‘Ozark’ Season 1 Episode 3 Recap: “My Dripping Sleep”

Ozark Season 1 Episode 3
Jason Bateman and Julia Garner in ‘Ozark’ season 1 episode 3 (Photo by Jackson Davis/Netflix)

Netflix’s Ozark season one episode three opens with Marty (Jason Bateman) and Wendy (Laura Linney) fighting in front of their children while trying to move their belongings into the house. The unhelpful moving company dumped all their belongings on the lawn.

Now that the kids know why they moved to the Ozarks, Marty wants to discuss what they’ll be telling people about why they moved there. Charlotte (Sofia Hublitz) calls her mom out for her part in the family drama. She cleverly asks her mom, “Is it because you wanted me to turn on Marty here?”

Meanwhile, as the Byrdes are moving their belongings into their new home FBI Agent Roy Petty (Jason Butler Harner) is busy snapping their photos.

Ruth Langmore (Julia Garner) puts the $20,000 in a not-so-safe spot right in front of Russ (Marc Menchaca) and Boyd (Christopher James Baker) in a cabinet in their trailer with only a padlock. Ruth then leaves to look for Marty.

Speaking of Marty, he’s over at the Blue Cat talking to Rachel (Jordana Spiro) about how they could drive more traffic to the establishment. He suggests lowering the gas prices to boaters. While discussing this, FBI Agent Petty comes in pretending to be a local.

Ruth finds Marty at the Blue Cat and tells him he owes her a job since he got her fired at the motel. She threatens to tell everyone in town about his $8 million, so he hires her as a dishwasher to keep her quiet.

Later, Charlotte wants to get a job and has already landed an interview, and Marty offers her a ride. Her interview seems to be going well until she sees Wyatt (Charlie Tahan) and Three (Carson Holmes) walk by. She abruptly leaves the interview to confront Wyatt with a fist to the face. Marty witnesses it all and seems to be impressed.

Hours pass and Marty’s up late running numbers trying to figure out what he’s going to do. He begins to hallucinate Sarah McLachlan is in an ASPCA commercial talking directly to him. “Not you, Marty. I don’t trust you with these animals. In fact, if you adopt them, they die,” says the hallucinated McLachlan.

In the morning Wendy spots vultures in the yard eating a dead animal. As Marty gets done moving the dead animal, the FBI shows up at their house. Agent Trevor Evans (McKinley Belcher III) begins to question Marty on why he left Chicago, asking if he knew what happened to his partner, Bruce. Marty explains he left because he saw a business opportunity here and as far as Bruce, he doesn’t know where he is.

Marty goes on to tell Agent Evans that Bruce did start to act strange and was making a lot of phone calls while speaking in Spanish. Agent Evans drops a bombshell on them in hopes they’ll crack; he reveals Bruce has been working with the FBI as an informant. He also informs them Bruce is dead. Marty and Wendy don’t flinch and continue sticking to their story, insisting they don’t know what happened to Bruce.

Rachel finds Ruth working in the Blue Cat kitchen washing dishes and isn’t happy at all that Marty hired her. She confronts Marty about that decision and he explains, “People deserve a second chance, just like businesses.” Rachel seems to accept it but warns if Ruth steals anything she’s gone.

Things seem to be getting to Wendy. She has a meltdown and freaks out on a worker at the grocery store after finding out they don’t have the ice cream she wants. She had called the store and asked first, and they told her they did have that particular ice cream.

Agent Evans visits Agent Petty at his hotel to inform him Marty and Wendy were very much unified and sticking to their story. It’s revealed Agent Petty and Agent Evans were in a relationship that Petty recently ended. When Evans tries to stay in the motel with Perry, he turns him down.

Back at the house, Wendy tells Marty about her meltdown at the store over ice cream. At just that moment, Wyatt and Three drive by in a boat and flip them off. Wendy now believes they were the ones who left the dead animal in their yard.

Wendy goes to see the real estate agent who found them their house and asks if he needs help in the office or staging the houses for sale. He politely declines, letting her know his mom’s the one who stages houses for him.

Marty can’t sleep again and decides to go on a nighttime boat ride with Buddy’s boat. He begins talking to himself trying to figure out what to do about his situation. He lays down on the back of the boat and while resting there he can hear someone talking on a microphone on the water. He decides to figure out where it’s coming from and happens upon a sermon. People are in their boats listening as Pastor Mason Young (Michael Mosley) speaks from his own boat.

Wendy’s showing a house she staged with her own furniture to a couple when the real estate agent walks in. Seeing what a great job she’s done, there’s no way he can deny her a job. When Wendy returns home, she finds another dead carcass on her lawn with vultures picking at it. She’s totally convinced it’s the Langmore boys. She grabs the dead animal and hightails it to their property. Pulling up to their trailers, she throws the carcass at them and warns them to not mess (she uses a more colorful word) with her daughter.

Marty’s laying in bed realizing the Blue Cat Lodge is not enough when he has an epiphany. He leaves suddenly and returns to the strip club – the one owned by Bobby Dean. While getting a lap dance from one of the strippers, he says, “I want you to tell me about your boss.”

When Ruth returns home late at night she discovers the cabinet she locked her $20,000 in is busted open and the money’s gone. Ruth wakes up Boyd with a gun to the face. He and Russ admit they used the money to buy bobcats, claiming you can make a lot of money online with exotic animals. She leads them to the cage and points out they’re both female cats and that isn’t going to help them. Still fuming, she locks Russ and Boyd in the cage with the bobcats. She explains she’s working for Marty to learn how to launder money, then eventually she’s going to kill him.