BTS Unveils Details on ‘Map of the Soul: 7’ Pre-Release Actitivies

BTS Map of the Soul: 7

Yesterday, news broke about BTS’ new album titled Map of the Soul: 7 and set for release on February 21, 2020. 24 hours later and Big Hit Entertainment has released a map with a timeline of what’s to come before the release date.

The pre-release hype kicks off with a Comeback Trailer titled “Shadow” debuting on January 10th. In the past, their trailers are of a short song/video and feature one member of the group. As an example, for Map of the Soul: Persona the trailer (also named “Persona”) was done by the group’s leader, RM.

On January 17th, BTS will be releasing their first single (title unknown) with an art film performed by MN Dance Company. Dates along the way from January 9 – February 28 have a plethora of activities happening. During the period leading up to Map of the Soul: 7‘s release, “Connect, BTS” events will be taking place in London, Berlin, Buenos Aires, Seoul, and New York City. What exactly does this mean? Who knows, but you can be sure BTS fans are trying to figure it all out.

One thing’s for certain, if you’re new to BTS get ready for a wild ride. Their MO has always been mysterious and secretive leading up to the release of their albums. Whether you’re a new fan or one who’s been around for a while, you will not be bored leading up to the release date with so many activities going on.

Here is a list of what’s to come:

    January 9 – Preorders
    January 10 – Comeback Trailer: Shadow
    January 14 – Connect, BTS: Online
    January 14 – Connect, BTS: London
    January 15 – Connect, BTS: Berlin
    January 17 – 1st single Release & Art Film preformed by MN Dance Company
    January 21 – Connect, BTS: Buenos Aries
    January 28 – Connect, BTS: Seoul
    February 3 – Comeback Trailer: EGO
    February 5 – Connect, BTS: New York City
    February 10 – Concept photos #1
    February 11 – Concept photo #2
    February 12 – Concept photos #3
    February 13 – Concept photos #4
    February 17 – Track list
    February 21 – Album Release & Kinetic Manifesto Film Come Prima performed by BTS for Lead Single
    February 28 – Official music video for Lead Single