‘Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency’ Season 2 Episode 3 Recap: Two Broken Fingers

Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency Season 2 Episode 3
Elijah Wood, Jade Eshete, Samuel Barnett, Tyler Labine and Izzie Steele in ‘Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency’ season 2 episode 3 (Photo by Ed Araquel)

Once again, the action in Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency season two begins in the land of Wendimoor. Season two episode three kicks off with Jeppum Trost (David Allen Pearson) furious because the Dengdamors have burned his fields and kidnapped/likely killed his son, Panto. Panto’s sister, Litzibitz (Anja Savcic), attempts to convince her father that Panto’s on a mission to fulfill the prophecy. She claims the Dengdamors are only behaving this way because of the missing boy. Jeppum Trost is enraged that his daughter would bring up the subject of the missing boy when her brother is probably dead.

A weapon is delivered to Jeppum, courtesy of The Mage. It’s a rifle and he fires it into the air while shouting, “Death to the Dengdamors!”

We zoom out of the fantasy world and into the jail cells where Dirk (Samuel Barnett), Todd (Elijah Wood), and Farah (Jade Eshete) are sleeping. Deputy Tina Tevetino (Izzie Steele) wakes them up, mostly because she’s bored. Dirk requests some clothes and he’s stunned when she offers up old police uniforms or old hippie rock star clothes that are in storage.

Dirk looks snazzy in the ‘60s attire while Todd and Farah opt for old police uniforms. Todd gets all flirty, acting like he’s ready to arrest Farah but the mood is spoiled when he overdoes his explanations.

Todd and Farah join Sheriff Sherlock Hobbs (Tyler Labine) in chiseling the tree with the dead body which they’ve brought into the station. Dirk doesn’t want to join them, something Todd finds unusual. No way should Dirk not want to poke a dead old tree man. Farah examines the parts of the body that are exposed and declares it a murder. He was dead when he was inserted into the tree.

Elsewhere, Vogel (Osric Chau) drives a stolen car and Amanda (Hannah Marks) thinks maybe they need to keep a lower profile, suggesting he refrains from smashing up things. She spots a scarecrow in a field and flashes back to her most recent vision.

Unbeknownst to Amanda and Vogel, Mr. Priest (Alan Tudyk) and his Blackwing men are hot on their tail.

Back to the tree man, the gang’s certain this body is Hector Cardenas’. Todd wonders if whatever put him in the tree, put the car up in the tree too. Dirk finally joins the conversation, asking if maybe this was all an accident. They had a fight, Hector went into the tree, and Marina flew her car up into the sky. Everyone looks at Dirk as if he’s grown two heads.

The flying car discussion is interrupted by someone banging on a bell in the police station’s lobby. Turns out it’s Bart (Fiona Dourif) and when Dirk sees her, he squeals, turns away suddenly, hits himself in the head with a pole, and knocks himself out. Bart wants to report a crime.

Over at Blackwing, Hugo Friedkin (Dustin Milligan) is still pissed that none of the cool subjects are exhibiting any powers. All the info is on old discs that don’t work with new computers, and Friedkin thinks maybe Ken (Mpho Koaho) can decrypt the discs. Friedkin doesn’t want to ask his supervisors because then they’d learn he doesn’t know what he’s doing. Ken says he might be able to do it with the right equipment, and Friedkin reveals the discs have all the info on the subjects who used to be housed at Blackwing. Ken will do it, if he can get out of the taxi.

Sheriff Hobbs locks up Bart because she’s raving about a person attacking her with shapes. She assures everyone it’s useless to lock her up because the door will open when it needs to. She then asks if they know Ken and is astounded to learn there’s more than one Ken.

Farah asks her a question, but Bart refuses to answer. She will, however, tell Todd and Sherlock what’s going on. Bart says she killed some people and then there was a woman screaming and crying. After Bart told her she wouldn’t kill her, the woman shot shapes into the air and Bart was sent down into a big hole. Bart has no idea why a woman she wasn’t trying to kill would attack her, and Dirk reminds her she tried to kill him twice. Bart says it’s actually three times because she’s not killing him now. She thinks they’re almost BFFs.

Sherlock asks about the people she killed, and Bart confesses she only kills some people. She describes the woman who attacked her, saying she had yellow hair and a limp. Sherlock pulls Todd and Dirk aside and tells them that sounds like Suzie Boreton. He explains Suzie’s married to Bob and Bob manages the motel. Todd recalls the name Cardenas was on the hotel, and Sherlock confirms they owned it in the ‘60s. Sherlock’s excited with this turn of events because it means everything is connected!

The new and improved Suzie (Amanda Walsh) shocks her fellow book club members with her new looks and new attitude.

Sheriff Hobbs, Dirk, and Todd pay a visit to the Boreton house, but when Sherlock and Todd knock on the front door no one answers. Sherlock’s immediately concerned because the dog should be barking.

Meanwhile, Dirk heads around to the side of the Boreton house where he finds the zombie-like Bob. Dirk doesn’t stop talking but nothing registers anyway with Bob. Bob pulls a shotgun on Dirk and Todd, thankfully, is in time to save him. He then points the weapon at Sherlock and Todd once again saves the day by knocking out Bob.

Mr. Priest calls in and asks Friedkin if he can kill Incubus #4. He thinks there should only be three members of the Incubus project anyway, plus he wants to kill Amanda too. Friedkin says Amanda can control the Incubus members so she’s too valuable to kill. Mr. Priest isn’t convinced and will see how it goes.

Farah and Tina are left with the tree man and try to figure out how he and his wife died. Tina’s more interested in Farah’s relationships with Todd and Dirk. Tina thinks Farah is sad, and maybe that’s because of how things are going with either Todd or Dirk. The relationship talk is put on hold, along with the talk of whether Dirk is straight or gay, when Scott Boreton calls in from an emergency roadside phone reporting he hit someone. He doesn’t say his name, but Tina recognizes his voice.

Sheriff Hobbs, Todd, and Dirk tend to Bob, giving him some Percocet. Sherlock wants Bob to just sleep it off, but Todd’s flabbergasted Bob’s not getting arrested after pulling a gun on them. Dirk is uncharacteristically upset that Sherlock isn’t acknowledging all the bizarre things going wrong in his town over a period of three days. He storms out of the room and Todd apologizes for him.

Tina and Farah head out to check out the hit and run, which means Bart’s alone at the station. After Tina radios Sherlock about the situation, he quickly heads back to check on Bart.

Tina and Farah arrive at mile marker 127 and find tire tracks and a little blood, but no body. Farah recognizes the nearby shoeprints as the same that led out of the Cardenas house.

Suzie’s book club is enjoying wine and talking about TV. Suzie’s bored with the whole thing and can’t believe her group hasn’t said anything about her new looks. They think it’s bizarre she’s there and remind her she’s not allowed to come to book club anymore. They’re also worried she’s having a psychiatric breakdown.

Suzie says they’ve never cared about her and have always made fun of her family. Suzie also assures them she’s trying, and claims she’s the nice one. The truth comes out about Suzie’s bitchy ways and that she screwed one of the women’s boyfriends and spread gossip about another woman’s husband. Plus, that accident that keeps being brought up…it turns out Suzie was high on Xanax and driving the carpool with kids when she crashed. Suzie never apologized after getting in the crash with their kids four years ago. When one of the women says Suzie’s not a hero, she’s one of the bad guys, Suzie whips out her wand and casts a spell.

Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency season 2 episode 3
Panto Trost (Christopher Russell) in ‘Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency’ (Photo by Katie Yu)

Farah and Tina follow the footprints down the road and eventually find Panto (Christopher Russell). He’s injured but well enough to threaten them with a large pair of scissors (think ceremonial scissors for ribbon cuttings) and demands to know why they’re following him. Tina and Farah instruct him to put down the scissors and he does, but it’s merely a distraction. He attacks and Farah takes him out, with Tina cheering her on.

Sherlock, Todd, and Dirk arrive back at the station and now Bart has the bell from the lobby in her cell and she’s banging on it.

While Sherlock talks to Bart, Todd asks Dirk why he’s being so weird. Todd wonders why Dirk isn’t excited about being on a new case, and Dirk responds by asking why Todd has Pararibulitis.

Bart pounds on the bell and says she’ll give it up if they find the lady.

Suzie arrives back home where her son is pissed there’s nothing to eat. Plus, he can’t find the dog and his dad looks like he’s hurt his head. Scott asks for his phone back, and Suzie has a flashback to The Mage attacking her boss after her boss took away her phone. She realizes Scott’s phone is with her boss’ dead body.

Vogel and Amanda finally make it to Bergsberg. Amanda knows this place is important and that they have to go to room 18 in the motel. In the room she finds a black bag, and in the bag is a bottle of pills with her name on it. The bag also has Todd’s clothes and as she’s looking at them, the Rowdy 3 van can be seen (and heard) coming down the road.

Unfortunately, it’s not the real Rowdy 3 van and instead of their friends, Mr. Priest exits the van along with the Blackwing men. Vogel immediately recognizes Mr. Priest and panics before he and Amanda return to room 18.

Back at the station, Todd tells a depressed Dirk they can talk if he wants. Todd wants to know why Dirk asked about Pararibulitis, and Dirk reveals that he thought he’d get out of Blackwing, get back together with Todd and Farah, and they’d all solve mysteries. It would all be better, calmer. But now he knows nothing is better or calmer. Todd says it’s not predestined, and fate and chance don’t cancel each other out. He reminds Dirk he can’t let the universe push him around. Todd does a lousy imitation of Dirk and says, “Take control of your life, Dirk.”

Suzie rushes back to her office and finds the phone is still with her dead boss’ body in the trunk of the car. However, The Mage is also at the office and so Suzie’s forced to hide. He’s looking for his wand and wants it back, using his power to try and pull it out of Suzie’s hands. She grasps the wand firmly and then races to her car, zooming away.

Sheriff Hobbs, Tina, Farah, Dirk, and Todd listen to Panto who’s locked up in a cell. He introduces himself as Lord Prince Panto Trost from Wendimoor. He explains he entered our world through the pool of the empty throne. Even Bart pays attention in her nearby cell as Panto says, “Once the great dark wizard found his apprentice, no one in Wendimoor could defeat him, and his army would come like a tide.” Panto explains he’s trying to save Wendimoor by uniting foes, retrieving the great weapon, and adds, “She Who Sees All opens a door into a dream allowing through a man who with him would bring the boy who would save our world.”

Dirk has a checklist of questions he needs answered: who is the dark wizard, who is his apprentice, who are the foes, who is “she,” what is the dream, who is the man, what is the great weapon, and most importantly, who is the boy?

Panto can’t answers any of the questions, except one. He reveals the man who could save his world is named Dirk Gently. Dirk smiles as the rest of his group looks astonished at this turn of events.

Bart pipes up, “Do you know Ken?”

Mr. Priest and the Blackwing men assemble in front of the hotel. Inside room 18, Amanda and Vogel listen as Mr. Priest asks them their big plan. Mr. Priest says this could have a happy ending since he has the rest of Project Incubus, and Vogel asks Amanda what they should do. She doesn’t know, but she does know this isn’t how this ends. She’s supposed to do something and she knows Mr. Priest isn’t telling them the truth. Vogel cries, thinking maybe Mr. Priest is telling the truth. Amanda begs him not to go outside, saying he’s her only friend.

Mr. Priest heaves a smoke bomb into the room and Vogel screams and exits swinging a club. He takes down some of the Blackwing men, but Mr. Priest is able to detain him. He breaks Vogel’s fingers, but Amanda’s able to hit Mr. Priest in the head and get Vogel away.

Mr. Priest tells Friedkin he’s switching to lethal, but Friedkin says not to. Mr. Priest is ready to shoot them, and Friedkin gives him an order not to. Mr. Priest disobeys and sprays the room with gunfire. Amanda and Vogel make it into the bathtub.

Amanda panics, believing something else is supposed to happen. As she says, “Someone’s got to do something. Someone’s going to do something,” the faucets turn on and water sprays out of the toilet. She has another vision.

Mr. Priest and the Blackwing men enter the room and hear Vogel and Amanda screaming in the bathroom. The lights in the bathroom go off as Mr. Priest fires through the closed bathroom door. When he opens it, the bathtub is empty. Amanda and Vogel have vanished, a development that puts a smile on Friedkin’s face.

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