‘Trust’ Season 1 Episode 7 Recap: “Kodachrome”

Trust Season 1 Episode 7 Recap
Michael Esper as J. Paul Getty Jr, Donald Sutherland as J. Paul Getty Sr, Noble Foss-Bowen as J. Paul Getty III, and Hilary Swank as Gail Getty in ‘Trust’ season 1 episode 7 (Photo by Philippe Antonello / FX)

FX’s riveting drama Trust continues with season one episode seven airing on May 6, 2018. The episode’s titled “Kodachrome,” a reference to the home videos that drive much of the story.

Season one episode seven begins with Leonardo (Francesco Colella) swearing his wife to secrecy and then revealing his boss, Don Salvatore, struck a deal with J. Paul Getty Sr to secure the ransom money. She’s overjoyed they received a good price for Paul, and they’re both happy this ordeal is about to come to an end.

As they talk, Leonardo gathers clothing for Paul to wear when he’s released. He also finds a St. Christopher medal he plans on giving to Paul.

Chace (Brendan Fraser) supervises the gathering of $5 million in cash.

Paul Jr (Michael Esper) is watching old home movies of his time in California when he pumped oil at a Getty gas station. He shares with Pauline that he was happy but broke during that time period, and then he received a letter from his dad informing him it was time for a promotion. Paul Jr was invited to Italy for a face-to-face meeting with his dad, a meeting that changed everything.

A flashback shows Paul Jr, Gail (Hilary Swank), and the young J. Paul Getty III meeting with J. Paul Getty Sr (Donald Sutherland) after the private plane arrives in Italy. They all seem to get along, even though Paul Jr and his dad haven’t seen each other in 15 years.

J. Paul Getty Sr tries to explain a painting of Peter’s crucifixion to a very young Paul as they walk through an art gallery. Gail knows it’s inappropriate, but Paul Jr won’t allow her to stop the lesson. They finally head off to dinner but not before J. Paul’s grandson gets his first look at what will become his favorite painting: Saint John the Baptist in the Wilderness by Caravaggio.

At dinner, J. Paul performs a story using shadow puppets on the wall to entertain his grandson. He declares he likes young Paul, even though he doesn’t like children in general.

After sending Gail and the young Paul off to bed, J. Paul and Paul Jr talk business, women, sex, and money. J. Paul confirms there’s hundreds of millions in the trust, but it’s real value is its power. He asks Paul Jr if he wants some power.

Back in their room, Paul Jr reveals his dad gave him a promotion but it’s in Saudi Arabia. Gail’s sure this means J. Paul likes him and has faith in his abilities. Gail seems fine with a few years in Saudi Arabia and they have appear to have a close, loving relationship. As they relax and celebrate the good news, Paul Jr admits his dad never performed shadow puppets for him as a child.

A home video shows Gail, Paul, Paul Jr, and J. Paul taking a fun trip to the ruins of Hadrian’s Villa. Young Paul finds a small treasure and J. Paul’s amused, calling his grandson a budding archaeologist. He also assures young Paul that he’s going to go far.

Back to current events and Paul Jr is still reminiscing about that time while watching home movies. He recalls his father actually liked him then and they were all happy for a while.

Over at Gail’s place, she’s preparing for Paul’s release and return home. The other kids are away so that it’ll just be a quiet, calm reunion. She also tells Chace that it’s going to be Paul’s birthday soon. Chace confirms the money’s being counted, loose ends are being tied up, and everything appears to be good to go. Chace also confirms J. Paul and Paul Jr are meeting about the ransom deal.

Gail claims none of the Gettys are normal, especially J. Paul Getty Sr. “There’s a slice of pure animal in the old man,” explains Gail. “You know that thing the rest of humanity holds onto for dear life – love, compassion, care, kindness, whatever you want to call it? There’s a switch in him that clicks and it’s gone.”

A flashback shows J. Paul Getty Sr. tossing young Paul in the ocean after the boy asks if he’ll teach him how to swim. Gail panics but J. Paul refuses to allow them to retrieve young Paul. Although the boy was able to make it out of the water alive, Gail isn’t happy about J. Paul’s method of teaching her son to swim. Nevertheless, J. Paul and his family continue to get along. In fact, J. Paul even switches things up by saying Paul Jr can stay in Italy and run an oil company he’s been busy buying. He’ll send Gordon to Saudi Arabia instead.

And now 16 minutes into the episode we get our first look at Paul (Harris Dickinson). He’s bathing outdoors in a water tub when Leonardo arrives with clothes and shoes. Leonardo informs Paul he’s going home and Paul’s ecstatic.

Once more we flashback to J. Paul Getty Sr introducing Paul Jr to department heads and other important employees from the oil company. He then tells Paul Jr he expects him to whip things into shape, and says he’ll need to cut at least half of the men he was just introduced to. Paul Jr looks overwhelmed when J. Paul Getty Sr reveals he’s heading back to England and will be leaving all the decisions in his son’s hands. He’ll call in every night for updates. Before J. Paul takes off, he tells Paul Jr to choose well.

Paul Jr begins the firing process, and of course the employees are upset to be let go. Some have been with the company for 20 years while others declare they’ve sacrificed everything for their jobs.

Their anger and the stress of the job wear on Paul Jr, as do the daily phone calls. J. Paul Getty Sr doesn’t like most of what Paul Jr proposes, including expanding the business. J. Paul’s also unhappy about Paul Jr’s decision to fire certain employees.

During an in-person meeting in front of the leadership team, Paul Jr puts forth a proposal to make a deal with Onassis on oil tankers. J. Paul Getty Sr listens and tells him he did a great job with the proposal, but then smacks it down. He’s decided they’ll buy their own tankers instead.

Paul Jr drowns his anger in drugs and alcohol. He spends one night trashing his office in frustration.

Back to Gail and Chace, she explains she was lonely even with four children. Another flashback shows Paul Jr worrying over the upcoming call from his dad as Gail, looking stunning in a red gown, asks him to put his work aside and accompany her to a gala. She begs but Paul Jr refuses to leave his work. Instead, she takes her son as her date. (This is apparently a regular occurrence.)

At the glitzy gathering, Gail drinks as she watches actors perform a Roman battle. The hero singles her out to decide whether his opponent should live or die. He then watches her throughout the night as she chats with a close friend. The friend reminds her she and Paul Jr have an agreement. Although Paul’s acted on it, she never has.

The actor, Lang Jeffries, finally makes his move and introduces himself. They drink, flirt, and then kiss as fireworks light the night sky.

The story travels back in time once more to show J. Paul meeting with Paul Jr. The senior Getty wonders why his son isn’t at his best anymore. J. Paul reminds him he has decades more experience in business and that’s why he’s not approving most of Paul Jr’s suggestions. Paul assures his dad he’s doing his best, but J. Paul wants him to focus. He’s decided Paul Jr needs to take time off and sort himself out, and it turns out J. Paul is firing his son. He’s aware of Paul’s drug problem and that’s a big no-no with the senior Getty.

Young Paul’s at a party and he films his mom and dad making out – each with other people.

Gail tells her actor boyfriend that she’s not going to take a cent from the Gettys when she divorces Paul Jr. Lang claims not to care; he just wants to be with her.

Current day events find Paul, now dressed in clean clothes, receiving a bottle of wine from Leonardo as they wait for instructions. Leonardo admits he’s not sure what he’ll do with his share of the ransom money, but he knows they’ll spend it. He wonders why Paul’s dad didn’t pay immediately after his son was taken and Paul explains his dad fell in love with a beautiful woman named Talitha Pol (Bella Dayne) after his mom ran off with an “idiot.”

Home movies show Paul Jr and Talitha in love, with a teenage Paul a witness to their relationship. Paul also fell in love with Talitha, and trying to bury his feelings led to his entry into drugs.

Talitha died from an overdose and Paul Jr “went a little crazy,” according to the story Paul’s recalling for Leonardo. Paul Jr called his dad for help immediately after Talitha’s death, but J. Paul Sr hung up on him, refusing to help until he was clean of drugs. He kept calling but J. Paul never picked up.

Present day finds J. Paul Sr skeet shooting when he learns Paul Jr’s phobia of phones is delaying the deal to pay off the kidnappers. J. Paul wants the deal down ASAP, so he suggests to his solicitor, Lansing, that Victoria deal with Paul Jr.

J. Paul Sr is also given the details of the pilot who happens to be a decorated war hero and is currently Penelope’s lover. J. Paul’s so angry that he turns the gun on two nearby birds. He demands Penelope be removed from his will, but then changes that to leave Penelope one single dollar.

Trust Season 1 Episode 7 Recap
Hannah New as Victoria and Michael Esper as J. Paul Getty Jr. in ‘Trust’ season 1 episode 7 (Photo by Philippe Antonello / FX)

Paul Jr receives the good news his father will give him the $5 million to pay for Paul’s release. Meanwhile, his son’s taken to a dirt road by Leonardo and given a St. Christopher medal along with a hug and kiss before being placed in Primo’s car with his head covered by a hood. Primo and an associate drive Paul to a meeting spot and remove his hood.

Paul Jr meets with his father at a museum after putting it off for as long as possible. J. Paul tells Paul Jr that he went to Rome, even though everyone is aware he doesn’t travel. J. Paul informs his son he met the kidnappers at Hadrian’s Villa and agreed to the $5 million ransom. Paul Jr believes that’s a good price and J. Paul proposes his son pay the ransom out of his trust.

Paul Jr’s told to sign the agreement, but he hesitates when he reads it’s a loan. The interest rate is 4%, and J. Paul Sr confirms the trust is loaning the funds. Paul Jr declares the money in the trust is his money, and Paul Jr believes his dad is trying to make a profit off the kidnapping of his own grandson.

Paul Jr breaks down and says all he’s ever wanted was his dad to give him something – anything – just once in his life. Paul Jr tears up the contract, screaming he won’t be buried in more debt. He returns to his place and cries as he watches his home movies while surrounded by photos from the past. Fittingly, the projector burns the film.

Chace receives a call from J. Paul, while over at Gail’s place she’s smiling while walking with a birthday cake for her soon-to-be-freed son.

Primo continues to wait for the arrival of the money. He’s running out of patience as he removes a gun from the glove compartment. Paul notices a newspaper in the front seat and realizes it’s his birthday. Primo, angry and frustrated, comes to the conclusion no one is coming. “It’s your death day as well,” he says, yelling at Paul.

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