‘Grimm’ Season 6 Episode 4 Recap: El Cuegle

Grimm season 6 episode 4
David Giuntoli as Nick Burkhardt, Reggie Lee as Sergeant Wu, and Russell Hornsby as Hank Griffin in ‘Grimm’ (Photo by Allyson Riggs/NBC)

NBC’s Grimm season six episode three found Nick and #TeamGrimm striking an uneasy alliance with Captain Sean Renard (Sasha Roiz). Episode four titled ‘El Cuegle’ kicks off with Renard alone at home, face-to-face with Meisner (Damien Puckler). Renard insists Meisner’s dead, and Meisner asks him why they’re having a conversation if he’s not really there. Meisner refuses to leave and Renard touches him and realizes he’s solid. Renard’s discussion with Meisner ends when Sean gets a phone call warning him he’s messed everything up by turning down the office of mayor. When Renard hangs up, Meisner has disappeared.

Over at the spice shop, Diana (Hannah R. Loyd) wants to know why Nick looked like her dad. They sort of tell her the truth, making Sean Renard seem more heroic than he is.

Adalind (Claire Coffee) explains they’re all going to live with Nick and Kelly for a while, but Diana gets sidetracked. She approaches Rosalee (Bree Turner) and Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) and announces Rosalee is pregnant with more than one baby. The entire gang is shocked by the news but none more so than Rosalee and Monroe.

A man is frantically searching websites for babies born in Portland. He narrows down his search to one particular house.

Inside that house, proud mom Haley takes photos of proud dad Paul holding their baby. She won’t stop snapping photos and Paul discovers their son, Auggie, feels a little warm. He’s got a 99.3 temperature and they’ll take him to see the doctor tomorrow if he’s not better. Outside, the creepy man stares at their house.

Auggie cries in the middle of the night as the stranger picks him and woges. Haley check on him and is slammed into the dresser, with the Wesen leaving with the baby.

Nick (David Giuntoli), Adalind, Diana, and baby Kelly arrive at Nick’s loft and get settled in. Diana can tell a lot of people died there and she wants to see her dad. Adalind promises they’ll visit him tomorrow, hugging Diana and telling her she’s proud of her.

Eve (Bitsie Tulloch) walks around the tunnels.

Nick and Adalind talk about Diana’s amazing abilities, with Adalind reminding Nick they must protect her. Nick admits he thought he was going to go crazy without her as Eve eavesdrops from the tunnels. Pensive, Eve stares at the place where Nick has hidden the mystical stick.

Over at the station, his fellow officers welcome Nick back with resounding applause. Wu (Reggie Lee) and Hank (Russell Hornsby) let Nick know they haven’t spoken to Renard yet. Speak of the devil…Renard calls them into his office. He kicks off the meeting by saying everyone has made mistakes, but he tells them he’s in charge and he’ll fire them if they screw up. Nick jokes, “So, no medals then?” and Renard snarls at them to get out of his office.

After the threesome leave, Meisner appears in Renard’s office and Hank, Wu, and Nick watch as Renard seems to be in a heated conversation with himself. Renard tosses his cup of coffee at Meisner, which obviously goes right through him. Nick, Hank, and Wu decide this isn’t their problem and head out to work on a new case.

Renard reminds Meisner he shot him to put him out of his misery, and Meisner tells Renard he wouldn’t be dead if Renard hadn’t betrayed everyone. Before Renard storms of out the office, Meisner teases, “By the way, Bonaparte says hi.”

Hank, Wu, and Nick arrive at the scene of the kidnapped baby. The first officers at the scene report the mom is convinced a monster took her son. Hank asks Haley to describe what happened and she gets flustered. Hank calms the parents and asks again for them to describe the timeline of events. Haley keeps insisting it wasn’t a man who took their baby, even while her husband asks her to stop. Paul thinks she doesn’t know what she’s saying, but Haley says the monster had three arms and three eyes. Paul says she hit her head and Haley responds, “I am not making this up!” Nick asks her to draw what she saw and Wu stays with her as Nick and Hank get a tour of Auggie’s room from Paul. He continues to insist his wife is just freaking out, confessing that Haley is obsessed with their son. Haley enters the room with the drawing of the creature she saw, asking them to please find her baby.

Auggie is crying at the house of the kidnapper and the Wesen woges and picks him up. He’s surprisingly tender and the baby stops crying. Speaking to the baby in Spanish, he tells Auggie he will get him some medicine.

Back in the tunnel, Eve uncovers the box with the stick.

Meanwhile, over at the police station Nick looks through Paul and Haley’s webpage and sees Paul was right about Haley posting tons of photos of baby Auggie. Most of the photos are tagged with their home address and their account isn’t private. Wu’s found other babies who’ve been kidnapped with the same MO, but they weren’t kidnapped in Portland. As Nick stands up, he feels woozy and has to sit down. The scene switches to Eve holding the stick. She immediately feels pain in her hand as if she’s been burned and is forced to drop it.

Monroe and Rosalee help research the baby snatcher, with Monroe joking that maybe it was a one-eyed, one-horned flying purple people eater. Hank finds a match and it’s a baby eater called El Cuegle. It stalks newborn babies and keeps them for the “hours of dread” when it then “aborts the bad future.” In other words, the Wesen eats babies. Monroe says they have to stop this baby-eating bastard.

El Cuegle goes to the grocery store to get baby medicine but he has an attack, woges, and is seen in monster form by the clerk.

Back at the station, Hank and Nick find that some of the missing baby cases have exactly the same three-eyed, three-armed descriptions. Wu walks up as Hank is wondering how many babies a guy can eat. They tell him about the Wesen and head out to the mini-mart where El Cuegle was spotted.

Monroe’s determined to find the baby eater, even without Nick’s help. Rosalee changes the subject and says they should leave Portland now that they’re starting a family. She’s panicking and doesn’t want to lose anyone, and Monroe says they have to be prepared for the other shoe to drop – no matter where they live.

Hank, Wu, and Nick look through the security footage and see the Wesen stealing the medicine. They get his license plate and put out an APB.

In the tunnel, Eve uses the cloth to pick up the stick and puts the box back where she found it. She has a vision of being held in the death grip as she puts the bricks back in place.

Adalind drops Diana off at Renard’s and he surprises them by announcing they’re going to be moving. After Adalind leaves, Diana asks why he doesn’t love her mom and Renard admits part of the reason is because of Nick. Diana knows mommy loves Nick and she actually seems okay with that.

At the police station, Nick and Hank try to figure out why El Cuegle woged inside a store just to steal medicine. Hank asks why the guy would have fallen to the floor holding his head like he was in pain? And why was he stealing baby medicine if he’s just going to eat Auggie anyway? Nick thinks maybe he’s keeping him healthy until he dines, and Hank thinks there’s really something strange going on that he risked everything and woged in a store just to get baby meds. Wu says the license plate came back to a rental car and the address used to rent it was an apartment in New Mexico. As they’re looking at the owner’s drivers license, an alert pops up that the car has been spotted at an apartment building.

Grimm season 6 episode 4
David Giuntoli, Carlos Sanz and Russell Hornsby in ‘Grimm’ (Photo by Allyson Riggs/NBC)

They make it to the apartment complex with a police back-up and bust in to find El Cuegle and the baby, unharmed. They cuff two of his arms as El Cuegle pleads with them not to take the baby.

Diana helps her dad make dinner, boiling water without the stove even being turned on. He asks if it’s fun being her and she smiles. He then asks if she knows what happened to Bonaparte and she replies, “You killed him, daddy.” She says he died because he hurt her mom and that should never happen. He tells her she doesn’t always need to protect everybody and that she can tell him and he’ll handle it. But, he adds if Nick ever hurts Adalind… Diana replies, “Oh, he’d be very sorry.”

Hank and Nick bring Auggie back to Haley and Paul and they’re incredibly grateful.

Nick and Hank interrogate El Cuegle and he warns them Paul and Haley shouldn’t have the baby. They ask how many kids he’s kidnapped and he reveals he has to do this because he gets visions that tell him to stop the evil. He knows it’s terrible but he sees the past with one eye, the present with one eye, and the future with the third eye. His visions show him children who will do monstrous things and that’s why he kidnapped Auggie. Auggie will do something terrible when he turns age 19; he’ll murder his parents and other innocent people. He tells them to look up Kenneth Slater, someone he didn’t eat that he should have. Kenneth was returned alive and killed 10 people last year. El Cuegle keeps asking them to let him go, begging to be able to continue killing babies who will grow up to be killers.

Hank and Nick do some research, and Nick thinks El Cuegle’s migraines might be the visions. Hank’s going to check and see if this guy was near Idaho Falls 18 years ago with Kenneth Slater was kidnapped.

In the interrogation room, El Cuegle has a vision of Auggie killing his parents in the future. A cop comes in to help him when El Cuegle screams out in pain. El Cuegle woges, hits the cop, and escapes.

Hank finds a record of a DUI showing El Cuegle was near Kenneth’s kidnap site. Cops rush around to help the officer who was hit by El Cuegle who’s now escaped custody. Hank and Nick know he’ll go after Auggie again.

Paul tells Haley she needs to see a psychiatrist, and Nick calls and tells them the kidnapper broke out. El Cuegle arrives and goes after Auggie again as Hank, Nick, and Wu break down the front door. Nick and El Cuegle fight again and this time El Cuegle is killed, whispering “the bears” as he dies.

Paul and Haley continue to scream at each other and Nick tells them to tone it down as Auggie’s bear blanket falls to the ground. Haley yells that she’s not crazy as she leaves the room, and Nick stops Paul from chasing her by saying she’s not crazy. Paul doesn’t believe Nick and he heads upstairs to continue fighting with his wife. Hank and Nick stare at the bears on Auggie’s blanket.