‘Mayans M.C.’ Season 1 Episode 6 Recap: “Gato/Mis”

Mayans M.C. Season 1 Episode 6 Recap
JD Pardo as EZ Reyes in ‘Mayans M.C.’ season 1 episode 6 (Photo by Prashant Gupta/FX)

The sixth episode of season one of Mayans M.C. it titled in part as ‘Gato’ and that is exactly the first thing you see as the episode opens. Stray cat meet wandering rebel camp. Adelita (Carla Baratta) is going through accounts receivable rather aggressively with one of her lieutenants when EZ (JD Pardo), Coco (Richard Cabral), and Angel (Clayton Cardenas) pull up. Adelita greets them and is teased by one of the bambinos that Angel is her boyfriend.

She appears to have made the mistake of writing down their coordinates on a sheet of paper, so it could be given to those on the sending end of the accounts receivable line items. The very young double-agent just so happens to be standing nearby to see the location Adelita wrote down.

Angel tells Adelita they need to talk alone for a minute. They step inside the tent and he lays it all out for her that he’s in real trouble with his club and needs to understand the full scope of the plan. He thinks she has hundreds of people depending on her, so he wants her to be cautious. She corrects him and says she has thousands depending on her. Adelita is an alias. Her true name is Luisa Espina. Roll intro…

Back at the clubhouse, the concern is that the Vegas run went well to get the Chinese their product with the cooperation of Galindo’s group and Mayan’s teaming up. The other item on the agenda is the secretive activities of Coco and Angel. A couple more weeks surveillance are in order to assure Marcus Alvarez there aren’t any problems with the SoCal charter of the Mayans M.C.

Apparently, the pictures of his wife and kids shook Agent Kevin Jimenez (Maurice Compte) who’s overseeing EZ’s mole activities. Felipe (Edward James Olmos) can get to the marrow of a man pretty quickly it seems. Kevin, off duty, shows up concerned and drunk enough to ask straight out if the old man would really hurt his wife and kids. Felipe does not give him the answer he wants.

At the Galindo home, calm cometh with the dawn. Miguel (Danny Pino) and Emily (Sarah Bolger) appear to have patched up the cracks in the emotional foundation through the robust angry sex they had the night before. Emily was reviewing the deal with the development Miguel is undertaking, and she’s worried the mayor could make things difficult for the Galindo organization as a consequence. But Miguel is a substantial employer in the town, so he’s not concerned with the mayor’s potential reactions.

Adelita takes the pint-size mole working for Galindo with her to the market to execute a skillful drop-off. The kid performs an equally skillful delivery via phone of the coordinates he took from the notepad. This can’t turn out well.

Back at the yard, Bishop (Michael Irby) has Angel go with him and Coco is taken in another direction on club business. One hiccup… Coco’s wild child, Leticia, showed back up and he’s not given time to find out what she wants. Prospect must keep her there until he returns. Yeah, good luck with that, EZ.

Leticia (Emily Tosta) walks right out the door and, of course, EZ is forced to follow her. She asks for his help since her estranged dad had to leave. She pulls off her shirt to reveal an painful-looking set of bruises on her chest and side. He asks who did it, and she opens the trunk of her car to reveal the truck driver that took off with her a few days ago…complete with screwdriver to the carotid artery. Let the cleanup and coverup commence.

Back at Felipe’s home, he and Kevin have a cup of coffee and come to an understanding that EZ will not press Emily to roll on Galindo. Kevin and Felipe will have to figure out another way to satisfy the higher ups.

Galindo’s given the location of the rebel encampment. Just as they’re about to group up and head for the location, Galindo finally receives a call from Adelita with the conditions on how to get his son back. Galindo has his people get the money together and then instructs them to slaughter the camp once he has his son back.

Back at the murder site with Coco’s daughter, EZ spies a Wildcats sticker on a car. He has a flashback to when his father’s store was broken into and he found his mother dead on the floor. He returns to the present to assess the task at hand: the murder in the big rig.

As he’s checking inside the truck, two men come up to the driver’s door. Presumably they’re friends of the guy who was killed and ask ‘Jose’ (aka EZ) to get out of the truck. Naturally a fight kicks off almost immediately. EZ’s doing well in this two on one scenario. He breaks one guy’s arm and knocks him cold. As he’s dodging the swinging tire iron in the hand of the second man, Leticia sticks another screwdriver in the back of the shoulder of the second guy. EZ says exactly what I’m thinking. What is this chick’s deal with screwdrivers and sticking them in people? Seriously!

They meet up with Angel and EZ brings him up to speed. They then head back to the yard but are spotted by a cop. Apparently, grandma didn’t take too kindly to having her car taken without her permission and reported it stolen. EZ = wrong place, wrong time KING!

Insert police chase here along with a flashback to EZ chasing down the car with the Wildcat sticker eight years earlier. EZ snaps his attention back to the current chase where he’s leading the cops into a farmer’s field, complete with water sprinklers on to feed the crops in the field. EZ causes one car to crash but knows he can’t outrun the rest. He puts one of the water hoses in the car to flood it and runs into the field to hide.

Galindo heads across the border per the agreement for the ransom, but not before giving the order to destroy the rebel camp again. He looks around and sits down on the Mexico side of the border to wait for the kidnappers.

Back at the yard, EZ makes it back okay. They tell Coco about their eventful afternoon at the hands of his daughter. Coco has to talk to his daughter to try to sort things out. EZ uses the bathroom in the yard’s office to clean up and overhears Bishop ask Chucky (Michael Ornstein) about the girl in Coco’s car. Bishop mistakenly believes she’s Adelita and Chucky doesn’t help things by trying to honor Coco’s request to keep his relationship to his daughter secret. EZ realizes the entire situation is going to go sour really quick.

Meanwhile, Kevin’s still hanging out at Felipe’s house. Sheesh, he should just move in…dang. They’re going over the hidden history that includes the agent’s own father.

Mayans M.C. Season 1 Episode 6 Recap
Danny Pino as Miguel Galindo in ‘Mayans M.C.’ season 1 episode 6 (Photo by Prashant Gupta/FX)

Back just over the border, Galindo still waits. He gets a call that verifies the cash transfer and where to find his son. He quickly heads to a car in the parking lot described on the call and picks up his son from the back seat.

Emily’s on the other side of the fence and sees that Galindo retrieved their son and is attempting to get back across the border. Nestor gets the call to attack the camp at the same time Galindo is pulled from line and taken to another part of the border entry point.

The agents question Galindo and inspect the blanket the baby’s wrapped in which, it turns out, is lined with drugs. The border patrol agents take the baby and arrest Galindo. The rebels are not so easily set aside, but we don’t know Nestor’s trick yet.

Well, Nestor doesn’t get to play his nasty trick. Galindo’s men arrive at the coordinates, but the building’s vacant. The rebels watch from a nearby rooftop. Adelita knew she had a mole and knew who it was. The little girl who befriended the mole is so angry she pushes him off the roof to his death. The day goes to the rebels, checkmate.

At the clubhouse, EZ tells Angel about the conversation he heard concerning Coco. They have to set that issue right before it costs Coco his life.

If you’re a fan of Sons of Anarchy, you’ll recognize a familiar face who arrives just as the episode closes.

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