‘Once Upon a Time’ Adds a Popular New Disney Character to Season Four

Spoiler alert! If you haven’t watched the Once Upon a Time season three finale, do not read any further. Despite how series creators Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz responded to the line of questioning during our interview at the 2014 WonderCon in Anaheim, it appears one of Disney’s most popular new characters will in fact be showing up in season four – and not just showing up as a bit character. Judging by her introduction in the final few minutes of season three, Frozen‘s Elsa will play an important role in the goings-on in Storybrooke next season.

Here’s how the co-creators and executive producers answered our Frozen questions in late March:

Speculation on Twitter is that you’re looking into getting Frozen characters on the show.

Adam Horowitz: “There are a lot of rumors.”

Edward Kitsis: “We were asked a question, ‘Do we like Frozen?’ and we said, ‘Oh my god, we love Frozen. That would be awesome,’ and somehow that has become a story. I mean, I also like Darth Vader but he’s not coming on. But you know, you never say never.”

Adam Horowitz: “We’re fans of Frozen, we’re fans of Brave, we’re fans of a million Disney properties and fairy tales and stories that we feel would be great parts of this show. But what we’re doing right now this season is we’re really focusing on the characters you’ve seen and the ones we’ve introduced. And where we might go in the future is stuff that we’re hoping to mull over and hopefully surprise people.”

So, yes, Kitsis and Horowitz did a great job of concealing the truth so that the secret wouldn’t be officially revealed until the season three finale. And here’s the clip from the season finale that introduces Elsa to the Once Upon a Time world:

Elsa from Frozen is coming to Once Upon a Time

-By Rebecca Murray

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