Claire Coffee Interview – ‘Grimm’ Season 5 and Adalind & the Scooby Gang

Claire Coffee Interview on Grimm Season 5
Claire Coffee from ‘Grimm’ at the 2015 San Diego Comic Con (Photo by: Mark Davis / NBC)

Claire Coffee (“Adalind Schade”) was one of the many key cast members of NBC’s Grimm to participate in this year’s Comic Con held July 8-12th in downtown San Diego. The Grimm cast are always big draws at the Con, and after the events of season four there’s a lot to talk about for season five. Coffee and her Grimm co-stars couldn’t give too much away, but they all believe this upcoming season will be a real game-changer.

“She’s now having this other child with Nick and sticking around Portland, she’s really finally is like, ‘Wait, this is all I’ve got in the world and now I really have to make it work. I have no dungeons to distract me, no Royal family to be aligning myself with.’ She is committing to making it work,” explained Coffee during our roundtable interview.

With the impending birth of Nick and Adalind’s child and the death of Juliette, there’s a possibility Adalind could become a card-carrying member of the Scooby Gang. But, Coffee isn’t sure the storyline will head that direction. “I don’t know. I think the Scooby Gang is a little thick at this point. Adalind was a lawyer; she has to get a job at this point. So I think maybe she will consult on legal issues with them. But I think the baby is going to be her main tie to them.”

Asked if she sees a new romance in Adalind’s future, Coffee replied, “That’s a good question. No romantic exploits have ended anything other than horribly for her so far. So if there were any, hopefully they would be slow going.”

Coffee’s fellow cast members have described season five as a reinvention of the series, and she thinks that’s definitely the case. “We’re getting back to where Grimm began. Even with Adalind and Nick, there is a conversation between the two of them. She was the first woge that he saw back in the pilot, so it is getting back to what does it mean to be a Wesen and a Grimm. And I think it’s just re-infusing all the characters with different energies,” revealed Coffee. “The scripts I’ve read so far have been pretty awesome.”

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