‘Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency’ Season 2 Episode 10 Recap: The Finale Serves Up Some Happy Endings

Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency Season 2 Episode 10 Recap
Samuel Barnett, Elijah Wood, and Hannah Marks in ‘Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency’ season 2 episode 10 (Photo by Katie Yu / BBC America)

According to the opening scene of BBC America’s Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency season two episode 10, Suzie is the hero of the story and a beautiful Queen who everyone loves. This, of course, is only according to Suzie. To the rest of Wendimoor, she’s most definitely a wicked witch.

Catching up with the trio of Sheriff Sherlock Hobbs (Tyler Labine), Farah Black (Jade Eshete), and Deputy Tina Tevetino (Izzie Steele), the friends come around after being knocked out by the car explosion. Hobbs has no idea what happened because he was under The Mage’s control. Farah and Tina are still alive, but in pretty bad shape. They lay on the ground feet apart as Tina explains to Hobbs that he shot them. She and Farah recall they pretty much all shot each other. They assess their wounds, happy to note none can see their intestines.

Farah tries to get up to go fetch the truck and she makes it about a foot before collapsing. That plan definitely isn’t going to work.

Meanwhile, Dirk (Samuel Barnett) finds himself back at Blackwing, face to face with Rapunzel the Corgi. Dirk can’t figure out why the Corgi’s there, and then decides he just can’t worry about that. Dirk keeps talking to himself, trying to make himself be brave. He runs into Friedkin’s second in command (not Ken…the other guy – Lt. Assistent) who tells him knights have entered Blackwing and are killing everyone. Assistent (Amitai Marmorstein) blames it on Dirk and threatens to shoot him.

Dirk tells Assistent he has to go to see Project Moloch. Of course, that’s when the knights appear and a gun battle breaks out with the Blackwing guards. Dirk and Assistent momentarily panic, but then pull themselves together. Dirk is adamant he must get to Project Moloch now!

Ken (Mpho Koaho) watches the knights, the guards, and everything else from the control room.

Back in Wendimoor, Amanda (Hannah Marks) and Todd (Elijah Wood) are screaming while their hands remain plunged into the pool. The portal is still open and then suddenly the siblings are in a more calm, quiet location. Amanda thinks she might have taken them out of their bodies, and they believe they’re now in the backstage of reality. It’s Amanda’s first time there and then they laugh as they look around. They say, “Drugs!” at the same time.

Amanda tells Todd to stay with her because back in reality the pain would be horrible.

Dirk and Assistent run through Blackwing and Dirk demands Assistent let him into a secure room which turns out to be the one where Mona’s being kept under guard. Dirk and Mona (Alexia Fast) are super happy to see each other, and then Mona turns into a cannon to blast down the door and set them free.

Meanwhile in Wendimoor, the Rowdy 3 are in the woods determined to stop Queen Suzie (Amanda Walsh). She appears and zaps them, making them freeze in place. They attempt to suck the energy from her, but are knocked down. Steam rises from their bodies as Suzie walks over them, laughing.

Mona turns back into a human and hugs Dirk. He explains he’s been trying to find “the boy,” and then it dawns on him to ask if she realized the boy was in Blackwing the whole time when she sent him on a mission to find him. She claims she didn’t and was only trying to help the talking snail in her head.

Dirk tells her the boy is Project Moloch and Assistent will take them to him. Mona says she can get them to Project Moloch really fast, but then asks if Dirk can turn into a bug. “Only emotionally,” answers Dirk.

Queen Suzie zaps Amanda and Todd while they still have their hands in the pool. She knocks them away from the portal and Amanda is unconscious. Todd’s still on his feet when Suzie tries to use a spell that will kill them. It doesn’t work, and Todd demands to know who she is and why she’s involved in this story at all. She’s just a mom from Montana, after all. “You’re just like this psycho crazy person who’s screwing up everything for everyone! You have killed so many people. Do you have any conception of what is going on or what you’re doing?”

Suzie shakes her wand at him and claims it’s given her a second chance. She declares she’s taking control of her life, and Dirk tells her that should mean she’s fixing herself, not the world around her. He then realizes they’re talking and she hasn’t killed him. That means her wand isn’t working so he shoots her with the air gun, knocking her out.

Dirk races toward Project Moloch on Mona, who’s now a motorcycle. They make it to Project Moloch’s room and just when they think they’re in the clear, Friedkin (Dustin Milligan) grabs Dirk and holds a gun to his head. Mona has it figured out now and has decided Friedkin’s the bad one. He claims he’s not, but he can’t let Dirk go because when he disappeared it made everyone think he was an idiot.

Dirk explains they can end all of this if they return Project Moloch to Wendimoor. Friedkin lets Dirk go, saying this is all his fault because Project Moloch had a stroke when they brought him here. Friedkin then asks if he’s the villain. “Am I so stupid that I didn’t even notice?!”

Dirk tells him the problem is Blackwing and they never should have tried to cage up the “projects.” He advises Friedkin now’s his time to make things right. Mona agrees. Friedkin is briefly convinced, but then points the gun at Dirk’s head once again. When Mona asks if it’s more important to be in charge or do the right thing, Friedkin wonders if that’s a trick question.

Apparently, he decided doing the right thing was the answer because the next scene shows him firing at the knights. He takes them out and clears the way for Dirk, Mona, and Project Moloch to escape.

Unfortunately, when they get to the portal it’s been closed.

In Wendimoor, Todd wakes Amanda and tells her to open the portal or they’ll all die. He swears he’ll hold off Suzie to give his sister time, however Suzie returns and her wand is once again working. She’s able to deflect Todd’s blasts from the air gun.

Inside Blackwing, Dirk figures out there must be a problem in Wendimoor. Unfortunately, Friedkin won’t be going through it if it does open because Lord Triangle Badevil slices him with his oversized scissors. “Dirk Gently dies and the prophesy is over,” says Lord Badevil (Christian Sloan). Mona steps in front of Dirk, attempting to protect him. However, Ken saves the day by killing Lord Badevil.

Dirk can’t believe Ken’s there, however it turns out Ken’s not on their side. He blasts Mona and renders her powerless, and then calls in and commands they lock down this room.

In Wendimoor, Dirk’s girlfriend protects her man by attacking Queen Suzie. She jumps on Suzie and her wand falls to the ground. Todd grabs the wand and tells Amanda to open the portal. Suzie tries to use a spell to make the wand return to her and Todd hangs onto it for dear life.

Amanda opens the portal and in Blackwing Dirk tries to warn Ken he has no idea what he’s gotten himself into.

Ken tries lecturing Dirk and says he’s meant to stay in Blackwing. After Dirk makes certain Ken doesn’t want to actually kill him, he starts to get Project Moloch to the portal. Ken shoots Dirk in the leg and Dirk screams. Ken claims reinforcements are on their way and demands Dirk stay still.

It turns out Friedkin is badly injured but not dead.

Todd struggles to hold the wand after being pulled toward Suzie. They play tug-of-war with the wand and finally Suzie gets it back. She binds Dirk in magic chains and squeezes him.

Ken yells at Dirk not to move or he’ll shoot him again. Friedkin speaks up and then aims his gun at Ken. Friedkin has realized they can’t control any of this and warns if Ken shoots Dirk, he’ll shoot Ken.

Amanda wants to help her brother, but Todd tells her to keep the portal open.

Dirk keeps working on getting Project Moloch to the portal as Ken keeps threatening to shoot him. Friedkin has Dirk’s back and tells him to keep going.

Suzie makes her way to Amanda at the edge of the portal, ready to kill her.

Back in Blackwing, Dirk and Project Moloch make it through the portal. Friedkin also falls through it before it can close.

Suzie’s about to use her wand on everyone when Project Moloch, now a young boy wearing a crown, easily makes the wand come to his hand. The boy says, “Rise and shine,” and then releases Todd from his bindings.

Suzie claims to be a good guy when the boy reveals he doesn’t remember her. However, Dirk, Todd, and Amanda are quick to overrule that assessment. With just a wave of his hand, Suzie is vanquished.

The Rowdy 3 wake up in the forest. Vogel wonders if this means they won.

Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency Season 2 Episode 10 Recap
Mona Wilder (Alexia Fast), Dirk Gently (Samuel Barnett), and The Boy (Dylan Schombing) in ‘Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency’ season 2 episode 10 (Photo by Katie Yu)

Todd’s ecstatic because Dirk was able to retrieve the boy. The boy reveals his name is Francis and he thanks Dirk for bringing him back. He knew if he could get back to Wendimoor, he could fix everything.

Dirk and Todd have a moment of panic over The Mage, but Francis reveals The Mage is dead. When Francis says their friends stopped him, Todd asks, “Who could possibly stop a super powerful dark wizard?” Dirk and Amanda immediately answer Farah, and Todd admits her realized that before he finished the question.

Francis reveals Farah needs their help. He explains he’s going to send them back with a gift – a gift that will be the last thing he makes in his old world. Francis thanks them and then sends Todd back to his world. He then tells Amanda she has big things to do in her own world and sends her back, too.

Todd arrives at the quarry driving an “amboolents,” thanks to Francis. Todd checks out Farah, Tina, and Hobbs, and thankfully they’re all alive but in bad shape. He holds Farah and she apologizes to him that he has to save her life. (A totally Farah move.)

Back in Wendimoor, Dirk and Mona approach Francis who’s now seated on his throne. He thanks Mona for her help and adds that he couldn’t have done this without Dirk. Dirk asks if he knows what he is or why he is. Francis explains they’re supposed to help fix things, that’s what all the projects are. “Tools to fix the broken universe. There’s problems in reality and you’re supposed to repair them,” says Francis. Each of the projects had a different purpose and Dirk’s was to help people be where they should be. Francis was supposed to make things, and he wishes his life on the old world had turned out better.

He then tells Dirk that he should create his own family. “But I suppose you already know that. Don’t you, Dirk?” Dirk smiles and nods yes, and confirms he’s ready to go home. Francis sends Dirk and Mona back to the old world.

A depressed Bart (Fiona Dourif) sits alone on top of a pile of dead knights when Francis arrives to thank her for getting rid of them. She asks if he’s going to fix everything, and then admits she messed things up too. He tells her she can stay in Wendimoor if she’d like, but she doesn’t think so because she’d ruin his perfect world. “I’m not even a person; I’m just a weapon,” says Bart.

“In time I hope you find that that’s not true,” says Francis. He sends her where she wants to go.

Friedkin, who slipped into the portal just as it was closing, wakes in what Amanda earlier labeled the backstage of reality. He’s no longer injured but because the portal is closed, he’s stuck. He doesn’t seem to mind. In fact, he seems peaceful.

Back in Blackwing, a corporate executive tells Ken this is all a disaster since 40 people are dead. Ken’s fine with everything that went down because the weapons and metal from Wendimoor are from a completely new type of material. Plus, there’s now a research facility in Bergsberg set up around a geometrically impossible pocket dimension. It all means there’s now conclusive proof of the supernatural. He calls it the greatest discovery in history, and the Blackwing executive tells him that’s a nice spin.

Tina, Farah, and Hobbs recuperate at the hospital, hanging out in their wheelchairs, playing cards. Tina declares she never wants to get shot again. Hobbs is actually okay with everything that happened, even being turned into a zombie. Tina says while he was a zombie, she had to deal with witches, zombies, and wizards, and Farah compliments her saying she did good. Hobbs also compliments Tina, telling her he always knew she’d be a good cop.

Hobbs has learned Farah’s no longer on the FBI’s Most Wanted list. Plus, they all have to sign secrecy contracts. Farah tries to hand in her badge, but Hobbs refuses to take it.

Todd and Amanda meet up in Montana and after they discuss her choice of grey wardrobe, she says maybe now she’ll get a job and get back to normal life. She laughs, and then says she’s actually going to look for more people out there like Dirk. She thinks something big is coming and they need special people. She asks if he and Dirk want to come, but Dirk doesn’t think that’s how it works.

Amanda’s ready to hit the road with The Rowdy 3 which has now expanded to Rowdy 5. Dirk’s Wendimoor girlfriend has joined the crew! She gives Dirk a kiss – and a traffic cone- before getting back in the van with the guys.

Amanda and Todd hug and exchange “I love yous,” and then Amanda hits the road with the gang. After Amanda drives away, Todd wonders if the rainbow monster being here might cause a problem sometime in the future. Dirk thinks that’s probably true as she’s a loose end. Todd then reveals there’s another loose end; he brought the air gun back with him from Wendimoor. Dirk’s happy about that and they high five.

It’s just Todd and Dirk now, leaning against the hood of the amboolents. Dirk asks if Todd’s okay, and he confirms he is. Todd congratulates Dirk on solving the case and Dirk jokes that it was an easy one. They wonder what happened to Suzie Boreton.

So, where is Suzie? She’s on board the train permanently circling the kingdom of Wendimoor in the sky. She screams, “No!” as she realizes where she is.

In Wendimoor, Panto (Christopher Russell) and Silas (Lee Majdoub) reunite and share a lengthy, passionate kiss.

The town is back to normal and the dead are once again alive and happy. The Trosts and the Dengdamors intermingle and celebrate life. Even Wakti Wapnasi is alive again, thanks to Francis.

In Bergsberg, Suzie’s husband plays with his son (who’s no longer a frog) and their dog.

The Rowdy 3+ are on the road and it’s revealed Amanda kept Suzie’s wand. Rainbow Monster hangs her head out the passenger window, enjoying the sensation.

Todd hangs a professional sign that reads “Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency – Cases Solved with Arguable Efficiency.” Dirk, Todd, and Farah smile at the sign and then Dirk does his new favorite thing. “Did it,” snapping his fingers.

Mona emerges from behind boxes in Dirk’s new business office. She puts a finger to her lips, looks at the camera, and whispers, “Shhhh.”

Back at Blackwing, Mr. Priest (Alan Tudyk) has a large wound running the length of his face. He listens as Ken and Bart, seated across from each other at a table, discuss her return to the facility. Ken says he’s happy to see her and she admits she’s happy to see him, too. However, she doesn’t look in the least bit happy to be back. Bart confesses the outside world is confusing and irritating. Ken says they’ll figure it out together.

Ken reveals he’s a big deal at Blackwing now and Bart says the universe is making her feel like she should kill him. Ken admits he anticipated that, but doesn’t think she will. He wants to bring order to the universe.

Ken and Mr. Priest leave Bart’s room. As she sits there alone, suddenly all the lights go out and she’s plunged into darkness.

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