‘Mayans M.C.’ Season 1 Episode 9 Recap: “Serpiente/Chikchan”

Mayans M.C. Season 1 Episode 9
JD Pardo as EZ Reyes and Clayton Cardenas as Angel Reyes in ‘Mayans M.C.’ season 1 episode 9 (Photo by Prashant Gupta/FX)

With so much story left to tell, FX’s Mayans M.C. season one episode nine was yet another lengthy, extended episode. Not that fans will complain as that extended time was spent in significantly moving forward the multiple storylines.

Season one episode nine titled “Serpiente/Chikchan” begins with EZ (JD Pardo) and Angel (Clayton Cardenas) locked up and claiming not to know who Celia is or how her dead body got into the trunk of the car. Their friend, Officer Franky Rogan (Edwin Hodge), doesn’t know what to make of the situation. As much as he’d like to help, he’s not sure he can.

The siblings aren’t guests of the Santo Padre police for long as Homeland Security quickly shows up to take over the case. Asst U.S. Attorney Lincoln Potter (Ray McKinnon) has his first face-to-face with EZ, and EZ recalls seeing him outside the garage. EZ’s leery about talking and wants a lawyer, but Potter’s got too much evidence. The car is Coco’s, there’s Mayan DNA all over it, and of course there’s a dead body that needs accounting for.

Potter divulges EZ’s secret to Angel, laying out the details on EZ’s deal to provide details on the Galindo cartel. Potter also explains Galindo’s no longer of interest and EZ’s deal has become irrelevant. He could be put back inside where he’ll most likely meet his maker at the end of a shiv.

Angel understands Potter still wants something, and Potter reveals he wants EZ and Angel to “do the patriotic thing.” If EZ does what he asks, Potter will wipe the deal off the books and EZ will be free to go about his life.

Potter prepares to leave, but not before assuring them he’ll be in touch with the details. EZ and Angel are free to go, but Potter will hang on to Celia’s body to use as collateral. He reminds Angel that if EZ’s exposed, the Mayans will suspect Angel was in on EZ’s deal with the Feds from the get-go. He taunts them with their possible deaths and how Felipe will suffer after losing his wife and his two sons.

Potter attempts to throw EZ a line, telling Angel that EZ’s deal was set up so that nothing could be used against his family or the club.

Angel remains silent as they drive away from the police station. He finally pulls over and punches EZ in the face. Once EZ rises, he punches him again and then kicks him while he’s down. Screaming at his brother, Angel throws EZ’s words back at him from when he was released early from his sentence. “I just want to be home, Angel, be with you and Pop, be part of something. Maybe there’s a spot for me in the club,” says Angel.

Angel’s devastated his brother lied to him. He also realizes Potter was right and that the club will assume he’s a part of EZ’s betrayal. It then dawns on Angel that their father is aware of EZ’s deal. EZ confirms that’s true but tries to convince Angel their dad didn’t have any choice but to go along.

It appears Angel’s about to deliver another painful kick to his younger brother’s side, but he actually stops a rattlesnake from striking EZ. EZ’s the only snake in the grass Angel wants to hurt, so he tosses the real rattler away.

EZ struggles to his feet as Angel drives off, leaving him without a ride home.

Potter watches the one-sided fight from a distance.

Walking home, EZ has a flashback to the day he met Coco. Angel, who called Coco an okay dude who just got home from Iraq, handed EZ a gun he got from Coco. EZ had asked for a weapon for protection while hunting their mother’s murderer. Angel tried to convince him to let it go, that it was just a junkie looking for cash, but EZ never believed that story because no money was taken.

Angel admitted nothing made sense about the murder. The older sibling assumed the killer fled the area, but EZ knows the sticker on the car was supporting an El Centro High School team. That means the killer’s local.

Mayans M.C. Season 1 Episode 9 Recap
Clayton Cardenas as Angel Reyes and Edward James Olmos as Felipe Reyes in ‘Mayans M.C.’ season 1 episode 9 (Photo by Prashant Gupta/FX)

Back to current event’s and Felipe (Edward James Olmos) hears a noise in his home. He picks up his gun, but then notices Angel’s come to visit. Angel admires his brother’s trophies, noting there aren’t many things to brag about from his own school years.

Angel’s in a rotten mood, feeling betrayed by both his brother and his dad. Felipe notices Angel’s bruised knuckles and asks what happened. Angel talks about a fear he had as a child, having to choose between his mom and dad dying at the hands of an armed robber. Angel claims not to know where EZ is, and Felipe demands to know what’s going on. (Clayton Cardenas is killing it in this episode.)

Angel confesses he knows about the DEA deal and believes his dad always chooses EZ over him. Felipe confirms he’s known about the deal from the beginning and further reveals EZ wouldn’t make the deal without his consent. Felipe explains that EZ would never have been set free, given that he was a cop killer.

“I didn’t choose him over you. I knew you’d take care of him, you’d watch his back in the MC,” says Felipe. He was hoping EZ could ultimately walk away from this and start a new life.

Angel, clutching a beer in one hand and one of EZ’s trophies in the other, wonders if his dad thinks he has the life he’s supposed to have. Felipe swears he’s never judged his son and has always loved him, no matter what he’s done with his life.

Angel explains how he found out and that if they agree to Potter’s deal, the “golden boy” is free and clear. As they’re talking, Angel figures out Potter is going to make them take on the rebels.

Miguel Galindo (Danny Pino) watches as workers and a cleaning crew try to put his house back in order. He reminds Devante (Tony Plana) to sweep the premises once the place is back in order.

A short time later, Miguel, Emily (Sarah Bolger), and Devante discuss their next moves. Miguel’s fully aware that once he lets the DEA in, they’ll have control of his operations.

Miguel and Emily plan to create a false layer on top of their real business that they’ll make available to the Feds, while at the same time concealing their real business dealings. Miguel also informs Devante they’re going to work with the rebels. Devante’s against the idea, believing once Father Rodrigo helps capture Adelita, the rebels will be finished. Miguel and Emily disagree, aware of the rebels’ manpower. If Adelita falls, someone will rise and take over command.

“With the rebels I’ll have access to resources they don’t even know exist,” explains Miguel. The cartel and the rebels will always be once step ahead of the DEA.

Devante continues to disagree, concerned that Miguel isn’t reasoning this through. He asks Miguel to consider his actions before going through with the rebel alliance.

After Devante leaves the room, Miguel wonders if he’s right. He asks Emily’s opinion and she tells him he needs to trust his instincts. “You’ll know what’s right. You always do,” says Emily.

Among the paperwork scattered around by the DEA is a folder containing Miguel’s dead brother’s medical records. Miguel holds up an X-ray and realizes Devante and his mother lied to him about how his brother died.

Elsewhere, Felipe finds EZ as he’s making his way home. EZ apologizes and Felipe admits Angel was right when he said EZ’s future is the most important thing. He shouldn’t have let EZ make a deal with the Feds, but EZ takes responsibility for everything that’s happening.

EZ’s determined to stick it out and return to the club. He doesn’t believe he has any other choice.

Back at the Galindo home, Miguel alerts Nestor (Gino Vento) that Adelita is minutes away from Father Rodrigo. He also assures Devante that he now sees the big picture after clearing his head.

Angel heads through the tunnels to see Adelita. He crosses the border and drives to the rebel camp while calling Adelita. She doesn’t pick up and when Angel arrives, the camp’s deserted.

Meanwhile, Adelita (Carla Baratta) arrives at the church and greets Father Rodrigo with a hug. She points out he seems upset and notes that none of his people are in the church. He confesses he did his best to take care of her after her family was murdered. However, he now believes her heart is poisoned.

As they talk, there’s a knock on the door. It’s Nestor and two of the Galindo men, and Nestor tells Father Rodrigo to leave the room.

Over at the club’s garage, EZ, Coco (Richard Cabral), and Gilly (Vincent Vargas) are working on bikes when Angel arrives. Angel gives his brother the cold shoulder and asks the others if they’ve heard from Adelita. He tells them the camp’s gone and no one’s answering the phone. Angel doesn’t have time to do anything about Adelita as the club’s meeting with Galindo at the casino’s about to go down.

As the club rides to the meeting, they pass the rattlesnake as it makes a meal out of a rat.

Elsewhere, Agent Kevin Jimenez (Maurice Compte) shows up at his old office. His name’s been removed from the door and his office has been emptied. He came with a box to collect his items but there’s nothing to collect.

Jimenez apologizes to his old boss, informing him he’s heading out of town with his family.

The club arrives at the casino and Galindo and his people are already there. The club’s a little shocked to see Emily’s going to be involved in the meeting. They’re even more shocked when Miguel invites EZ to stay because of his ability to remember details.

Devante attempts to sit next to Miguel, but Miguel motions him to take a seat elsewhere. Miguel then lays out what happened with the DEA. He even admits he’s been coerced into taking a deal with the DEA, the same sort of deal his father entered decades ago.

He explains that prior to the DEA deal, he entered a deal with Adelita and the rebels. Louisa/Adelita enters the room, and Bishop’s upset. He doesn’t understand what’s going on. If possible, Angel looks even more disconcerted by Adelita’s arrival than Bishop.

Devante attempts to stop Miguel from talking, and Miguel silences him. Adelita describes the mission of the rebels and says they “need the edge of the most dangerous blade,” meaning the Galindo cartel. Miguel confirms they’re working together to outmaneuver the DEA and other federal agencies. Working with the rebels will also increase the cartel’s profits.

Miguel has a further surprise for the club. The Mayans have been chosen as the designated third party in the agreement and will be charged with keeping the rebels and the cartel honest. Emily passes out paperwork detailing the new arrangement. Miguel tells the club they’re basically moving from the streets to the boardroom.

Angel and EZ nod to each other as this is all going down.

After the meeting, Bishop assures Miguel they’ll take the matter up at the club’s table. But, they’re in. Before Miguel takes off, he asks Marcus (Emilio Rivera) to ride back with him, saying he needs his opinion on a family matter.

As the club leaves, they each introduce themselves to Adelita, including Coco, Gilly, and Angel. They’re all smiles as they shake hands.

EZ shreds all of Emily’s paperwork before the room’s cleared. No records of what went down remain.

That night, Kevin Jimenez pays a visit to Felipe who’s out on his porch drinking beer. Kevin turns down a drink and says he’s just there to check on EZ before he takes off. Felipe wonders about the US Attorney and Kevin calls him off the chart weird and smart.

As Kevin’s getting in his truck, Felipe says quietly to himself, “Bad night to quit drinking.”

EZ’s still cleaning the room when Emily returns. When she uses the term “beautiful mind,” EZ realizes Emily knows about his deal. EZ tells her he’s glad she’s made peace with her life and has settled into things. She then warns him that his deal better not hurt her family, and he promises it won’t. She also warns him not to make her choose.

They’re leaving the casino when Miguel asks Marcus to ride with Emily, promising they’ll meet back up before they hit the freeway. Miguel needs to speak with Devante, and obviously Miguel’s putting some sort of plan in action.

Angel’s able to walk outside the casino next to Adelita and she assures him she’s okay. She also admits she couldn’t have done this without him. He thanks her for keeping her word and then Coco breaks up the talk to make sure no one gets suspicious.

As they walk back inside the casino, Coco, Gilly, and Angel discuss something about to go down. Gilly wants to make sure Angel really wants to move forward on this, and Angel reminds him they took a vote.

EZ arrives at his bike to take off and finds “room 237” is written on its seat.

On the drive, Devante’s frustrated Miguel brought Adelita to the meeting. They didn’t discuss this prior to the meeting and Devante’s unsure they can trust her. Devante reminds Miguel he can’t do his job if he’s not told what’s happening, and Miguel reveals he can’t trust him any longer.

Miguel shows Devante’s his brother Cristobal’s medical records. Cristobal’s medical charts from the final days of his life indicate he suffered a slow death from pneumonia. Devante calls Miguel his son and tries to explain whey he lied. Miguel refuses to allow him to speak.

The caravan of vehicles pulls to a stop off the road. Miguel says he needs to speak with Marcus as Devante tries to convince him the Galindo family means everything to him.

Miguel steps out from the car and hugs Nestor. The rest of Galindo’s group also exit their vehicles, including Adelita. Miguel explains to Devante that Adelita’s family was hacked to pieces and that it was Father Rodrigo who gave up the family’s whereabouts. Miguel fills in the pieces, explaining he knows the person who ran the execution squad and swung the blade was Devante. “She needs closure,” says Miguel, adding, “That is how we create the trust to make this work.”

Devante admits he made Miguel’s mother lie about Cristobal’s death.

Miguel shows Adelita a selection of weapons, reminding her this will pay his family’s debt. To make the trust unshakeable, she must now kill Devante herself. Adelita picks up a machete and agrees.

Back at the casino, EZ arrives at room 237. He hears music and conversations. The room falls silent when he knocks, and Gilly opens the door and hauls him inside. Angel and Coco are there, along with some women. But what this secret meeting’s actually about is they’re all getting new tattoos. Coco calls them “warrior markers.” EZ grabs a beer and a woman and does his best to attempt to relax.

While all this is going down, the rebels are filling Father Rodrigo’s computer with child pornography. They string up Father Rodrigo, making it appear he hung himself.

Adelita’s blade is bloody as the camera passes over Devante’s severed head.

Felipe burns his history, tossing the photos and paperwork into the fire.

Tattoo finished, Angel joins EZ on the hotel room’s deck. “You’re my brother and I love you,” says Angel, confirming he won’t turn on EZ. It’s now their shared secret and their shared lie. Angel tells EZ he needs to leave the club by telling Bishop being a Mayan isn’t for him. Angel believes that’s the only way EZ can make up for betraying him. As they talk, Potter calls. He’s texted them details of what they have to do by the end of day, tomorrow. The text indicates they must kill Agent Kevin Jimenez.

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