‘Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency’ Season 2 Episode 6 Recap: Girl Power

Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency Season 2 Episode 6
Izzie Steele, Elijah Wood, Samuel Barnett, and Jade Eshete in ‘Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency’ season 2 episode 6 (Photo by Katie Yu / BBC America)

Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency season two episode six is the first episode of the season that doesn’t begin in Wendimoor. Instead, it kicks off in the past with a boat falling from the sky and landing in an open field. A young couple watches as it happens, and as they approach the boat they’re completely confused. The boat is nowhere near any water.

The couple hear a baby cry and the camera zooms in to show that where the name of a boat is usually written, it reads: “The Infant, Male, Pollock, Francis.”

Flash-forward to now and Scott Boreton’s happy to see his mom at the now-empty concert venue. The wand’s blast enabled him to figure out why he’s been angry at his mom, and he reveals it’s because he thought she didn’t want him. He tells her he loves her and supports her. In response, Suzie (Amanda Walsh) zaps him and Scott is now a frog.

Meanwhile over at Blackwing, Friedkin (Dustin Milligan) is annoyed the Rowdy 3 have escaped and confused as to how they did it. He finally decides to turn to the only smart person in the building. The smart person is, of course, Ken. Ken (Mpho Koaho) and Rapunzel the Corgi (Bentley) are taken to a new bedroom, complete with a comfy bed, a warm shower, and computers.

The results of Suzie’s spell are evident as the sheriff’s station looks like the aftermath of a frat party. Farah (Jade Eshete), Todd (Elijah Wood), and Detective Tina Tevetino (Izzie Steele) wake to discover the place is a mess. It turns out they’re not the only ones who partied hard at the station, as dozens of people wake up from underneath assorted items after Tina tells them to leave.

Todd realizes Dirk isn’t among them. That’s because Dirk’s asleep in Bart’s cell. Dirk (Samuel Barnett) wakes with a start, wearing a fluffy pink coat and a yellow cowboy hat, and Bart (Fiona Dourif) gives him a rundown of all the sordid happenings from the night before. He’s freaked out to be locked up with her since she’s tried to kill him multiple times. Bart wonders if he knows how the universe works or what he is, and Dirk asks if she has an answer. Bart says she’s just an assassin, but she thinks this will all end badly.

Suzie’s forced to tell The Mage (John Hannah) she failed to kill Dirk at the concert. She begs for another chance, but The Mage has decided it doesn’t matter. They’re at the Cardenas house and The Mage explains the drawings on the wall depict actual battles he won in his world. However, the drawings show he lost every battle.

The Mage has figured out he’s just a puppet. He’s angry Dirk Gently’s found the boy from the prophecy and believes he can’t go back to his world because he’ll be defeated. He had no idea a child created this world.

Suzie can’t believe he’s just giving up on going after the child. She demands he make her into the queen he promised he would. Suzie also points out she’s not in the drawings.

Over at the station, Farah, Tina, and Todd show Panto (Christopher Russell) a photo of Suzie. He doesn’t recognize her or know why she has a wand. Todd wonders if Suzie’s been to Wendimoor and that’s how she got the wand. Dirk believes that’s illogical and they should finish the case before anything else happens.

Tina’s explanation of everything is that Wendimoor has always existed, Arnold found it, and then his parents were killed and the government shut it down. If that’s true, Panto asks what set everything into motion. Todd declares himself Team Panto after that question.

Dirk stops everyone because he’s figured out it’s almost certain that Suzie met The Mage and is now working with him. The Mage must have arrived first, then Panto. That also means The Mage would want to kill Dirk. Panto agrees, telling them they’re all in danger.

Scott’s phone is in Farah’s shirt, so they call his mom who answers while standing next to Frog Scott. Tina lies and says Scott is locked up after a little bit of trouble, and Suzie asks why she’s lying. Suzie threatens Tina and Team Dirk, and admits she was just trying to kill Dirk. She’s done letting people drag her down and says she’ll cover herself in their blood.

At Blackwing, Ken analyzes all of Friedkin’s errors and it’s a lengthy list. Ken thinks they need to concentrate on Bergsberg, and then he realizes Friedkin has absolutely no idea how this “everything is connected” thing works. Ken decides the best route to take is to reach out to Mr. Priest.

Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency season 2 episode 6
Hannah Marks and Michael Eklund in ‘Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency’ (Photo Credit: Katie Yu / BBC America)

And, finally, we’re in Wendimoor with Amanda (Hannah Marks) and the newly freed Rowdy 3. They’re having fun with the goofy natives, and Martin (Michael Eklund) asks how Amanda pulled them into this world. He admits he’s never seen these furry monsters before, and Vogel (Osric Chau) screams that a Martian is touching him. Amanda has to remind him they’re not on Mars, while another member of the Rowdy 3 decides they must be in Canada.

Amanda’s determined to get everyone home, but Martin thinks she should stay and learn from Wakti Wapnasi. Amanda’s surprised he suggests that and Martin assures her they’ll follow wherever she goes. They’ll hang out in Wendimoor as long as she wants. That earns Martin a hug.

The group at the sheriff’s station finally learn (after listening to multiple phone messages) the motel’s been shot up and there are government trucks in town. Hobbs is missing, and Todd and Dirk realize Blackwing’s in town. Tina’s upset because she didn’t hear Hobbs’ messages saying he needed help at the Cardenas place. He sounded nervous and that’s totally unlike him.

Todd thinks they should go to the Cardenas house, but Dirk is adamant they stay put. He, again, blames himself for putting them in danger. He then has an epiphany…he’s finished the case! He found the boy and that’s all he was supposed to do. Mona Wilder never mentioned Wendimoor or Panto, so the only step they need to take now is go to the hospital and talk to Arnold Cardenas. Arnold is the only one with answers. Dirk swears Arnold has to be “the boy.”

Dirk is nearly frantic as he repeats in various ways, including with a “snap snap,” that the case is closed. Todd just stares at him as if he’s lost his mind. Dirk continues with his case closed nonsense, only now he’s decided his new thing will be snapping and saying, “Did it!”

The team heads out to the hospital while Mr. Priest (Alan Tudyk) secretly watches.

In Wendimoor, Amanda is working on her special skills with Wakti Wapnasi (Agam Darshi). It’s tough work but Wakti assures her if she can control her visions, then she can control her reality. Amanda’s afraid but Wakti pushes the right button and forces Amanda back into training. A mini-celebration ensues when Amanda creates an actual knife out of one she imagined was stuck in her hand.

Team Dirk makes it to the Hill County Memorial Hospital where Officer Rizzio runs into them in the lobby. When the officer mentions Hobbs, Farah asks if he’s talked to him lately. He hasn’t but he reveals guns have been stolen in Great Falls and the suspects poofed into thin air. He describes the payment to the buyers as gold bars with big Ks on them, “like something out of a fairy tale.”

Todd knows that’s The Mage’s work, and the group scurry down the hall into Arnold’s room. Arnold isn’t happy to see them and tries to send them away. When Dirk asks who made the house within the house and the air gun, Arnold says Wendimoor can’t be real. “If it is, I’ll never be forgiven,” says Arnold.

Arnold says his parents fought a lot and that a company called Kellum wanted to buy their land. Mom wanted to sell, but dad said no. Finally, one night his mother killed his father with scissors after arriving home in a shiny new car.

Arnold had been promised he’d be taken to Wendimoor, but he never was. He assures Todd he can take them there.

Ken radios Mr. Priest and asks for an update. Mr. Priest says he’s watching the group at the hospital, but nothing is happening. Scratch that… Mr. Priest sees Suzie (who he describes as an unknown female) approaching the hospital looking crazy.

Suzie looks totally bonkers, covered in dirt and with the wand now taped to her hand so she won’t lose it. (She’s wearing a Girl Power sweatshirt, hence the episode’s title.) She grabs the receptionist’s clipboard and then uses the wand on anyone who tries to interfere.

Mr. Priest watches as people scatter and run from the hospital. Ken tells him to find Project Icarus but don’t hurt any of the subjects of his search. Mr. Priest acknowledges that order and asks about the civilians and accomplices. He’s happy when Ken answers, “Project Icarus is the priority.”

Locked and loaded, Mr. Priest heads toward the hospital while Suzie strides down the hall. Cops chase her, but she easily takes them down as the loudspeakers announce the hospital’s in lockdown.

Farah and Tina hurry Todd and Dirk along in getting Arnold out of the hospital. Arnold thinks this is his fault because he betrayed “him.”

Suzie strides down the hall toward the fleeing gang and they’re forced to hide behind a wall. Tina provides cover for Farah as Farah shoots Suzie smack dab in the center of her forehead. Unfortunately, Suzie uses her wand and withdraws the bullet. Todd activates the fire alarm and the halls are crowded with fleeing patients and hospital staff.

As Todd, Dirk, and Farah work on opening an emergency door, they don’t notice Arnold is no longer in his wheelchair. Suzie uses the wand to kill him just as Mr. Priest arrives in the hallway and sprays her with dozens of bullets, sending her flying out a nearby window.

When Mr. Priest looks out the window and down on the street, Suzie’s no longer there.

Todd and Dirk make it outside and now Dirk’s a Debbie Downer once again. It’s over and the boy is dead. Just then Farah drives up to the rescue.

Back in Wendimoor, Amanda continues pushing herself with the training. She saw Dirk and other stuff, and she saw an army coming – thousands of them. She asks Wakti what happens when it arrives, and Wakti replies, “Evil will win. Everyone will die.”

Checking in with Bart and Panto it’s apparent Panto doesn’t think Dirk and the gang will be back. He demands to be let out so he can go back to Wendimoor and fight alongside his family. Bart can’t believe Panto knows how to get to Wendimoor, and he confesses he didn’t know he could trust Dirk before he found the boy. Panto thinks Bart can help him, but she won’t open his cell door because that’s apparently not what the universe wants. Panto’s done with fate, mysteries, etc, and asks her to get his scissors and break the lock. He asks if she wants to help him save his family and come with him to Wendimoor or stay and let fate play out.

Panto asks what Bart wants, a question probably no one has ever bothered asking her.

Dirk’s depressed and Farah and Todd try to tell him it’s not his fault. Todd’s set on going to the Cardenas house to find Amanda in Wendimoor. He thinks that’s the only place she could be, and finally Farah agrees and turns the car around.

Amanda leaves Wakti’s hut to tell the Rowdy 3 something bad’s coming. She wants them to use their sense of smell to see if an army is coming. They immediately agree simply because she asked them to do it.

Todd races into the Cardenas place with Farah, but Dirk doesn’t follow. A car approaches and Farah pulls out her gun, saying they have to get Dirk inside. Dirk thinks he’s failed the case and they can’t move forward without the boy. Suddenly Todd says, “Maybe I’m the boy.”

Farah stays outside to deal with the car while Todd and Dirk enter the room with the Wendimoor drawings. Todd thinks there’s a portal there and Dirk is now totally useless. He won’t even offer any suggestions on how to find the entrance to Wendimoor, so Todd decides he has to fall onto the bed.

Todd launches himself onto the bed and nothing happens.

Mr. Priest calls Farah by name and says he’s with Blackwing. He knocks out Farah with a ruthless punch and then heads into the house.

Todd’s still touching various things while looking for the portal as he hears Mr. Priest enter the house. Mr. Priest yells out to Dirk, telling him to come home. Dirk says, “If that’s Priest, Farah’s dead.” He apologizes to Todd that he’s dead too. Todd doesn’t believe him, but Dirk just lies down on the bed, apparently giving up.

Todd keeps at it, throwing himself against the wall in case the opening’s through the mural. It’s not.

Mr. Priest approaches the room talking about how Project Icarus is always causing trouble. He warns him to return to Blackwing before anyone else is killed.

Todd suddenly believes the bed has to be closed up into the wall in order for the portal to open. He lies next to Dirk and they make the bed retract, just as Mr. Priest shots through the door. No one is in the room when he enters, so Mr. Priest asks Ken for a lockdown team.

The Mage places thumbtacks in Bob’s face while confessing he likes to hurt people. He calls himself “nothing” and then explains he was moving weapons from this world to his so he could watch the violence. But now he realizes he should leave Wendimoor behind and torture people in this world.

Suzie arrives home, covered in blood from head to toe. She tells The Mage that Dirk Gently is defeated and the boy is dead. She demands to be sent to Wendimoor.

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