Filming Begins on a Wiener Dog Movie – Seriously

Camelot EntertainmentThere really is going to be a movie featuring dachshunds racing. Camelot Entertainment Group announced that filming has started on Wiener Dog Nationals, a family friendly live-action film from writer/director Kevan Peterson.

Wiener Dog Nationals is about a family that unites to cheer on their newly adopted wiener dog as she races for the championship title. And yes, I couldn’t keep from laughing as I typed that last sentence.

Jason London stars as dad ‘Phil Jack’, Alicia Witt plays race coordinator/love interest ‘Melanie’, Bryan Batt is ‘Judge Brown’, and Morgan Fairchild is the wicked ‘Miss Merryweather’. Austin Anderson, Julian Feder, and Caitlin Carmichael co-star, with Anderson also performing a song for the soundtrack.

“It’s an amazing experience to be able to finally direct this movie,” stated writer/director Peterson. “There is such a great group of talented people that have banded together to make this film a reality – everyone from our amazing cast to our wonderful production team. I am in awe everyday at what we are achieving with this film. I’ve been asked to say, on behalf of our star dogs as well, ‘bark, bark, woof, woof,’ which loosely translates to ‘I’m ready for my close up.'”

Wienerschnitzel’s Wiener Nationals wiener dog races provided the inspiration for the film, and the fast food chain will be promoting the movie when it’s released. Camelot Entertainment is also working with Special Olympics on the project and has cast two Special Olympians in roles in the film.

The Plot:

Wiener Dog National is a film about the Jack family adopting an abandoned dachshund, Shelly, from the shelter and the remarkable story that follows her arrival. When Shelly is entered into the nation’s greatest wiener dog race, she is forced into fierce competition where challenges arise for the Jack family as well as the runt, Shelly. However, with love and strength, this united family can overcome anything.

Source: Camelot Entertainment Group, Inc.