‘The Amazing Race’ Season 32 Teams: NFL and Volleyball Stars Set to Compete

The Amazing Race Season 32 Teams
Top Row, L-R: DeAngelo Williams and Gary Barnidge, Will Jardell and James Wallington, Michelle and Victoria Newland, Maddison and Riley McKibbin, Jerry and Frank Eaves; Middle Row, L-R: Leo Brown and Alana Folsom, Nathan Worthington and Cody Buell, Kaylynn and Haley Williams, Hung Nguyen and Chee Lee; Bottom Row, L-R: Eswar and Aparna Dhinakaran, Kellie Brinkley and LaVonne Idlette in ‘The Amazing Race’ (Photo: Sonja Flemming © 2018 CBS Broadcasting, Inc)

Season 32 of CBS’s The Amazing Race will feature former NFL players, Olympic hurdlers, and professional volleyball players. They’ll be joining eight other teams made up of siblings, couples, and friends as they race around the globe for a $1 million prize.

Host Phil Keoghan returns to guide and greet the competitors as they navigate bizarre and strenuous challenges in the quest to be the first team to the finish line. Season 32 will premiere on October 14, 2020, with new episodes dropping on Wednesdays at 9pm ET/PT. The upcoming season was delayed from a May premiere due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Elise (Doganieri) and I created The Amazing Race 20 years ago as a way to bring the expansive beauty of the world into audiences’ living rooms in an exciting way,” said Bertram van Munster, co-creator and executive producer. “This year has been a challenge for everyone, and we hope this season, during which Race will reach the remarkable milestone of one million miles traveled around the world, helps satisfy viewers’ wanderlust. We look forward to when we can all travel again!”

The Amazing Race Season 32 Teams:

  • DeAngelo Williams (36) and Gary Barnidge (34)
    Former NFL stars from Charlotte, N.C. and Middleburg, Fla.
  • Eswar (24) and Aparna Dhinakaran (26)
    Siblings from Fremont and Berkeley, Calif.
  • Jerry (61) and Frank (25) Eaves
    Father and son from Louisville, Ky.
  • Kaylynn (30) and Haley Williams (31)
    Sisters from Bluffton, S.C.
  • Chee Lee (38) and Hung Nguyen (39)
    Married parents from Houston, Texas
  • Kellie Wells-Brinkley (37) and LaVonne Idlette (34)
    Olympic hurdlers from Richmond, Va. and Hampton, Va.
  • Leo Brown (31) and Alana Folsom (29)
    Dating from Somerville, Mass.
  • Michelle (34) and Victoria Newland (33)
    Sisters from Lafayette, La.
  • Nathan Worthington (39) and Cody Buell (33)
    Best friends from Dayton, Tenn. and Paint Lick, Ky.
  • Riley (31) and Maddison McKibbin (29)
    Pro volleyball players from Honolulu, Hawaii
  • Will Jardell (30) and James Wallington (31)
    Dating from Nederland, Texas and Grand Rapids, Mich.

Details on Season 32, Courtesy of CBS:

The globe-trotting teams begin their adventure, which filmed prior to the global outbreak of the coronavirus, from the iconic Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, and travel to their first destination, Trinidad and Tobago. Along the route, teams will travel to France, Germany, Kazakhstan, Brazil and more.

The Amazing Race sends 11 teams on a trek around the world. Each Team is comprised of two people who have a pre-existing relationship with one another. At every destination, each Team competes in a series of challenges – some mental and some physical – and when the tasks have been completed, they learn their next destination. Teams who are farthest behind will gradually be eliminated as the contest progresses, with the first team to arrive at the final destination winning at least $1 million.