‘Ozark’ Season 2 Episode 2 Recap: “The Precious Blood of Jesus”

Ozark Season 2 Episode 2
Laura Linney and Jason Bateman in ‘Ozark’ season 2 episode 2 (Photo by Jessica Miglio/Netflix)

Netflix’s Ozark season two episode two kicks off with some action as a trucker for Mercer Lumber is shot at by men in a pickup truck who demand to know if the driver works for Mercer Lumber. (The truck clearly says “Mercer Lumber.”) After being told to exit the truck, the driver’s ordered face down on the ground. The man wielding the gun tells him, “I want you to give Mercer a message for me.” He suddenly shoots the driver’s hand off.

Marty (Jason Bateman) is on the phone with someone who seems to be trying to pull out of a deal with him. He offers up more money and the deal’s made. After getting off the phone, he informs Wendy they’re now the proud owners of a riverboat. Wendy thinks he is jumping the gun – they still need to get the bill passed.

Ruth (Julia Garner) is getting ready to leave when Cade’s parole officer shows up to check on him. The parole officer asks Cade if he has a job and Ruth claims her boss might have a job opening for him at the Blue Cat.

Wendy and Charles have a meeting to go over the senators that most likely will vote no on passing the riverboat casino. Charles lets Wendy know she must turn four to a yay. Wendy asks if he has information on the ones that are undecided and on the nos.

Marty’s on the phone with Helen and she demands he get the “hillbillies” (the Snells) under control. After hanging up, Marty calls Ruth into his office and tells her she needs to get the riverboat moved and pay the man for it. She asks how she’s supposed to move it and he tells her to figure it out.

Marty pays a visit to the Snell farm where things aren’t going well between the man the cartel sent to pick up the heroin and the Snells. The drugs are not being loaded into the van. Marty asks Jacob and Darlene what the problem is and Jacob tells him, “Trust.” Jacob goes on to say, “We told them the heroin was pure. That wasn’t good enough for them. Trust.”

Marty tries to be the peacemaker, saying trust is a two-way street. He tells the Snells they’re making everything difficult. The cartel is testing Jacob’s product. Darlene, who is never happy about anything, says, “We are betraying who we are.” The cartel says it’s good.

Wendy’s at the Governor’s prayer luncheon where she makes her rounds trying to talk senators into voting yes on this bill. She’s beginning to realize some just want money sent to their campaign and they’ll vote yes.

Marty meets with Senator Mercer who informs him one of his drivers was run off the road and they blew his hand off. Marty wants to know who “they” are and why “they” would want to blow a man’s hand off. Mercer informs Marty it’s the Kansas City mob and they’re heavy in the casino business. He advises Marty he’s pulling the bill and Marty attempts to talk him out of it, but Mercer says he cannot take the risk.

Darlene visits an adoption agency and is interested in adopting a child. The worker informs her the agency does not like to place children with parents who are more than 40 years older than the child. Darlene lets her know she finds that to be a stupid rule. She suggests Darlene can start by fostering a child and Darlene storms out.

Wendy’s stopped at a red light when she spots Pastor Mason Young (Michael Mosley) on the streets preaching with his baby.

Back at the Byrde residence, Marty asks Wendy if Charles will talk to Mercer. Wendy reveals Charles believes if the mob got to Mercer who knows how many other senators they’re working on. Marty wants to know how many votes they need. Wendy answers, “Two.”

Wendy informs Marty she saw Mason Young on the street, preaching. She wonders if they can help him out somehow. Marty doesn’t think that’s their problem.

Charlotte (Sofia Hublitz) returns home and Marty and Wendy think she’s high.

Charles pays a visit to the Byrdes to let them know he spoke to Mercer last night. It turns out Mercer is still spooked. Charles brings up Frank Cosgrove as the head of the mob and Marty asks what Charles knows about him. Charles explains Frank moved to Kansas City and invested in a couple of casinos. Charles warns Marty if he cannot figure something out, Mercer is pulling the bill tonight.

Ruth calls Marty to alert him there’s a problem with his soon to be purchased boat. It does not have an engine. Marty tells her to have it towed and he’ll cover the cost.

Ruth has other plans when she talks to the owner. She asks the owner how she’s going to move a boat with no engine. He bluffs and says he has another offer. Ruth tells him to take the other offer then and begins to walk away. The man tells her to wait. He’ll drop a couple hundred off the price if she “sits” on his lap for an hour or two. Ruth answers by kicking him in the face and knocking him over in his wheelchair. She tells him to drop 50k and asks if they have a deal. He agrees.

Marty goes down to the basement to ask Buddy if he knows who Frank Cosgrove is. He does. Marty asks if he can set up a meeting and if so, it needs to be today.

Buddy’s able to set the meeting and heads over to Frank’s with Marty. As they pull up, Buddy tells the man at the entrance to tell Frank that Jimmy Small is here. When Marty looks questioningly at Buddy, Buddy replies, “You don’t need to know. But one thing you show know is Cosgrove always thought I f*cked his wife.”

Ozark Season 2 Episode 2
Trevor Long and Julia Garner in ‘Ozark’ season 2 episode 2 (Photo by Jessica Miglio/Netflix)

Ruth asks her dad (Trevor Long) to help her tow the riverboat. She opens up to him about wanting to own a house. She seems to think she can do it when the casino is up and running.

Wendy shows up at the strip bar looking for Ruth. While waiting, she takes a seat and watches a dancer named LuLu. Wendy seems to get an idea.

Frank Cosgrove (John Bedford Lloyd) is surprised to see Buddy; he thought he was dead. Buddy informs him soon since he’s terminally ill. Frank asks what they are there for and Marty gets to the point. Frank does not seem interested and it’s Buddy who ends up getting the deal done. Marty tells Frank he’ll let his union workers work on the casino.

Lulu (Kiley Casciano Davis) spots Senator Diane Foreman’s husband at a bar. She joins him and after they leave the bar they head upstairs to a hotel room. Wendy enters the room and begins to record them in a compromising position.

After they drop off the riverboat, Ruth tells her dad Marty agreed to give him a job at the Blue Cat.

Wendy pays a late-night visit to Senator Foreman and shows her the video of her husband. The senator reluctantly agrees to vote yes on the bill.

Marty has a talk with Charlotte about smoking weed. He asks who she was with and she lets him know it was Wyatt. Marty confesses he’s worried about her saying the wrong things when she’s high. She promises to be careful.

In a surprising scene, we finally see what’s happened to Rachel (Jordana Spiro) after she stole Marty’s money and took off. She’s snorting drugs while sitting in a bathtub at a party.

Wendy is with Wilkes and he suggests she keeps working with him. She insists it’s just to get this bill passed. Charles calls her out on her necklace. He knows she paid a visit to the orphanage and that she was there asking about his past. He informs her this is a game and they both played it. Wendy thinks he wants to sleep with her and lets him know she’s figured that out. Charles, in a roundabout way, tells her that’s not what he wants.

Ruth and Cade pull over at a diner and Cade goes inside and robs the place. Ruth watches from the truck and it’s obvious she didn’t have a clue he was going to do that. When he returns, she asks why he did that and reminds him he’s on parole. He simply replies, “Cause I felt like it.”

Angry, Cade says she’s not going to buy a house with a white picket fence and she’s not going to spend her life working for Marty Byrde. He reminds her she’s a Langmore and this is who she is. He slams her head into the dashboard and pins it there telling her she’s going to find Marty’s money and steal it.

Wendy returns home and tells Marty they’ll probably lose. Charles Wilkes wanted something, but the price was too high. Marty asks what it was and Wendy replies, “Me. He wanted me.” This wasn’t supposed to be funny but Marty responds with, “And?” Wendy doesn’t seem to be pleased with that reply and walks away. After she leaves Marty asks, “Was that a no?”

Cut back to Rachel and now she’s driving under the influence. She avoids hitting another vehicle and instead hits a telephone pole.

Charles Wilkes’ minion pays Senator Tim Blake (Rodney Lee Rogers) a visit in the restroom. He informs Senator Blake they’re taking a little trip today. The Senator declines, stating he cannot leave because there’s a big vote today. Wilkes’ guy assures him he won’t be partaking in the voting today.

Wendy shows up at Charles Wilkes’ house to speak with him. She explains she just has to get that bill passed. Charles tells her it’s done. Blake had a family emergency. The votes for no were short. So, it passed. Charles wants to let Wendy know he wasn’t looking for sex out of her. He just wants to work together.

Rachel’s in jail when Agent Roy Petty (Jason Butler Harner) pays her a visit. He gets to the point and threatens to rat her out to the cartel for stealing cartel money. She says she’s calling her lawyer, but he brings up all the charges that could be against her for her accident. He offers her a way out by being an informant for the FBI.