Alicia Witt’s a Big Fan of Hallmark Movies

Alicia Witt Discusses Holiday Hell and Hallmark Movies
Alicia Witt in ‘A Very Merry Mix-Up’ (Photo Courtesy of Hallmark)

Alicia Witt loves Hallmark’s original movies. In fact, during the 2014 Television Critics Association press event Witt confessed she had the time of her life working on 2013’s A Very Merry Mix-Up and can’t wait to begin work later this year on Holiday Hell. Witt’s even a fan of the short-but-sweet shooting schedule and is ready to take on a third film from Hallmark, if they ask her.

Sitting down for a very brief chat during the 2014 summer TCAs, Witt talked about about her role in the upcoming Hallmark movie.

It seems as though actors really love returning to Hallmark for their movies.

Alicia Witt: “There’s the truth. It is the most fun. I’m struggling to think of a more fun experience. I really can’t. Making A Very Merry Mix-Up was one of the most fun three weeks of my life. They make them so fast but you don’t feel like anything is missing. It’s a very rewarding creative experience as well. It’s kind of something where if you have only three weeks to shoot something and it turns out as well as it does…and I can tell all my friends to watch it, I’d always say yes to Hallmark movies.”

What’s your next Hallmark project about?

Alicia Witt: “The next one I’m in may change the name before it airs but it’s currently called Holiday Hell. I will play a woman who ends up, through a series of mishaps, she ends up being the Santa Claus at a mall. They don’t realize she’s a woman so she has to pretend to be a man to play the role.”

So is it sort of like a reverse Tootsie kind of thing?

Alicia Witt: [Laughing] “Yeah, kind of. Yeah, very much so! Thank you for that – I’m going to use that from now on. That’s a good way to describe it. She’s got a young daughter and she’s a single mom and she’s trying to make ends meet, and this job sort of ends up falling into her lap a little bit…no pun intended, because she’s Santa. And then so she’s dashing around, trying to hide her outfit and scurry in and out before anyone sees her. It’s really fun. And, of course, she falls in love along the way.”

Do you expect it to be physically exhausting?

Alicia Witt: “Not unless the kids pee on my knees! [Laughing] That could get old really fast. But I’m sure we’ll have people standing by with towels and mops.”

Will you have any opportunities to show off some physical comedy?

Alicia Witt: “There’s a few of those. This literally just came up a few days ago, so I haven’t had a real chance to dive into it yet.”

– By Fred Topel

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