‘Lucifer’ Season 2 Finale Recap: Episode 18-The Good, The Bad and the Crispy

Lucifer Season 2 Episode 18
Tom Ellis and Scarlett Estevez in ‘Lucifer’ (Photo Credit: FOX)

The season two finale of Fox’s Lucifer picks up immediately after Charlotte (Tricia Helfer) was stabbed by Chet and she retaliated by frying his head. Charlotte staples her stomach shut and then drags Chet – and his grotesque, charred head – out of the way while calling in a favor.

Over at Lucifer’s, Amenadiel (DB Woodside) is beside himself over the fact God entrusted him with the final piece of the Flaming Sword. Lucifer (Tom Ellis) refuses to believe that means his brother is their dad’s favorite son and instead chooses to believe it’s God’s way of flipping them off. Amenadiel cannot stop smiling while Lucifer keeps asking him to hand over the key. “I’m the favorite,” says the happy angel as Lucifer threatens him with violence if he doesn’t give him the final piece of the sword. Amenadiel tells his bro he needs to think about what this means and takes off, leaving Lucifer talking to himself.

Dr. Linda (Rachael Harris) returns to her office and is shocked to find Charlotte waiting for her on the couch. Charlotte needs medical attention but can’t let a normal human patch her up. Dr. Linda says patching people up isn’t her thing, however there’s no saying no to Charlotte.

Charlotte lifts her blouse and the brilliant light streams out, nearly hitting Dr. Linda with its beam. Thankfully, Dr. Linda ducks and doesn’t join Chet as a crispy critter. Instead of using normal medical supplies, Dr. Linda opts for duct tape to shut Charlotte’s wound. Dr. Linda asks if the wound was made by Lucifer, and Charlotte doesn’t understand why Dr. Linda would think that.

Our favorite crime-fighting duo catch a new murder case, but Lucifer needs Chloe’s (Lauren German) help on a personal problem first. He wants to know how to make Amenadiel stop over-thinking things. Lucifer reveals Amenadiel is their dad’s favorite, and Chloe edges closer to figuring out why Lucifer is the way he is.

It turns out the murder they’re investigating is Chet’s, but neither Chloe nor Lucifer realize it. Chet’s naked and his body is completely shaved, and Ella (Aimee Garcia) doesn’t know what to think of it. She’s also sure the killer bathed him in bleach.

With his brother hogging all of his attention, Lucifer heads over to Dr. Linda’s office but she won’t let him in. He forces his way in anyway and is confused when he sees his mom. Lucifer thinks there’s something sexual going on between Dr. Linda and Charlotte, and Dr. Linda just laughs, uncomfortably. He then notices the hole charred through the wall and realizes something’s up with his mom. She confesses Chet stabbed her and she’s bleeding light. Upset, Lucifer’s sure this means her human body is about to burst, and it’s more important than ever he find Amenadiel. He also lets his mom know they’ve found the final piece to the Flaming Sword, and she’s immediately in a better mood since that means she can return to Heaven to see her children.

As Lucifer is about to head out to hunt for his brother, he warns Charlotte to stay away from humans. She’s forced to confess she’s already had an accident with Chet. Lucifer panics as Chloe’s on the case and she’s “annoyingly good,” and Charlotte agrees they must find Amenadiel ASAP. “If we don’t get you back to Heaven before the detective gets to you, then she is quite literally toast,” says a concerned Lucifer.

Lucifer heads over to his partner’s house and is greeted by Dr. Trixie (Scarlett Estevez) when he pounds on Chloe’s door. Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt), head covered in bandages, tells him not to try and fight Dr. Trixie’s treatment. Lucifer explains the situation and he wants Maze to use her bounty hunter skills to find Amenadiel. He doesn’t care Trixie’s listening, but everyone’s favorite kid thinks he’s speaking in adult code and doesn’t take the Flaming Sword stuff seriously. Maze doesn’t know how any of this is her business until Lucifer adds that many humans – including ones she cares about – could get hurt. With a quick glance at Trixie, Maze agrees to help.

Back at the station, Chloe’s called in Chet’s brother, Hector (Marcus Coloma), to talk about Chet’s murder. Hector’s been living in Mexico and isn’t involved in the family business, but he says he truly loved his brother.

Lucifer checks in on Ella’s progress and she admits she hasn’t discovered anything helpful from the Chet murder scene. Chloe joins her partner and Ella reveals there’s a remote possibility a surveillance camera caught a car near the scene. Lucifer’s relieved to hear Ella hasn’t found out anything substantial about the murder, and then he makes the mistake of suggesting only his dad was watching. That gives Ella the idea to check satellite footage.

So, where is Amenadiel while all this is going on? Believe it or not, he’s doing improv! He’s talking to the audience about being God’s favorite son and how he lost faith in God but now understands the truth. After the scene’s finished, Dan (Kevin Alejandro) pulls him aside and lets him know they usually try to avoid talking about religion. Amenadiel thinks he’s got it, and he and his acting partner are given a scenario about a pregnant giraffe in labor to act out. Of course, Amenadiel brings this right back around to his current situation, yelling, “How can I help when I’m supposed to kill my own father?!”

The improv thing isn’t working out, and Dan tells Amenadiel he’s being a little dark. (You think?!)

Elsewhere in the city, Chloe and Lucifer are checking on a van spotted on the satellite footage near their crime scene the night of the murder. The van has dandelions on it, making it stand out, but Lucifer tries to convince Chloe the one they’re about to check out can’t possibly be the only van with dandelions. Lucifer’s attempt to distract Chloe doesn’t work when they witness two people carrying a dead body to the van.

The two very perky Lyon sisters explain they take care of crime scenes and dead body removals, and the man they’re carrying out died two weeks ago of a heart attack. When Chloe asks why their van was outside a crime scene at 3am, one of the sisters, Ava (Stephi Chin-Salvo), confesses she secretly went to see a guy she promised she wasn’t dating anymore.

After they talk to the sisters, Chloe’s frustrated over Lucifer’s attempts to rush the investigation into Chet’s murder. She wants to know if it has to do with his family, but he won’t open up because she wouldn’t understand.

Amenadiel and Dan have another bonding moment ending in a hug and as Dan walks away, Maze shows up. Amenadiel admits he’s not sure he wants to put the Flaming Sword together, launching into a lengthy monologue about his life. Maze has no time for this and tazes him.

Back once again to the police station we go, and Chloe has discovered the boyfriend the cleaner said she went to visit was actually in Vegas at the time of the murder.

Amenadiel comes to at Lucifer’s and confesses he’s hidden his necklace. Maze has already checked to see if he’s hiding it in his butt (Maze takes her job very seriously!) and Amenadiel refuses to give up the location because he doesn’t want them to use the Flaming Sword to slice open the gates of Heaven. He’s decided the necklace was a gift and their dad gave it to him to guard.

While Maze heads out to retrieve Charlotte, Lucifer comes clean with what he really meant to do with the sword. He was going to deliver mom to Heaven and slam the gates after her. Amenadiel doesn’t approve of that plan either, and now he’s committed to keeping their mom away from their dad. Lucifer drops another bombshell on his brother, revealing their mother’s powers are returning and pretty soon they won’t be able to contain her. Maze returns with the news that Charlotte has disappeared.

Charlotte shows up at Dr. Linda’s office and wants to know why Dr. Linda thought Lucifer created the wound. Dr. Linda rambles and tries to blow the question off, but Charlotte’s certain she’s hiding something. She threatens Dr. Linda with being charbroiled if she doesn’t come clean.

Chloe and Dan want to question the crime scene cleaning sisters, but Ava has just turned up dead. Her head is burned to a crisp, just like Chet’s, and Chloe thinks whoever hired the sisters to clean up Chet just cleaned up one of the sisters. The remaining sister, Kathleen (Shannon Chan-Kent), arrives at the scene and is grief-stricken.

Chloe takes Kathleen to the station and she admits her boyfriend Brad needed money and when she got a call asking her to do a job for $100,000, she did it. However, she won’t open up about what went down.

Chloe gives Lucifer a call, tells him about Ava Lyon’s murder, and asks him to come to the station and do his “mojo thing” on Kathleen to find out what she knows about Ava and Chet’s murderer. He’s about to make an excuse when Charlotte shows up and Lucifer rushes to get off the phone, telling Chloe good luck.

When Chloe gets off the phone, Ella wants to know what’s wrong. Chloe admits Lucifer’s hiding something from her, and Ella thinks it’s just something to do with his family. (Ella adds that she thinks Lucifer’s family is bonkers.) Chloe has an idea that maybe Charlotte has something to do with the deaths and that’s what Lucifer’s hiding.

Lucifer Season 2 Episode 18 Tom Ellis
Tom Ellis in ‘Lucifer’ season 2 episode 18 (Photo Credit: FOX)

Over at Lux, Charlotte doesn’t admit to murdering Ava, saying she was just out getting some air. Amenadiel leaves it to Lucifer to explain their idea, with Lucifer stammering out that using the Flaming Sword is a “crap” idea. He suggests she find a place of her own away from their dad. She can’t believe they want her back in Hell, and Lucifer assures her this time she’d be in charge. Both of her boys are acting weird, telling her ruling Hell is a great idea, and Charlotte stares at them as if they’ve sprouted multiple heads.

Charlotte confesses Dr. Linda told her Lucifer never planned on going to Heaven. Lucifer tries to leave to check on Dr. Linda, but Charlotte grabs his shirt. Both men acknowledge that she’s angry, but Charlotte claims she’s actually disappointed. She tosses them across the room as if they weigh nothing, destroying the piano when they land. She then demands the necklace but Amenadiel won’t hand it over. He tells her she’ll have to kill him if she wants it. Angry, she says she’ll find another way.

Amenadiel can’t believe his brother thought suggesting she rule Hell was a great idea. As they argue, Lucifer realizes he better go check on Dr. Linda. Amenadiel says it would be better if Lucifer went after mom and he’ll check on Dr. Linda, but he makes sure Lucifer knows he will not give the key to Charlotte.

Charlotte’s watching a merry-go-round when Chloe and Dan show up, hands on their guns. They tracked her cell phone and now they want to place her under arrest. She asks how they figured everything out and claims she won’t resist arrest but she has a request.

Lucifer answers his phone and assumes it’s Chloe, but it’s actually Charlotte. Chloe pats her down as Charlotte tells her son she’s at Santa Monica Pier. “It’s such a beautiful place. So many people,” says Charlotte. Lucifer warns her not to hurt anyone, especially Chloe, and Charlotte says she wouldn’t have to do this if he and Amenadiel gave her the Flaming Sword. Chloe grabs the phone as Charlotte warns Lucifer to get her what she needs.

After she hangs up, Charlotte wants to tell Chloe everything but she wants to do it without Dan.

Charlotte asks if they can go outside and before Charlotte follows Chloe, she grabs Dan, kisses him, and says, “I’ll miss you, Daniel. You were my favorite human.”

Lucifer calls Amenadiel and tells him they have to give their mom the key. There’s no other option. Lucifer begs Amenadiel, telling him Charlotte has Chloe.

Maze is still tracking Charlotte, unaware of everything that’s going down. She arrives at Dr. Linda’s and sees blood on the door handle and when she enters the office, she spots Dr. Linda lying on the floor, badly injured. Maze places her in a chair and tells her she’ll be fine, but Linda’s bleeding from a stomach wound. Linda, crying, confesses she had to tell Charlotte about Lucifer’s plans. She apologizes and says she tried to resist but couldn’t. Maze comforts her and says it wasn’t her fault, promising she’ll be fine. Amenadiel shows up and Maze begs him to help.

Back at the merry-go-round, Lucifer’s arrived and has brought the Flaming Sword with him. Dan immediately jumps to the conclusion Lucifer’s going to stab him for kissing Charlotte, but Lucifer couldn’t care less about that. He’s looking for the key and uses the sword like a metal detector to see where it is on Dan’s body. When he passes the sword over Dan’s front right rocket, the key lifts up and makes his jeans stick out. Lucifer, if he wasn’t deadly serious, would normally be making a penis joke at this point but instead he just grabs it out of Dan’s pocket.

Charlotte admits to Chloe she was involved in Chet’s death. However, she claims to have had nothing to do with Ava’s death.

Lucifer rushes up and he tells Charlotte to let the detective go. He offers her the blade and the key, all while Chloe is completely confused as to why Lucifer believes Charlotte has control of this situation. To make matters worse, Hector Ruiz arrives and points a gun at Charlotte. He demands to know how she could have betrayed his family, while Lucifer tries to convince him if he shoots Charlotte, they’re all dead.

Back at Dr. Linda’s office, she wants to go to a hospital but Amenadiel knows it’s too far away and she won’t make it. Maze says they need more time and Dr. Linda passes out as Amenadiel attempts to summon his powers.

Lucifer continues to plea with Hector to put the gun down, telling him there are many lives at stake. Hector acts like he’s going to lower it and then fires, aiming right at Charlotte. As the bullet leaves his gun, time nearly freezes. (Great timing, Amenadiel!)

Lucifer pushes Charlotte off the boardwalk and falls to the beach down below beside her. He puts the key into the blade and the Flaming Sword lights up. “I’m sorry, mom, but I’m afraid that this ends now,” says Lucifer, pointing the sword at her and edging closer. He tells her she’s used him and used Chloe, but she turns it around and blames his father.

Standing up, Charlotte reminds her son that they have the sword, which means they can get their revenge. Lucifer looks hurt and confused, but determined. He yells at her that he’s not leaving, and she tells him if he gives her the sword she can have her chance to start over. Lucifer reasons that if she goes home, that’s going backwards and it’s now time for her to move forward. He slices the air next to her and a slit opens. He can’t believe it worked and then he reveals his plan. She’ll go into this new place and create her own world without his father. She looks genuinely sad over the prospect of creating this new world and never seeing her children again. “You know that if we go back to Heaven, then there will be a war. And in war, there are always casualties,” says an emotional Lucifer.

Charlotte doesn’t want to hurt her kids and she holds Lucifer’s face, tearing up and calling him her Angel. She says she’ll miss him and then reaches her hand out toward the void. Bright lights appear between her body and the hole, and then the body of Charlotte falls to the sand. Lucifer removes the key and keeps it but tosses the blade into the hole before it closes.

Time returns to its normal speed and Chloe fires at Hector. Dan looks over the railing and sees Charlotte on the sand with Lucifer standing nearby.

Amenadiel sinks to the couch in Dr. Linda’s office. He looks spent but then he gently laughs.

At the hospital, Maze watches as Dr. Linda is taken away to be operated on.

Dan rushes to the beach and checks for Charlotte’s pulse. Lucifer believes she’s dead but then Charlotte begins coughing. When he calls her “mom,” she looks confused and says her kids are 10. She has no idea what’s happening or why she’s at the beach. She doesn’t recognize Dan or know why she fell off the pier.

Charlotte’s taken away by ambulance as Chloe informs Lucifer she believes Hector killed Chet and Ava. Ella apparently found a blowtorch in Hector’s car, confirming Chloe’s suspicions. Chloe asks why Lucifer didn’t let her in on what he suspected right away, and she tells him she would forgive him for his mistakes and flaws. She adds that if he doesn’t think she knows him for who he really is, he’s wrong. She walks away as Lucifer remains silent.

Lucifer pays a visit to Dr. Linda at the hospital, taking the blame and admitting her never should have gotten her involved in any of this. Linda actually manages to laugh a little, saying she knew she was dealing with the most dysfunctional family in the universe. She says she chose to be his friend and accepts everything that friendship comes with. This week it’s Dr. Linda’s turn to utter the episode’s title as she tells him that means she accepts “the good, the bad, and the crispy.”

As Dr. Linda explains this, Lucifer realizes there’s something he needs to do. However, for once he doesn’t do what he needs/wants to do and devotes himself to focusing on Dr. Linda. She smiles at this huge step forward and this huge act of friendship.

Later, Lucifer calls Chloe and leaves a message apologizing for being elusive. He also tells her he’s on his way over to tell her the truth about himself! “I think it’s time I finally opened your eyes to why strange things sometimes happen around me,” reveals Lucifer. He’s going to tell her everything. As he hangs up, someone hits him on the head, knocking him out.

The next scene reveals a sunny desert and a shirtless Lucifer lying in the sand. He’s in bad shape and it looks like his skin is peeling off in places from a horrible sunburn. He stands and looks confused, but then his expression changes. Gorgeous white wings unfurl from his back as he smiles and looks toward Heaven. The camera pulls back, retreating even further to show a vast desert with Lucifer standing alone.

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