‘Lucifer’ Season 2 Episode 17 Recap: Sympathy for the Goddess

Lucifer season 2 episode 17
Lauren German and Tricia Helfer in ‘Lucifer’ season 2 episode 17 (Photo by Michael Courtney / FOX)

Fox’s Lucifer season two edges closer to the finale with episode 17 airing May 22, 2017. The very revealing episode begins with Lucifer (Tom Ellis) spying on his mom (Tricia Helfer) while nursing a drink. He’s checking out the scenery on the beach when Amenadiel (DB Woodside) shows up to warn him he’s in danger. It turns out Maze is really pissed and Amenadiel thinks it’s serious. Lucifer blows him off, more concerned that his mom might have found a client with a piece of the Flaming Sword. The brothers watch as their mom whips out a briefcase full of cash, incredulous that Charlotte would do something so dumb. When she hands over the money, Lucifer and Amenadiel decide it’s time to step in.

Charlotte is super proud of herself until Lucifer explains she’s been conned. She insists the guy will be back with the missing piece of the Flaming Sword, but agrees to check on him with her sons. They find the man sprawled on the floor, dead, with his safe open behind him and the piece missing (along with all their cash). The one bright spot in this whole thing is that Lucifer and Chloe can investigate the murder and that might lead him to the missing item.

Meanwhile, Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt) barges into Dr. Linda’s office. When she sees a strange man by Dr. Linda’s desk, Maze whips out her knives, ready to spring into action. After getting Maze to back off so the man can leave, Dr. Linda (Rachael Harris) explains she’s in trouble with the Ethics Review Board because she helped Lucifer break out of a mental institution. Maze is completely fed up and swears she’ll fix this whole thing, blaming it all on Lucifer.

Over at the police station, Lucifer’s more antsy than usual, repeatedly raising and lowering himself in his chair and bothering Chloe (Lauren German). He wonders if he should have his own desk and thankfully before Chloe can send him away, Charlotte arrives with news one of her clients is in trouble. The ruse doesn’t work and Chloe refuses to go check in on this client, so Charlotte tries to elaborate but she sucks at figuring out what Lucifer is miming behind Chloe’s back. Finally, she adds in that she heard a gunshot so maybe the guy was dying.

Chloe, Lucifer, and Charlotte arrive at the crime scene and Chloe guesses the man’s been dead about an hour. Lucifer almost gives away the fact he knew about the murder (he’s no better at this game than his mother) and while Chloe’s examining the body, Charlotte refuses to leave. She’s happy to be able to work with her son, but Lucifer definitely doesn’t share those feelings.

Ella (Aimee Garcia) arrives to help with the investigation, and Chloe wonders why Charlotte’s sticking around. Lucifer tries to shoo her away, but Chloe, unexpectedly, allows her to remain at the scene. Chloe wants more info on Charlotte’s business relationship with the dead man, Zeke (Clayton Cannon), and Chloe says it’s because he works for Tequila magnate Bianca Ruiz. Chloe reveals Bianca’s really a gun runner and Tequila’s just a front.

Ella determines Zeke was shot twice and Chloe thinks it was a robbery gone wrong. However, Ella confirms there were no signs of forced entry to the safe. She spots a cell phone under the safe and pulls it out, believing it might be the killer’s. Depending on who you ask, the home screen is either two eyes (Ella), two breasts (Charlotte), or a freckled rump (Lucifer).

Back at the station, Charlotte shows up as Dan (Kevin Alejandro) is going through Bianca Ruiz’s file. Charlotte places one of her gorgeous legs on Dan’s chair and he’s pretty much had enough. He can’t figure out what she wants and Charlotte says she’ll tell him in private. Dan instantly knows what’s on Charlotte’s mind and turns down her offer of sex. She then admits she likes him, which leaves him even more confused.

Ella has figured out the symbol on the phone, discovering it’s part of the Insane Wordz Records logo. The label only works with one artist, Chet Ruiz, Bianca’s youngest son. It’s weird that he would have killed one of Bianca’s men, but Charlotte says Chet isn’t really part of the family business. Chloe thinks Chet might be their in for taking down Bianca’s entire operation.

The phone doesn’t prove Chet committed the murder, so Dan’s going to work on hacking the password. Chloe kicks Charlotte out of the evidence room since now her client is one of the main suspects and Charlotte, protesting this dismissal, reveals Bianca’s having a party today and she’s invited. Charlotte demands that she gets to go and she wants Dan as a partner. Both Dan and Lucifer immediately vote against that and Chloe steps in to say she’ll go.

Lucifer barges into Dr. Linda’s office without knocking and starts immediately talking about how mad he is at his mother. But, it’s not Dr. Linda sitting behind the desk. Maze is there…with her knives out. An extremely angry Maze tells Lucifer it’s his fault Dr. Linda is suspended and he has to fix it. Maze demands he do it right now, and he gives in. (Smart man.)

Amenadiel shows up at the station and asks Dan if he’s seen Charlotte or Lucifer. Dan says they took off a few hours ago and Amenadiel has his feelings hurt since he’s out of the loop. Since Lucifer’s gone, Dan recruits Amenadiel for some task.

Charlotte arrives at the party and asks if her +1 who’s probably wearing something “freshly plucked from the floor” has checked in. Charlotte then spots Chloe who looks absolutely stunning. Even Charlotte approves of her chosen attire.

Chloe spots Chet and informs Charlotte she’s going to talk to him. Charlotte believes the only way to get a man to talk is by seducing him, and she gives the go-ahead to Chloe. Chloe nixes the seducing part and explains she’ll get him to incriminate himself and then turn on his mother. Charlotte wonders why Bianca would bring her murderous son to a Tequila party, and Chloe thinks it’s because the mom doesn’t know Chet killed Zeke.

Meanwhile, Maze and Lucifer meet with the chairman of the Ethics Review Board and ask for Dr. Linda to be reinstated. The chairman denies their request, and Maze offers proof of Dr. Linda’s accomplishments by listing off all of Lucifer’s faults. Maze says Dr. Linda helped Lucifer no matter what and Lucifer seconds that, saying she’s been indispensable. The Ethics Board chairman isn’t swayed and Lucifer, given his lack of a filter, says Dr. Linda’s generous as a lover and a friend, letting the cat out of the bag that they slept together. This meeting doesn’t go well at all, and they leave without getting Dr. Linda’s suspension overturned.

Charlotte exchanges pleasantries with Bianca and then lets her in on the fact the police suspect Chet killed Zeke. Bianca immediately confronts Chet about Zeke, and he confesses he took care of the problem. Chet didn’t realize his mother knew about Zeke’s side business of smuggling rare artifacts and that she was in on it. When she asks how the police know it was him, he admits he dropped his phone at the scene.

Chloe’s hovering just a few feet away while this confession’s going down. After Bianca finishes with her son, she confronts Chloe.

Dan and Amenadiel seem to be bonding over drinks at a bar, with Dan showing off an improv flyer. Dan admits improv really helped him and he suggests Amenadiel needs something like it to take his mind off his issues with Lucifer. Amenadiel confesses no matter what he does, Lucifer’s always the favorite. Dan wonders if Lucifer and Amenadiel are competing over Charlotte, which weirds Amenadiel out. (Nope, definitely not trying to get into that particular lady’s pants.)

Dan receives a text that they couldn’t crack the phone’s passcode and before he leaves, he tells Amenadiel he likes him much more than Lucifer.

Bianca confronts Chloe, asking who she is and what she’s doing at the party. Quick on her feet, Chloe starts fangirling over Chet’s music which Bianca puts down. Chloe proves she’s into it by singing (which is hilarious) and thankfully Bianca forces her to stop. Security guards escort Chloe away as Charlotte looks on, smiling approvingly.

Maze and Lucifer leave the Ethics Review Board office and Maze punches Lucifer in the stomach. Maze has had enough and reveals she knows Lucifer is planning on leaving Earth. He laughs and when he tries to blame Amenadiel for spilling the beans, Maze kicks him, hard. She keeps smacking him while Lucifer tries to explain what’s really happening. “You don’t care about anyone other than yourself unless they can be of use to you,” says Maze, delivering a devastating verbal blow.

Lucifer warns her to be careful and then they really get into it physically, launching themselves at each other. Minutes into the fight they’re both super bloody and wobbly, and all the marble benches around them are destroyed. Lucifer admits he didn’t know she was this angry and Maze replies, “You were going to leave me.” Lucifer confesses he would never do that and then finally is able to explain his real plan. He’s going to Heaven with Charlotte and Amenadiel but only for a short time, and Maze finally realizes what’s going on. They share a short laugh and Maze sees the whole picture and that she had to be angry with him so he could pull off this ruse. He thinks everything’s all right, but Maze believes the true story is even worse than what she assumed was happening.

Over at the station, Ella and Dan start trying to crack Chet’s password on their own.

Lucifer season 2 episode 17
Lauren German as Chloe (Photo by Michael Courtney/FOX)

Maze and Lucifer, looking like they’ve gone 12 rounds in the ring, visit Dr. Linda and she incorrectly assumes they killed the chairman of the Ethics Review Board. Maze reveals Lucifer said they used to have sex and Dr. Linda figures her career’s pretty much over. When Lucifer asks why Maze is still mad at him, Dr. Linda cuts to the chase and says it’s because he used her. Lucifer admits he did, but it was for the greater good. Lucifer, as always, only views his actions by how they affect him. As Dr. Linda explains Maze felt abandoned, the close-up of Maze shows she is utterly devastated by Lucifer’s actions. (Bravo, Lesley-Ann Brandt. You brought tears to my eyes!)

Lucifer finally realizes what he’s done and he apologizes, admitting he should have realized how she’d feel. The informal session ends with everyone depressed and Dr. Linda packing her office. Maze promises to take care of this and Dr. Linda doesn’t respond.

Bianca shows up at Charlotte’s office and admits Chet killed Zeke. However, Bianca knows what Zeke was smuggling and that it was for Charlotte. Bianca now has the item and wants to make a deal. Charlotte can have the item if she gets Chet’s phone from the police. If Charlotte can’t, then Bianca will get rid of the item.

Ella is working on the phone’s password when Charlotte arrives and formally introduces herself. Ella goes in for a hug and Charlotte holds her off, and then Charlotte asks if she can have the phone to try passwords. Ella thinks Charlotte’s really hanging out at the station waiting for Dan, and then she surprises Charlotte by saying when she looks in her eyes she sees a light. Charlotte wonders if her Band-Aid came undone and checks her wrist, obviously not picking up on the true meaning of Ella’s words. Their talk’s interrupted when Ella gets a call from her brother and she asks Charlotte to watch Chet’s phone.

As Charlotte’s about to walk out of the room with it, Chloe tells her to start talking.

Chloe heads over to Lucifer’s where he’s at the piano by himself. She asks about his bruised face and then Chloe reveals Charlotte told her the truth about how she’s related to Lucifer. A surprised Lucifer replies, “I somehow doubt that,” and Chloe says she knows Charlotte’s his father’s ex-wife. Chloe seems sympathetic toward Charlotte and all she went through – betrayal, torture, etc. – with Lucifer’s dad and Lucifer finally says the episode’s title, “Sympathy for the Goddess.” She wonders why Lucifer didn’t reveal this in the first place and then says it happened when Charlotte explained why she was trying to steal Chet’s phone. Charlotte was just trying to keep her family safe and Lucifer says, “That sounds plausible.” However, Chloe still doesn’t trust Charlotte. (Smart woman, that Chloe.)

Charlotte delivers the phone to Bianca while Chloe and Lucifer listen in from a surveillance vehicle. Once Bianca gets the signal nothing’s happened to the phone, Charlotte spills a drink on the hidden mic so Chloe and Lucifer can’t hear what comes next. Charlotte receives a safe deposit box key and Bianca promises it holds the item she ordered. The police break in as Charlotte takes the key. Chloe places Bianca under arrest and Charlotte informs Biance she’s now her ex-client.

Chloe stops Lucifer from approaching Charlotte, saying she has to search her first. Charlotte assures Lucifer it’s okay and after a brief search Chloe’s satisfied she’s not hiding anything. (Charlotte handed Lucifer the key when they briefly held hands.) The police have the phone once more and now they have the evidence to put Chet and Bianca away.

Back at Lucifer’s, Charlotte’s dismayed to learn the safety deposit box only contained a book. Amenadiel thinks it might be an instruction manual, but it’s written in an ancient language Charlotte can’t read. Charlotte gives it to Lucifer to read, but he can speak every language – not read. Amenadiel saves the day when he declares it’s written in Sumerian. He can translate it in just a few days, and suddenly Charlotte says she can’t wait that long. Amenadiel and Lucifer are concerned about her need to do this so quickly, but she says she just wants to see her family. When she walks away, Lucifer and Amenadiel agree something’s up with their mom.

Maze makes good on her promise to take care of the chairman of the Ethics Review Board.

Dan takes a seat at Chloe’s desk and of course the topic of Charlotte comes up. Chloe can’t believe Charlotte’s Lucifer and Amenadiel’s stepmom, which is something Dan definitely didn’t know either. “That makes a weird amount of sense, actually,” says Dan before taking off.

Night falls and Chet secretly meets with Charlotte at her office. She demands he hand over what Zeke really smuggled. He pulls out a knife and stabs Charlotte in the stomach, yelling at her that his life is ruined. Charlotte pulls the knife out and a bright light shines out of the opening. The light hits Chet in the face and instantly fries him. He falls to the ground, dead, with his skull exposed. Charlotte gasps in pain.

Amenadiel is translating the book and has discovered their father shattered the Flaming Sword into three pieces: the Blade of Death, the Medallion of Life, and the key that binds them all together. It also says God entrusted the key to his favorite son. Amenadiel’s upset that it’s always Lucifer, and then asks what else Lucifer brought to earth. He thinks it might be Lucifer’s ring and tells his brother to attach the ring to the sword. Amenadiel picks up the blade and Lucifer notices Amenadiel’s necklace has lifted up and is attracted to the blade like a magnet. Well, well, well, so maybe Lucifer isn’t God’s favorite son after all…

Lucifer jokes, “Is that the key around your neck or are you just happy to see me? They entrusted it to you, brother.”

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