‘Ozark’ Season 2 Episode 7 Recap: “One Way Out”

Ozark Season 2 Episode 7
Laura Linney and Jason Bateman in ‘Ozark’ season 2 episode 7 (Photo by Jessica Miglio/Netflix)

Marty (Jason Bateman) and his family are giving an interview – more so Wendy (Laura Linney) than Marty as Marty seems to be in another place mentally – as Netflix’s Ozark season two episode seven begins.

Meanwhile, Ruth (Julia Garner) seems to want to appease her father and they go on a theft spree which is short-lived. Ruth and Cade (Trevor Long) are selling chopped boat parts when the guy they’re selling to reveals he’s looking for an expensive item.

Marty and Wendy argue over their future with Blue Cat, with Wendy suggesting they avoid it and Marty wanting to talk to Rachel again. Wendy informs Charlotte (Sofia Hublitz) she’s no longer allowed to work at there.

Next we see Rachel (Jordana Spiro) and Marty talking via text – even though they’re standing next to each other – so Agent Roy Petty (Jason Butler Harner) doesn’t hear while listening in. She asks Marty for help and reveals Petty threatened to out her to the cartel. Marty answers by stating he doesn’t think he can. After pleading with him to try again, she begins to kiss him. Marty pulls back and texts her that he’s sorry but he doesn’t want his family killed.

Wendy’s in her van getting ready to leave the house when a sack is suddenly placed over her head.

Marty meets with the public relations person to go over the plan of how they’ll make their family look better in the public’s eyes. She asks where Wendy is and we quickly learn the answer to that question. Wendy’s being dragged through a field and transferred to another vehicle.

After Marty tries to call her, he tracks her cellphone and he finds it in her abandoned van in the middle of a field.

Wendy is tied up to a chair in a basement. Cut to Marty confronting Darlene Snell (Lisa Emery) who he seems to think has something to do with Wendy disappearing. After being threatened, Darlene insists she doesn’t have Wendy.

After the black sack’s ripped from her head, the first thing Wendy sees is Pastor Mason Young (Michael Mosley). She tries to tell him this isn’t who he is while he continues to scream at her. He has a gun pointed at Wendy while he rants about not having a son. Wendy pleads with him to let her know what he’s talking about. Mason seems to think she knows what’s going on and that it’s her fault. He angrily tells her that she told him not to go to the police and she had his son taken away. Again, Wendy has no clue what he’s talking about. However, she believes she can help him get his son back. That seems to capture his attention.

Mason calls Marty demanding the return of his son. Mason warns him not to tell anyone – not the cops and not the cartel – or Wendy dies. Marty demands to talk to Wendy to hear that she’s okay. Wendy assures Marty she’s fine and to call Wilkes because he can help. (Even though Mason just told Marty not to tell anyone, but hey.) Marty warns her there’s no way he can get the baby today.

The phone call gets cut off.

Ruth’s still shaken by the waterboarding and is unable to take a shower. While wiping down, Cade comes banging on her door. He thinks he should take Wyatt with him to steal the boat parts. Ruth questions why and he lets her know she hasn’t been right since that night with the cartel. Getting angry, she tells him, “Just worry about yourself, I’m f*ckin’ fine.”

With that, she slams the trailer door in his face.

Marty goes to see Charles Wilkes (Darren Goldstein) but at first Charles won’t let Marty get a word in. He doesn’t seem to be a fan of Marty’s. Charles lets Marty know his entire board doesn’t think he should continue with the casino because of what’s going on with Marty and the FBI.

Before Wilkes can go on with his “let me tell you all the reasons why I don’t like you, Marty Byrde” tirade, Marty finally cuts him off by revealing Wendy has been kidnapped. That seems to get Wilkes’ attention for a moment, but then he starts naming off all the people he could contact. Marty informs him he can’t do that, but what he can do is get him a baby from Child Services. Wilkes thinks that’s insane.

Mason begins to confide in Wendy, claiming he’s not a monster. She agrees; she believes he is lost but it’s only natural since he has been lied to so many times. Mason begins to walk away when Wendy confesses his wife was one of the bodies that was found on the Snells’ property. She confirms Grace was murdered and they helped cover it up.

Wendy tries to convince Mason he can change things around and not end up on the path they’re on. She offers to help with anything he needs – food, clothes, or to move. Before he can answer, she informs him she needs to use the restroom. After leaving the basement Wendy realizes she’s at Mason’s house.

Wilkes and Marty attempt to get Mason’s baby back, but before entering Child Services Wilkes makes it abundantly clear he’s only doing this for Wendy. He’s not done with the insults yet. Wilkes adds that after this is finished their relationship ceases to exist.

When Wendy comes back from the bathroom, she notices Mason has put his gun down and is more relaxed while looking at a picture of Grace.

Wilkes lets the social services worker know Pastor Mason is a real good friend of the Byrde family, and they would like to take the baby into their care to make sure he’s with people close to the family. The social services rep informs Marty he can have the baby in 10 days, but Marty makes it clear he wants the baby today.

Trying to pull at the man’s heartstrings, Marty says, “Mason Young has lost a tremendous amount in three months. He’s had his church burned to the ground, his wife has abandoned him, and now his son Ezekiel, without any warning, without any explanation.” Marty the ever-so-smooth talker seems to be getting to him.

Wendy offers to make Mason some tea and Mason confesses he thinks he killed Grace by not listening to her. Wendy assures him what happened was not his fault and he has a little boy out there who needs him. When the tea kettle goes off, Mason goes to get it and Wendy hits him over the head. It does little damage and he’s able to catch her when she tries to run.

Ozark Season 2 Episode 7
Jason Bateman in ‘Ozark’ season 2 episode 7 (Photo by Jessica Miglio/Netflix)

Back in the basement, Mason is taping her up when Marty calls informing him he has baby Zeke. Mason screams, “Bring him here!” Marty asks where is here and Mason confirms he’s at home. Funny, Marty didn’t think to check Mason’s house.

Wendy’s trying to talk to Mason, claiming she grabbed onto God and hung on for dear life, but God did not grab back. She explains she had a horrible childhood and she went to her pastor to seek help and forgiveness; she confessed so much to him. She thought her pastor said all the right things, but she knew by the way he looked at her he would never see her the same way again. Mason starts preaching to her that she told the pastor everything on purpose as an excuse to leave.

Mason brings up the time at the convenience store when it was being robbed. He had no job or family, but he believed God would protect him. He keeps preaching to her about walking towards God.

Elsewhere, Cade’s trying to steal an awfully expensive part off a boat when the owner starts walking toward the docks with a shotgun. Cade’s forced to get in the water to avoid being caught.

Marty shows up with Zeke but refuses to give Mason the baby until he knows Wendy’s okay. She begins to yell that she’s okay so Marty hands over the baby. Marty’s freeing Wendy of her bindings when Mason questions Marty about what he’s going to do to him. Marty’s confused and reminds him they had an agreement and therefore he will not do anything.

Mason starts acting erratically, screaming that he doesn’t believe them. His yelling begins to upset the baby and Zeke starts crying. He turns his anger on the baby and yells, “Will you shut up?!” The baby begins to cry harder. Mason questions what Marty did to the baby to make him cry. Mason seems to be losing it, insisting Marty did something to his child.

Marty is done with this drama and begins to name off everything he’s done to try to help Mason including paying the Snells $700,000. Marty is poking a bear by turning the tables and putting the blame on Mason. Mason states he’s going to take Wendy. He believes Marty’s corrupting her and he’s going to take Wendy to save her. He points the gun at her and demands she walk toward him.

Suddenly, Wendy stabs him with a screwdriver. Even after being stabbed, Mason grabs the screwdriver and holds it to Wendy’s throat. Marty picks up the gun that’s fallen and aims it at Mason while pleading with him to let Wendy go. Marty shoots and hits Mason in the neck. After Mason goes down, Marty panics and tries to stop the bleeding.

Ruth’s in the truck crying and cold, begging her dad to forgive her. She didn’t know the boat’s owner would be home so soon and she promises she’s not a screw-up. Ruth assures her dad she’ll make it up to him. She will make him proud.

Cade tells her in a monotone that it’s okay – there will be other boats. After calming down, she informs her dad she thinks she knows where Marty’s hiding the money. It seems making her dad proud outweighs what the cartel has done to her – and what they will do to her. Before he can answer, she explains that a little while ago she saw Wendy driving the hearse up to one of the cabins at the Blue Cat. She now thinks they were keeping it at the Blue Cat and moved it to the funeral home. Cade replies, “Let’s go get it then.”

Wendy gets to work cleaning up the mess while Marty’s still in shock and crying. He asks what they’re going to do and Wendy tells him they’re going to get rid of the body and take Zeke. Marty begins to have a panic attack and thinks he’s having a heart attack. Wendy talks him through breathing. She lets him know she will take care of this, just like he took care of her before.

Episode seven comes to a close with the scene returning to the Byrdes doing the interview. Marty seemingly comes to his senses and begins to get involved with the interview. However, his involvement is short-lived and once again Wendy takes over and begins to answer with all the right responses. We continue to hear Wendy answering while we see them cremating Mason’s body and then Marty sprinkling his ashes into the water. The scene switches back to the Bydres and Wendy brings up that they’re fostering a friend’s son for a bit as Charlotte brings out Zeke.