‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ Who You Really Are Recap – Season 2, Episode 12

Agents of SHIELD Who You Really Are Recap
Clark Gregg and Jaimie Alexander in ‘Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. ‘ (Photo Credit: (ABC / Kelsey McNeal)

Episode 12 of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season two titled “Who You Really Are” aired on March 10, 2015 on ABC. If you missed a key scene or just need a recap of everything that went down, here’s a detailed look at this pivotal episode:

Scene: Faro, Portugal

A group of young people are on the beach around a campfire. They see someone walking out of the ocean. It’s Lady Sif (Jaimie Alexander). She’s looking for Cava. One of the young men comes on to her, but she sends him flying. When he asks who she is, she says, “I do not know.”

At SHIELD, Skye (Chloe Bennet) and May (Ming-Na Wen) are sparring. Skye is pulling her punches and May wants her to let go. Fitz (Iain De Caestecker) comes in to check on Skye, but May sends him away.

Bobbi (Adrianne Palicki) and Hunter are in bed. Hunter (Nick Blood) tells her Coulson (Clark Gregg) made him an offer for a permanent job. They talk about whether or not he should take it, especially because it would mean the two of them continue working together. But when Hunter leaves, Bobbi’s face falls. (She has a secret!)

Mac and Coulson are doing inventory. Coulson tells Mack (Henry Simmons) his talents are being wasted working on gadgets and equipments, and that he wants him out in the field. May comes to tell Coulson a Portugal operative called in and there’s trouble.

Coulson and May arrive at the Portuguese police station to pick up Lady Sif, who is still looking for Cava. Coulson shows her evidence that they’ve worked together before, and that she knows him. (“Son of Cole”) She explains that she doesn’t remember anything except that she is from Asgard. Coulson promises to help her. Then May shows them a video Skye found that shows Lady Sif battling a man on the pier, but no one recognizes him.

That same man walks into a hospital and accosts the nurse at the front desk, asking for fuel. He tells her he’s there because someone in their world has changed. (Is it Skye?) As he threatens her with what appears to be something similar to a ball-peen hammer, his face starts turning blue. (Gasp!)

At SHIELD, Fitz/Simmons shows Coulson and Lady Sif other videos of her they found. When they zoom in, they see something blue. Simmons (Elizabeth Henstridge) tells Coulson that when they find the man, to contain him at any cost, and ask questions later.

At the pier, Coulson and May try to help Lady Sif remember who she is. Hunter, Mack and Fitz are searching the pier for clues. Hunter finds a clue that Fitz uploads to Simmons.

At the hospital, Bobbi and Skye investigate the man’s appearance. They see the nurse he accosted in the background. She can’t remember who she is, either.

At the beach, Coulson, May and Lady Sif talk to an old balloon seller, who tells them that the man they’re looking for broke the valves off of his helium tanks. From headquarters, Simmons tells them that the man had been using liquid nitrogen. Bobbi calls Coulson to tell him that the man had been at the hospital and they’re searching for him. Coulson sends them looking for wherever they keep the liquid nitrogen.

Skye and Bobbi find him with the tanks, using the liquid nitrogen to keep from turning blue. Bobbi takes him on, but he flings her across the room. Skye pulls out her gun, but she starts shaking and everything starts coming apart, including the gun. The man/alien escapes.

At SHIELD, Lady Sif, Skye and Coulson figure out the man is Kree, and that cava is actually a word that means “keys.”

Skye talks to Fitz in private. She says they need to tell Coulson about her powers. Fitz tells her to wait until his tests are complete. Hunter interrupts and they leave.

Mack and Bobbi talk about Hunter staying, and whether they should bring him into whatever they’re doing. Mack tells Bobbi that she needs to push him away, to protect him for when they “pull the trigger.” (Are they terrorists?)

Coulson, Lady Sif, May and Skye figure out that the Kree is headed to Chavez, Portugal. Skye asks to sit out this mission. Coulson agrees, but Lady Sif and May are suspicious.

The Kree man finds a carved stone container, just as the SHIELD team comes upon him. They contain him with a taser net.

Back on “the bus,” Lady Sif and Coulson interrogate the Kree. He claims he’s there to help.

In another room, Bobbi and Hunter inspect the Kree’s truncheon. He tries to get cozy, but she shuts him down. Mack walks in an realizes she’s pushing Hunter away.

The plane lands at HQ. Coulson, May, Skye and Lady Sif are questioning the Kree when he suddenly attacks Coulson to get his truncheon and use it on Lady Sif, which restores her memories. He explains how the Kree genetically modified certain humans so that they could help fight their war. He tells them how the alien city was built by a faction who were looking to take over the Earth. He explains that he’s there to get rid of the Diviners (like the one Raina used) so that none of the other “abominations” will be created.

In the lab, Simmons discovers Fitz’s DNA results. He tells her it’s just a simulation in order to keep Skye’s secret.

Coulson’s group keeps talking about the humans who were transformed. They talk about how the creatures must be put down. Skye becomes increasingly nervous, and everything begins to shake. May realizes that Skye is at the heart of what’s happening. When Coulson questions her, she finally confesses, but her high emotions blow out the window behind her.

Lady Sif demands that they hand over Skye so she can be taken to Asgard. Coulson defends her. May runs away with Skye while Coulson pulls guns on Lady Sif and the Kree. Fitz runs after them, which makes Simmons realize that he knew about Skye all along. Finally the Kree has enough and throws Coulson. Bobbi and Mac run up against the Kree, trying to keep him from Skye. Mac gets knocked out, and Hunter joins the fray, until he gets knocked out. Then Bobbi takes him on.

May takes Skye into a cell and closes the wall to protect them. May tries to get Skye to calm down and focus. Lady Sif slices through the digital wall with her sword.

Meanwhile, the Kree and Bobbi are fighting. He asks her why she’s bothering when she knows she won’t win. Just then, Hunter shoots him with their blaster and Bobbi finishes him off with his own truncheon.

Back in the cell, Lady Sif breaks through. Skye realizes she can’t control her power, so she shoots herself with a sleeper gun to knock herself out. Lady Sif realizes that Skye might not be the weapon she thought she was.

Coulson and May drive Lady Sif and the Kree out into the forest. He remembers nothing, thanks to Bobbi’s hit. Lady Sif warns Coulson that he and his people are in danger if they keep Skye, that what’s happening may be beyond their scope. Then she takes the Kree back to his realm. After they’re gone, May confesses to Coulson that she, too, worries that they’re all in jeopardy because of Skye.

Back at HQ, the rest of the team is cleaning up Skye’s mess. Fitz apologizes to Simmons for lying, but she tells Fitz she would never hurt Skye. Mack, Bobbi and Hunter agree with her. But when Fitz starts arguing that he was trying to protect Skye, Mack explains that they should have been told because THEY need to be protected from Skye. Then we see that Skye has heard everything they’ve said. Fitz runs after her, but she leaves and heads into a cell, with a packed bag on her shoulder.

In the hanger, Hunter confronts Mack about his and Bobbi’s secret. When Hunter tells Mack everything he knows, Mac puts him in a sleeper hold, knocking him unconscious.