Mark Boone Jr Interview on Sons of Anarchy‘s Secret-Keeper

Timothy V Murphy, Mark Boone Jr, and Charlie Hunnam in 'Sons of Anarchy'
Timothy V Murphy, Mark Boone Jr, and Charlie Hunnam in 'Sons of Anarchy' - Photo Credit: Prashant Gupta/FX
What can fans expect from the next-to-last season of Sons of Anarchy? FX’s critically acclaimed dramatic series returns for season six on September 10, 2013 and Mark Boone Jr. (‘Bobby Munson’) says as always series creator Kurt Sutter has lots of twists in store for fans of the series.

Mark Boone Jr Sons of Anarchy Interview:

A lot happened last season. How does this coming season top that?
Mark Boone Jr: “I would say there’s a lot going on in this season also. [Laughing] Surprise, surprise. I guess that’s what’s this show is all about. There’s no picnics in the park. Not too many…I can’t think of any. I thought when we started doing this, there’d be a few picnics in the park, but I guess not. You didn’t think so? Really? Just like blood and guts from the very beginning, and that was it.
The thing is that I think that it’s kind of a little bit sad that the show is pointing so directly to the violence of these clubs, because most motorcycle clubs are not about this, you know? Not at all. I think that’s why the people in the military so like this show because it’s about the fellowship of it.”
It’s about fellowship among common men who aren’t in the military, actually embracing each other and fight for each other.
Mark Boone Jr: “Yes, there are a lot of men in this show. It’s true. You know, there aren’t that many men on television. So many of the men are beleaguered idiots on television, you know? That’s how the American male comes across, like bozos. I think we help feed the other side of things.”
Are you allowed to say anything at all about this upcoming season?
Mark Boone Jr: “Well, we have two seasons left – that’s what I’ve heard – and there’s not that many people still alive. There’s a few, so I guess they’ve got to be killed off. I guess that’s what’s going to happen. No, it’s just more fun and games along those lines. There’s a lot of conflict. You’ve got the Russians still to deal with. I mean, the Irish. The head Irish guy’s a Russian, isn’t he? Sometimes he plays a Russian. I don’t know what he is! He’s English, that dude. He’s Irish. Yeah, he is Irish. I think he might be. Anyway, the first time I saw him he was in that commercial as a Russian…the guy with the little toy giraffe. Whatever.”
Do you see Bobby as somebody who’s always going to be the loyal person to one side or the other, or does he have his own individual game plan going on?
Mark Boone Jr: “I certainly hope that Bobby spins out of control at some point. You know, out of control. What else is left for him, you know? Enough of like, ‘Yeah, I’m here for the good of the club.’ Well, if there’s no club left… I think maybe he’s got to get really, truly upset about that.”
Do you think he’ll be left standing at the end of this?
Mark Boone Jr: “No. No, I don’t.”
Do you think he’ll finish out the season?
Mark Boone Jr: “I don’t have the faintest idea. I mean, if you looked at what kind of is going on, you might think that Bobby would be the one who would be left standing, but is this not a show about surprises, the unexpected? This is what I hear from fans: this is a show that the unexpected happens. So, I really don’t count on Bobby being around at the end.”
Who would you like to kill you?
Mark Boone Jr: “Maggie [Siff]. If somebody’s got to kill me, Maggie. I would love that. I mean, Tara. I don’t know. I certainly wouldn’t like to go at the hands of Jax [played by Charlie Hunnam] because I’m such a better man than he is. [Laughing] He’s a good guy. Everybody’s a good guy on this show. I can’t imagine who could kill Bobby.”
Don’t you think Bobby’s earned a peaceful life?
Mark Boone Jr: “I do, yeah. I do. I do believe that. But then again the unexpected is only to be expected.”
That would be the unexpected.
Mark Boone Jr: “That would be, wouldn’t it?”
Do you feel like Bobby’s carried too many secrets for too many people for too long for things to really turn out well for him?
Mark Boone Jr: “He does know everything. I mean, except for, you know… Yeah, he knows everything. Nobody else knows everything. Although the way it’s written he was not in on the Clay murder of John Teller, but he knows that it happened. But, he was not in on it. Tig was kind of in on it, so that’s the only thing. And that’s at the heart of this whole everything. I don’t know that that will become an aspect. But from the outside, he may know too much.”