Josh Brolin is Set to Narrate Untamed Americas

Josh Brolin and Diane Lane at the premiere of 'Jonah Hex'
Josh Brolin and Diane Lane at the premiere of 'Jonah Hex' - Photo © Richard Chavez
Oscar nominated actor Josh Brolin (Milk) has been tapped by the National Geographic Channels to narrate the four-hour miniseries Untamed Americas. Set to debut this spring, Untamed Americas explores North America, Central America and South America wildlife and was filmed over a two year period.
“National Geographic is an iconic brand known for its storytelling, and I am thrilled to be a part of this project,” said Brolin. “This series is absolutely breathtaking, and really inspires my passion for the great outdoors.”
“We could not have found a more perfect narrator for this series,” added series producer Karen Bass. “Josh really brings to life what our crew captured — the intimate, the epic and the dramatic stories of wildlife facing the extreme challenges of surviving in the Americas.”
Untamed Americas Details [Courtesy of National Geographic]:
To film the rare moments, Untamed Americas cameramen and producers rappelled down Peruvian cliffs in sea lion territory incurring bruised shins and battered heads; endured jellyfish stings in Monterey, Calif.; slipped down mud paths and stumbled through dark, dense underbrush in the Ecuadorean cloud forest; faced subzero temperatures (-22F) as well as extreme heat with 100 percent humidity; maneuvered through freak out-of-season hurricanes; lost sleeping bags (and sleep!) in 80 mph winds in Chile; gasped for breath at 15,000 feet in the Altiplano of the Andes; and were even stalked by a puma. The result: stunning footage that captures previously undocumented animal behavior and the gorgeous, wild landscapes of our Untamed Americas.

Source: National Geographic Channel – April 4, 2012