Greg Nicotero Takes on More Walking Dead Duties

Greg Nicotero on the set of The Walking Dead
Greg Nicotero on the set of 'The Walking Dead' - © AMC
Greg Nicotero, the make-up effects genius who’s worked on more than 800 feature films, has been named co-executive producer of The Walking Dead. AMC announced Nicotero’s new job title today and revealed he also now has a first-look deal that will allow him to bring “his own passion projects” to the network.
Nicotero will also be directing an episode of the popular show and is doing a series of Walking Dead webisodes this season.
“Greg’s talent extends well beyond the word of special fx makeup,” stated Joel Stillerman, AMC’s SVP of original programming, production and digital content in the official press release. “He is also a truly talented director, and has an incredibly comprehensive understanding and appreciation for great storytelling. His knowledge and respect for the genre is unparalleled, and we are looking forward to expanding our relationship with him with an eye towards developing more great original series.”
Nicotero said, “Working on The Walking Dead with such a fantastic cast and crew has been an amazing opportunity, and to have our contribution to the show celebrated is a tremendous compliment. I have always felt like the show had a cinematic feel and everyone involved is dedicated to making this show something special. To be able to branch out and to develop not only the web series but also genre material is something I have always wanted to do; given the people I have had the pleasure of working with over the last 23 years.”
More on the Webisodes:
Beginning on October 3rd, fans are able to watch the six-episode web series. Produced by Generate, and conceived and directed by Nicotero and written by John Esposito, the webisodes tell an “origin” story of a woman’s struggle to survive and to protect her family as the world begins to fall apart. Fans have the opportunity to explore the back story of one of the most celebrated “walkers” last season. It focuses on “Bicycle Girl,” the infamous zombie from season one, who was shot by Rick Grimes in the pilot episode. Fans learn about this woman’s life before the apocalypse, and watch her story unfold into what becomes her ultimate demise into zombie-hood.
Source: AMC – September 15, 2011