‘Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency’ Season 2 Episode 7 Recap: This is Not Miami

Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency Season 2 Episode 7
Miranda Edwards, Hannah Marks, Anja Savcic, and Ajay Friese in ‘Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency’ season 2 episode 7 (Photo by Ed Araquel / BBC America)

BBC America’s quirky and addicting series, Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency, season two episode seven begins in Montana in 1966. A bloody carcass is discovered in a field with a massive winged animal flying overhead. Hector Cardenas immediately realizes that means Arnold is having a nightmare. They need to wake him so he can send the creature away. Or, if not, then at least turn the one-eyed one-horned flying purple people eater into something that’s less threatening.

The creature enters their home and Hector shoots at it as Marina begs her son to send it away. He finally does.

Off to Wendimoor we go and Dirk (Samuel Barnett) and Todd (Elijah Wood) fly out of a pool. Todd’s super excited they’re in Wendimoor but Dirk continues his Debbie Downer act by claiming this could be Miami for all they know. Dirk’s still depressed he got the boy killed along with a bunch of people at the hospital. He truly believes this is all his fault because Blackwing and Suzie Boreton are hunting him.

Todd’s much more optimistic until Dirk brings up the fact they had to leave Farah behind with the lethal Mr. Priest from Blackwing. Dirk says every single move he makes puts people in danger. Todd is sympathetic, but there’s no talking Dirk out of this horrible mood.

Todd reminds him they must find the boy to help the people of Wendimoor. Dirk can’t make sense of any of this, and he’s frustrated and angry when he asks what the purple people eater has to do with any of this. Plus, what’s up with Mona Wilder? And how can he bring the boy to Wendimoor if he’s already in Wendimoor?

And now we come to Dirk’s big announcement. Things always end up with him alone, screwing things up and getting people killed. He doesn’t want that to happen so he’s quitting! He decides to sit in a nearby chair and not do anything else. Todd tries to convince him it will all connect and they will find Amanda. He reminds Dirk that friendship is a two-way street and Dirk has to help him find Amanda. It doesn’t work, and Todd leaves in a huff to find Amanda on his own.

“I can’t do anything right,” says Dirk out loud after Todd leaves. A wild-eyed, red-haired Wendimoor woman surprises him and he screams.

Meanwhile, Amanda (Hannah Marks) continues to practice her special skills in Wakti Wapnasi’s hut. Her vision shows her the Trosts and Dengdamors killing each other. Wakti (Agam Darshi) says that’s just one possible future. She also assures Amanda if the boy returns, he’ll repair everything. If not, then they’ll all die anyway. She reminds Amanda she can leave when she wants, but Amanda wants to help fix this.

Wakti reveals there’s a war between order and chaos coming in Amanda’s world. She tells Amanda she must unite the special people in her world (it appears she’s talking about more Projects at Blackwing), but Amanda says she can’t let the Trosts and the Dengdamors die. Wakti gives her one final bit of advice, saying, “When you return to your world, you must gather the tools. The universe is broken and only you can fix it.”

Farson (Ajay Friese) is picking what look like marshmallows off trees with the crazy-haired creatures when Amanda tells him he must go home. Because he ran away, things have gotten bad and people will die. He can’t run from his problems.

Farson’s mother, Frija Dengdamor (Karin Konoval), tells a gathering they must do something about the Trosts. She wants revenge for them kidnapping and murdering her son. She declares the Dengdamors will stand their ground and won’t be scared. “Death to the Trosts!” she yells, and her people respond with cheers.

Farson’s brother, Silas (Lee Majdoub), tells his family’s loyal companion, Wygar Oak (Aleks Paunovic), that he needs to send a message to the Trosts. Wygar says that would be a betrayal, but Silas is sure Farson wasn’t taken by the Trosts. He believes Panto when he assured him they didn’t take his brother. Wygar reluctantly goes along with Silas’ plan.

Silas still believes the prophecy may come true and everything will end well. He’s resting his hopes on Panto finding Dirk Gently. Wygar doesn’t think anyone can save them and he doesn’t believe there is another world.

Todd runs through the Wendimoor woods, screaming for his sister. He looks up and sees a train circling in the sky, just like in the drawing at the Cardenas house.

Litzibitz Trost (Anja Savcic) receives a bird messenger from Silas Trost and reads the note which tells her to meet him at the bridge. Litzibitz’s father arrives and asks where she’s been, and she tries to tell him there are options besides war. She wants to talk to the Dengdamors, but he refuses. He thinks Panto was killed by the Trosts, but Litzibitz tells her dad he’s being a fool.

Dirk comes to and finds himself face to face with the Wendimoor woman who knocked him out. She, in a very raspy, weird voice, calls him her boyfriend. She has him on a leash and says he’s a baboon when he tries to leave the ruins. She gives him a big hug and tells him not to be scared. Dirk admits he’s regretting every decision he’s ever made.

She hands him a hamburger from a burger bush and he’s astounded. It’s delicious.

Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency Season 2 Episode 7
Elijah Wood and Aleks Paunovic in ‘Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency’ season 2 episode 7 (Photo by Ed Araquel / BBC America)

Todd keeps screaming for his sister and then spots the cage she was held in in his vision. Unfortunately, he steps into a trap and is hung from a tree in a net by weird creatures. He drops the air gun and is about to reach for it when Silas and Wygar arrive and take him prisoner.

Silas and Wygar have never seen the air gun before or anything like the clothing Todd’s wearing. Silas accuses Todd of working with The Mage, but Todd vehemently denies it. He tries to explain he came through a bed in a house in Montana, but they have no idea what he’s talking about. Wygar thinks Todd is crazy, but Todd insists he can show them the ruins. He adds that Dirk is back there and that gets Silas’ attention. Silas is ecstatic Dirk Gently’s in Wendimoor and even gives Todd a hug.

Farson and Amanda make their way toward Farson’s home. He’s not in the least bit happy to be going home because his mom always talks about war. Amanda assures him he’ll be a hero, saying he’ll literally be a legend for stopping the war. He just wants peace and seems happy for a brief moment before Litzibitz and three of her female warriors appear and command them to not move.

Litzibitz can’t believe Farson’s alive, telling him the Dengdamors were accused of killing him. When Litzibitz accuses Amanda of taking Farson and working for The Mage, Amanda replies, “Slow down, Comic Con. I’m just trying to help.”

Farson says Amanda saved them and they want to make peace. Litzibitz admits she was on her way to meet Farson’s brother, Silas. One of The Mage’s knights (a member of the Kellum army) who’s been trailing Amanda and Farson overhears this conversation.

Back with Dirk, it appears his new girlfriend wants to change up his looks. She renames him Bibbit and calls him her boyfriend, and Dirk seems resigned to his new life. He thinks they’ll have puppies and live in the woods. But then he adds that it’s frustrating he was always three steps behind on this particular case. She comforts Bibbit and he’s confused because he knows he missed something. Plus, this time he had people working with him and rooting him on.

Dirk continues basically talking out loud to himself and mentions the boat in the field. His girlfriend shows him a drawing of the boat which is under vines on the wall in the ruins they’re currently making their home. Dirk’s shocked the purple people eater is drawn there too, as well as the Cardenas house.

Out in the woods, Silas can’t believe Todd knows Panto. Todd assures him Panto is safe and sound, confirming he’s the one who told them about The Mage. Todd figures out Panto and Silas are a thing, and Silas admits they’re in love. Todd tells Silas that Dirk will be able to explain everything. However, first Silas must meet Panto’s sister, Litzibitz.

Back in the ruins, Dirk figures out the drawing is of what happened to the Cardenas family in Bergsberg. Dirk’s girlfriend tells him the drawing has been there forever, and then Dirk uncovers a drawing that shows there were two Cardenas brothers. “There were two different paintings of two different boys in the house within house!” says Dirk. He believes maybe Todd was actually right and Arnold wasn’t “the boy” after all.

Dirk looks at the drawings, but he still thinks there’s a missing link.

Amanda, Farson, Litzibitz, and her backup wait on one side of the bridge as Silas apologizes from the other side. He explains they were waylaid as Todd and Amanda finally notice each other. Amanda’s first question is about Dirk and she wants to know how Todd got to Wendimoor. He says he went through a bed and she reveals she went through a bathtub. They scream across the bridge and then Litzibitz and Silas take over the conversation. Now it’s Farson’s turn to reunite with his brother, Silas. They also scream across the bridge.

Silas wonders why Litzibitz has Farson if she didn’t kidnap him, and Farson explains he ran away and then was captured by the Kellum knights. Litzibitz yells across the bridge, asking about Panto. Todd replies, “He’s safe,” and now it’s Amanda’s turn to wonder how her brother could possibly know Panto.

Todd tells everyone Panto’s in Bergsberg and Amanda’s excited to know she figured out Todd was in Bergsberg. Now it’s Todd’s turn to be shocked Amanda made it to Bergsberg. At this point, Litzibitz finally realizes they’ve been talking about Dirk Gently – the man from the prophecy.

Silas confesses his love for Panto, assuring Litzibitz he didn’t take him and that Panto had been off searching for Dirk to fulfill the prophecy. He and Panto only want to end wars and save all the valley.

As they’re talking, Litzibitz’s father and his men arrive and demand Litzibitz not turn over Farson. They have guns, which shocks Todd and Amanda. Before they can recover, the Dengdamors arrive armed with swords. Wygar admits to Silas he told Frija of Silas’ plan.

The two negotiating teams are now on the bridge with the Trost army on one side and the Dengdamors on the other. Amanda screams at all of them to stop. They’re all supposed to be happy and no one should be killing anyone. Farson speaks up saying there should be peace. He blames everything on The Mage who just wants to divide the Trosts and Dengdamors. Farson reveals Wakti said they can work together, but as he speaks he’s shot in the chest. Silas screams and no one notices the knight who fired the bullet hidden in the nearby trees.

Frija yells for her people to kill the Trosts and the Trosts begin firing their weapons in return. Members of both families are hit and killed. Before Litzibitz is taken down, she tells Todd to fulfill the prophecy. He and Amanda climb vines from the bridge and down into the stream below. The fighting continues above them as they race off. Amanda thinks they need to find Wakti to fix everything, but Todd just wants to find Dirk and then they can all leave. Amanda’s shocked, saying they must help the Wendimoor people.

Amanda races off to find Wakti.

Apparently, Suzie (Amanda Walsh) emerged victorious in her battle with The Mage and has made the trip to Wendimoor. She’s stumbling around, a bloody mess with her wand taped to her arm. Wakti and her people see her coming and surround her. Suzie thinks she’s their queen, telling Wakti The Mage quit and she’s now in charge. Suzie demands they kneel before her, but Wakti says she’s not afraid. The colorful creatures run away as Suzie uses her wand.

Todd chases down Amanda as the creatures race by them.

Amanda is too late to help Wakti and Todd realizes this is the work of Suzie Boreton. Amanda’s mad at herself for leaving Wakti, and she reveals these people told her they’ve been waiting for Dirk’s help for years. Todd tells her he needs her and sacrificed everything to try and get to her. Amanda’s not having it and wants to save these people. She laughs when Todd says this could all be just a drawing. She won’t leave Wendimoor and its people, telling Todd to go away.

Wygar and some of the Dengdamor men catch up with Todd and Amanda, and they think Todd’s betrayed them. Wygar punches Todd in the face, twice.

Silas returns home and his mother is livid that he watched his brother, Farson, be killed by the Trosts. He tells his mom the Trosts think Dirk Gently is here in Wendimoor. His mother doesn’t care about that and angrily admits she wished the Trosts killed Silas instead of Farson. “There will be blood…much more blood,” says Frija.

Back at the scene of the battle, bodies are littered around as the Kellum knights arrive. Suzie has also made her way to the bridge and lets the knights know she’s The Mage’s successor. She will be their queen. They are about to attack when they notice she has the apprentice’s wand. She uses it to give herself a much more wicked queen-ish appearance. The knights bow and she cackles wildly.

Dirk is still trying to figure out what he’s missing. He uses pieces of wood, rocks, and twigs to map out what’s gone down thus far. He says Mona sent him to Bergsberg to the Cardenas family, and the pictures in Wendimoor’s ruins look like the ones in the Cardenas house. The boy must have been at the house at some point. “At the hospital, Arnold talked about the monster, the other house, the creation of a world, but never mentioned a brother,” says Dirk.

Dirk wonders if the brother is in Wendimoor, but then recalls Arnold said he brought something home from the boat. Was the brother on the boat? When did the boy/brother get to Wendimoor? Could it have been so long ago that he drew everything himself? Nope, that’s not it.

Dirk then notices there are ‘z’s on the drawing, like the boy is snoring. He also recalls that Arnold says this was “going to be real,” not that it was real. Dirk figures out it all came from the boy’s dreams. The boy could make things real while he slept. And, just maybe, the boy’s been asleep this whole time. “Solved it!” says Dirk.

Dirk gets loose from his girlfriend and runs from the ruins, yelling that he’s solved the case.

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