Jonathan Bennett and Jennifer Blanc Biehn Star in Deadly Retreat

Deadly Retreat Movie Details
Michael Biehn and Jennifer Blanc Biehn (Photo: Business Wire)
Filming’s just begun on the comedy/horror Deadly Retreat starring Jonathan Bennett, Jennifer Blanc Biehn, and Ben Kurland. Deadly Retreat‘s shooting in scenic Idyllwild, CA, and will be produced by Danielle Artigo (She Rises) and Matt Kohler.
“I have a great working relationship with Jon and Danielle,” said Jennifer Blanc Biehn. “I had the opportunity to work with them recently for films produced by Blanc Biehn Productions, so I am delighted to be a part of Deadly Retreat and I look forward to future collaborations with the talented husband and wife team.”
The Plot:
Deadly Retreat is a film about employees of a dot com company travel to the mountains for their annual winter retreat. Unfortunately for them, the trip takes a deadly turn when a self-proclaimed serial killer and avid practical joker tries to make a name for himself and targets this group of young professionals for execution.
-Posted by Rebecca Murray

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