Ron Howard’s ‘Rebuilding Paradise’ Trailer Documents Heartache and Hope

National Geographic Documentary Films has dropped the official trailer for the documentary Rebuilding Paradise from two-time Oscar winning director Ron Howard (A Beautiful Mind). The documentary explores the aftermath of the devastating Paradise, California fire and the town’s efforts to recover after Paradise was basically wiped out.

Rebuilding Paradise premiered at the 2020 Sundance Film Festival and is scheduled for the Edinburgh Film Festival prior to its July 31, 2020 theatrical and digital release. $1 of every ticket purchased during its release will go to support charities benefiting Paradise, CA.

“Now more than ever, we need to remember that when people come together for the greater good we can make a positive change on our shared future. The passion and commitment of the people of Paradise, to one another and to rebuilding their community, is a reminder of the strength and resilience of the human spirit,” stated director Ron Howard.

Howard produces along with Brian Grazer, Xan Parker, Sara Bernstein, and Justin Wilkes. Michael Rosenberg, Louisa Velis, Carolyn Bernstein, and Ryan Harrington served as executive producers.

Rebuilding Paradise Description, Courtesy of National Geographic:

On the morning of Nov. 8, 2018, a devastating firestorm engulfed the picturesque city of Paradise, California. By the time the Camp Fire was extinguished, it had killed 85 people, displaced 50,000 residents and destroyed 95% of local structures. It was the deadliest U.S. fire in 100 years — and the worst ever in California’s history.

As residents faced the damage to their lives, to their homes and to more than 150,000 acres in and around their 141-year-old town, they did something amazing: They worked together to heal. The community members went on to forge a bond stronger than what they had before the catastrophe, even as their hope and spirit were challenged by continued adversity: relocations, financial crises, government hurdles, water poisoning, grief and PTSD.

From the moment the crisis began, Oscar-winning director Ron Howard led a filmmaking team to the city and would go on to spend a year with Paradise residents, documenting their efforts to recover what was lost. The Camp Fire and its overwhelming aftermath became a de facto lesson in what we all must do: Protect our environment, help our neighbors, plan for future dangers and remember to preserve the traditions that unite us — just as these resilient citizens did when they began the important task of REBUILDING PARADISE.