Syfy Gets ‘Troy: Street Magic’ with Troy Von Scheibner

Syfy Acquires Troy: Street Magic

Syfy’s ready to show viewers something magical with Troy: Street Magic debuting on January 13, 2015 at 10pm ET/PT. The network acquired the unscripted series featuring 25 year old magician Troy Von Scheibner and will give it a 10 episode run next year.

Syfy’s new acquisition is from Zig Zag Production and GroupM Entertainment Limited, and executive produced by Abigail Adams, Danny Fenton, and Rob Hyde.

The Plot:

This stylish 10-part series showcases 25-year-old magician Troy Von Scheibner as he hits the streets of London to astound unsuspecting locals, tourists and hipsters alike with his distinctive blend of close-up magic and spectacular stunts.

Taking inspiration from London’s iconic landmarks, magic’s newest cutting-edge star unveils such tricks as teleporting across the historic Tower Bridge and causing it to rain money in London’s financial quarter, provoking a mixture of mayhem and pure delirium in the lucky onlookers.

Raised in London, Von Scheibner began performing magic when he was 12 years old. Three years later he was named one of Great Britain’s top young magicians.

-By Rebecca Murray

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