Angelo continue to make their way up the mountain. Angelo hears bells and Paul, confused, wants to know why Angelo’s panicking. He reveals the bells mean the people have gathered and word has spread to be on the lookout for Paul. Paul mistakenly believes that means he’ll get rescued, but Angelo understands Primo’s put a bounty on their heads. Angelo also knows it means no one will give them shelter.

In the town square, Don Salvatore instructs the people to search for Paul and bring him back alive. The townspeople do as they’re instructed, sending out their hunting dogs who follow Paul’s scent.

Angelo believes he’s going to be killed when he’s found and his family will be cut off from their neighbors. They’ll be ostracized because of his actions.

Angelo continues to lead the way as far behind them the dogs pick up on their scent. They find part of a shoe that was torn off.

Meanwhile, Gail (Hilary Swank) and Chace (Brendan Fraser) continue to wait for a call from the kidnappers. Chace believes the $600 “plus expenses” is a good deal for the kidnappers, but Gail doesn’t think so. She thinks the kidnappers will be insulted and is worried because they haven’t received any counteroffer yet. Chace is sure there will be movement soon.

Gail goes on television and makes a plea to the kidnappers. She wants her son back, playing up the whole “kidnappers have families, too” angle. The reporters ask if she thinks her son is dead and she replies, “He’s just 16.”

Overcome with emotion, Gail ends the press conference.

Paul and Angelo find a patch of blackberries but they’re not ripe. Paul gets to know Angelo a little better and then they hear the dogs approaching. They make a run for it but can see the dogs and their handlers are not far behind. Angelo heads into a small stream to lose the scent. They hide behind some rocks by the stream as over their heads the dogs and men pass by. Angelo wants to run, but Paul thinks they need to stay put.

After the men pass, Paul and Angelo take off running again. They spot a train passing on a nearby bridge and run down the tracks after it. Paul grabs on and is barely able to pull Angelo up. Angelo admits he thought he was dead but Paul reminds him, “Where you go, I go.”

Unfortunately, Angelo’s leg was injured while he struggled to get on the train. Paul thinks they can get him fixed up and then Angelo can accompany him to New York. Angelo’s stunned Paul would take him to America, but Paul reminds him he saved his life. Paul says they’re brothers now and they clasp hands.

Primo and the men continue their hunt through the woods. Primo wants to have a talk with Angelo’s family since their son has caused him so much grief.

J. Paul Getty (Donald Sutherland) receives letters from people all over the world containing whatever small amount of money they’re able to contribute to Paul’s ransom fund. Rather than be moved or impressed, J. Paul is insulted these people believe he can’t pay the ransom money when he fact he said he won’t pay the ransom. J. Paul wants all of it sent back.

J. Paul wonders why the kidnappers haven’t made a counteroffer.

Trust Season 1 Episode 5 Recap
Luca Marinelli as Primo and Nicola Rignanese as Salvatore in ‘Trust’ season 1 episode 5 (Photo by Philippe Antonello/FX)

Primo spots a pair of glasses by the train tracks along with fresh blood. Primo and Leonardo take off for the car, needing to contact someone who works for the railroad. As they drive, Primo confesses he believes it’s time for Don Salvatore to retire and someone else to take over. Leonardo gets upset, but Primo continues to talk. Primo compares their small operation to the larger ones, saying they’re not getting their share of shakedowns and kickbacks. What they receive under Don Salvatore is nothing compared to what they could be earning. “I don’t want a tiny percentage of what the Gettys have, I wanna be the f**king Gettys,” says Primo.

Paul and Angelo continue their journey by train, unaware Primo’s on to them until cars surround the stopped train at night. They crawl off the train and into the nearby woods and make their way into a river. They follow it for a while and begin walking again, but Paul’s too hungry and thirsty to go any further. He’s in a bad mood and walks away from Angelo, determined to find a house with food and a phone.

Angelo eventually follows Paul and they spot a town. Angelo doesn’t want to enter it, but Paul takes off toward the buildings. They stumble into town and hide from a passing truck. The town’s surprisingly quiet and everyone is indoors, something which makes Paul and Angelo suspicious.

Paul tries multiple doors, but they’re locked and no one opens them. Finally, he locates one that’s open and heads inside. No one seems to be home and he spots a phone. Paul calls his mom as Angelo looks out the windows.

Dogs are heard barking in the streets and Angelo spots Primo and a bunch of men. He grabs Paul away from the phone just as Gail picks up the other end. Paul and Angelo sprint out of the house as Primo and Leonardo enter. Primo picks up the phone and hears Gail on the other end calling out to her son. Primo says, “Paul, Paul… Send the $17 million,” and hangs up.

Paul and Angelo barely stay ahead of the dogs. They spot a truck up ahead.

Gail looks through photos of her son. She sniffs his jacket, holding it dear. She then sits at her bedroom mirror and begins cutting off her hair. As she does, she recalls the last time she saw her son.

Paul and Angelo hide in the back of a truck under a tarp. The driver stops at a large farmhouse with goats in the yard. Paul and Angelo climb out the back but are spotted by the driver. Paul asks if he can use his phone and the man says he can if he helps him unload the truck. The man turns out to be named Luigi, and his wife arrives wondering who the boys are. He explains they hopped into the back of his truck and need to use the telephone. She welcomes them inside.

Unfortunately, the phone doesn’t work. (He says the line’s been cut.) Luigi and his wife, Rosaria, explain nothing works in bad weather. Angelo says his name is Benito and Paul introduces himself as Paolo. She offers them food and they can’t resist, even though Paul wants to leave. Paul’s very suspicious of their hospitality because there hasn’t been a storm so he doesn’t believe their story that the phone lines were knocked out. While Rosaria looks after Angelo, Paul has some water. Luigi offers Angelo brandy to take away the pain.

Paul declines food and Angelo explains they’re in a hurry. They’re on their way to Naples. Rosaria offers to have Luigi drive them to the main road and from there they can hitch to Naples. However, they must eat first.

Paul and Angelo eat a full meal and Rosaria’s happy to have boys with big appetites in her kitchen. Luigi plays music and Rosaria is all smiles. She then retires to her bedroom to pray. Paul and Angelo make plans for their time in New York, and as Paul and Angelo toast to being brothers, Primo barges through the door. He immediately kills Angelo, shooting him in the face, spattering Paul with blood. Primo shoots again as Paul screams, “No! No! No!” We don’t see the results of that second blast as the episode ends.

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