‘Mayans M.C.’ Season 1 Episode 10 Recap: “Cuervo/Tz’ikb’uul” Season Finale

Mayans Season 1 Episode 10 Recap
Clayton Cardenas as Angel Reyes amd JD Pardo as EZ Reyes in ‘Mayans M.C.’ season 1 episode 10 (Photo by Prashant Gupta / FX)

FX’s Mayans M.C. season one comes to a close with one of the best episodes of the 10 episode first season. Season one episode 10 titled “Cuervo/Tz’ikb’uul” successfully wrapped up a few storylines while leaving plenty to explore going into a second season.

Season one episode 10 begins with Miguel’s mother, Dita (Ada Maris), realizing her lie has been exposed when she sees her deceased son’s X-ray and doctor’s report. Miguel (Danny Pino) informs her the report was found after the Feds ransacked the place. She apologizes, and Miguel says he understands she did it because she felt she had to support Devante.

He’s angry she didn’t trust his ability to lead, but now they must move forward. She asks after Devante and he doesn’t openly admit he’s dead but Dita’s able to read between the lines. She’s crying as Emily (Sarah Bolger) enters the kitchen, but Emily comforts her husband rather than his mother.

Angel (Clayton Cardenas), Gilly (Vincent Vargas), and Coco (Richard Cabral) appear to be the last to leave the casino the morning after the meeting with the Galindo cartel. EZ’s already hit the road and has arrived at Felipe’s butcher shop. Felipe (Edward James Olmos) has been concerned about his sons, but EZ seems okay despite everything that went down. He then admits US Attorney Potter wants them to kill Agent Kevin Jimenez. Potter didn’t tell them why, but Felipe realizes it’s because Kevin (EZ’s cousin) must have done something to make Potter scared about a whistleblower screwing up his deal with the cartel.

EZ and Angel are ordered to do the hit by the end of the day or else EZ will go back to jail. Plus, Angel will be exposed to the club as knowing about his brother’s deal. Felipe knows his son can’t do this, but EZ feels he has to to protect Angel.

EZ gets emotional and Felipe warns him not to let Potter turn him into a monster. EZ truly believes he has no choice. Felipe hugs him and says, “We’ll figure it out. Promise me one thing, you won’t do anything – not until you hear from me.” EZ promises but Felipe’s not convinced.

EZ makes it to clubhouse before Angel, and Bishop (Michael Irby) and the club want him to see if Felipe can hook them up with food for a meeting. They’ll be feeding 60-70 people and EZ’s sent off to handle the order. Before he leaves, Marcus asks him to stop by Vicky’s to get his travel bag.

Angel, Coco, and Gilly pull up as EZ’s heading out. EZ doesn’t stop the van to talk, so Angel’s forced to pump Chucky (Michael Ornstein) for details on EZ’s schedule. Chucky, being his typical self, infuriates Angel by giving a vague description of EZ’s outing.

Gilly wants to know what’s got Angel on edge, but he claims it’s just family stuff.

Coco asks about Letty and Chucky says she’s at the post office. As Coco’s walking away, Chucky comments (to himself) about how much he likes Johnny ‘Coco’ Cruz.

Coco’s also the subject of attention over at Potter’s secret task force office. Potter’s not around, but ex-Agent Jimenez’s boss, Bowen (Curtiss Cook), wants to know why he can’t access EZ’s deal or Jimenez’s files. No one on the task force can answer those questions.

Speaking of Agent Jimenez, he’s packing up his car when he gets a call. He tells whoever’s on the other end that he’ll be there soon.

Over at the clubhouse, the Mayans are at the table discussing the cartel and rebels arrangement. Marcus trusts Miguel and believes the deal makes everyone stronger. They’ll vote on that later, but now they have to vote on gun-running. Bishop explains Nestor has a military contact for smaller guns, and Marcus confirms the cartel will continue doing business with Nestor’s contact to keep up appearances since the Feds are aware of that arrangement. Meanwhile, SAMCRO will supply the cartel through the Mayans under the radar.

Marcus acknowledges that the Mayans and SAMCRO have a deal that he intends to fulfill, just as he promised Jax Teller. (Just the mention of Jax’s name is a reminder of how much, as good as Mayans M.C. is, Sons of Anarchy fans still miss that series.)

Bishop confirms the Mayans will handle the business between the Galindo cartel and SAMCRO. A vote’s taken and it’s unanimously approved. Someone from SAMCRO’s already on their way, so it’s a good thing the vote went through.

EZ’s driving doing his errands when he sees Emily. He has a flashback to a night when they were together and had sex outdoors under the stars. Before he pulls away, Emily spots EZ but doesn’t wave.

Kevin Jimenez (Maurice Compte) shows up at the butcher shop and it’s confirmed Felipe was the person on the other end of the phone call. Felipe closes up shop and then says they need to talk in the back. They head into the locker where Felipe actually cuts up meat, and Felipe immediately asks why Kevin lost his badge.

Kevin reveals it was for insubordination and that he angered the wrong people. Felipe brings up Potter and Kevin wonders what’s going on. Neither think any of this makes sense. Kevin believes the fact EZ’s deal is still in place means Potter needs him for something.

As they’re sitting across from each other talking, Felipe stealthily reaches behind him for a gun. Kevin says all this has made him realize he actually cares about his family. Felipe struggles with his decision, and his hand shakes as he holds the gun out of sight.

Kevin realizes something’s wrong just as Felipe puts down the gun. Felipe apologizes and gets emotional, explaining it’s all hitting him now. He tells Kevin to leave and head north, advising him to be with his family.

Angel’s the next person to visit Felipe and cause the shop to close for business. Angel asks if Felipe knows what they have to do, and he wonders where Kevin is or how to reach him. Felipe says he doesn’t know, but then admits he tried to take out Kevin himself but just couldn’t do it. Felipe warns him he can’t just kill Kevin, but Angel says he can. He has to, even though he realizes Felipe adores Kevin. (Once again Clayton Cardenas is giving an amazing, multi-layered, gut-wrenching performance.)

Angel knows EZ’s not meant for this life and he has to protect him by killing Kevin. He’s made his choice. As they talk, Potter calls him but Angel doesn’t answer.

EZ’s driving and does pick up the phone when Potter calls. Potter (Ray McKinnon) reminds him time’s running out. Potter also has the address where Kevin will be having lunch for the next hour. If EZ or Angel don’t kill him there, then Potter might have to call in someone else to do it. EZ angrily replies that he’ll handle it.

Mayans M.C. Season 1 Episode 10 Recap
Clayton Cardenas as Angel Reyes in ‘Mayans M.C.’ season 1 episode 10 (Photo by Prashant Gupta / FX)

Angel parks across the street from Kevin’s house. He’s almost crossed the street when EZ cruises down the block and spots him. Angel knocks on the door and forces Kevin to let him in at gunpoint. He apologizes to his cousin and then pats him down. Unfortunately, Angel’s unaware Bowen’s also inside the house and he gets the jump on Kevin.

EZ makes it in the back door, gun ready. EZ kills Bowen without saying a word and then points the gun at the shocked Kevin. Before he can pull the trigger, Angel shoots Kevin in the head.

EZ sinks to the floor while Angel takes a seat at the dining room table.

Potter arrives shortly after the killings and calls their work sloppy. They realize Potter knew Bowen would be there when he gave them the address, and he admits he monitored the call. He says the killings are manageable. “You can tell that to their families,” says Angel, adding, “They can think about that next time they eat a piece of pie.”

Potter notices the pie and two plates, and his first reaction is to wonder if it’s homemade. That leaves Angel to question what’s wrong with Potter. EZ asks how Potter gets away with this, and Potter explains the gatekeepers have all been fired or resigned.

Potter wants Angel and EZ to transport the dead bodies through the tunnels to Mexico and then dispose of them. Potter assures them he’ll take care of the blood in the house.

EZ and Angel load up the bodies while Potter tastes the pie. He’s disappointed it’s store bought and spits it out.

Over at the Galindo place, Miguel’s placing photos in frames. Nestor interrupts and they reminisce about Nestor’s car-loving deceased brother. The chat turns serious when Miguel explains that with the dueling deals in place, he needs to reorganize and expand his inner circle. Nestor will remain the head of security and handle all protection for his family. However, he’ll be out in the field. He’s being replaced as Miguel’s right-hand man, and Miguel explains this is in large part because he beat a nun to death. Miguel describes that act as effective but lacking in vision.

Miguel reminds him they’re about to playing a very dangerous game. He believes this will make sense later and gives Nestor a hug while saying he’s like a brother to him.

EZ and Angel drive the bodies away, and EZ’s worried he’s going to be late back to the clubhouse. Angel can’t believe that’s what EZ’s thinking about, still stunned they just murdered two Feds. EZ reminds Angel he’d be dead if he didn’t show up to save him, and Angel says, “Then that’s on me. I’m the one who f*cks up.”

EZ says he has to start believing this is his life and that this is supposed to happen. Angel agrees, but says it’s supposed to happen to him – not his little brother.

They make it to the tunnels and wheel the bodies toward Mexico. They spill off the cart and EZ and Angel are forced to take a break. Angel wonders if EZ remembers Kevin, but EZ doesn’t. Angel remembers a July 4th party where Kevin’s dad hit Kevin for spilling relish.

EZ and Angel load them back up and continue the trek.

Back at the Galindo estate, Dita and Emily have a talk. Dita asks if Emily knew about her dead son, but Emily admits Miguel kept that a secret until he discovered the truth. That’s when he spilled the details to Emily. Dita’s now outside the circle of trust.

Adelita and the rebels have settled into a new house, and she assures a young girl they no longer have to run.

EZ and Angel dig the grave and toss the bodies in, with EZ snapping photos to prove the job’s done. Angel reminds him that now they’ve finished the job, EZ has to resign from the club and leave town. “This will be the last f*cking grave you’ll ever dig,” says Angel.

Night falls and Angel pays a visit to Adelita. They go for a walk in the dark and she realizes Angel’s upset. He blames his mood on EZ before telling her he’s glad she’s safe and settled in. He gives her a kiss and promises to check on her later in the week. As he’s walking away, she asks if he wants to spend the night. He replies, “More than you know. Not on a night when I hate myself this much.”

EZ meets up with Potter and shows him the photos. Potter in turn deletes EZ’s deal from the system. “All doors open, all eyes shut,” says Potter. EZ’s free. EZ looks relieved until Potter rocks him by mentioning that by taking out not one but two Feds, he’s created a new problem. EZ now owes Potter a favor.

The Mayans gather at the clubhouse for a party and Coco breaks the news to EZ that Angel’s been made the new secretary. Angel doesn’t smile as he watches EZ deliver beer to Bishop and the club’s leaders.

EZ asks for a minute of their time and they tell him to have a seat at the table.

Felipe arrives with a van full of food and quietly asks Angel what happened. Angel tells his pop the deed’s done and he did it himself. “The golden boy is free and clear,” says Angel, saying EZ will need to pack up and leave in the morning.

Back inside the clubhouse, whatever EZ said to Bishop is accepted, with Bishop saying he understands. After EZ leaves, Marcus asks Bishop to hang back to talk.

Meanwhile, Sons of Anarchy club members arrive including Happy (David Labrava)!

EZ stares at himself in the mirror as he washes his face. He picks up his jacket and heads back into the party, passing by a disapproving Angel.

Marcus remains at the table after speaking privately with Bishop. Finally, he gets up and removes his colors, placing his jacket over his vacated chair. Now in civilian clothes, Marcus and his travel bag head to a waiting Galindo cartel car.

Bishop pulls up a chair next to Angel, shooing away the woman in his lap. Angel confirms EZ talked to him and Bishop admits “it” makes sense. And now we learn what EZ discussed…he wants the club to add a new rule to the bylaws that blood can’t sponsor blood. EZ asked Bishop to sponsor him, claiming the “family shit” was screwing things up. Angel has no choice but to agree.

Over at the Galindo house, Emily and Miguel are relaxing and playing a friendly game of Scrabble. It’s interrupted by the arrival of Marcus who Miguel greets warmly. Miguel believes his father would approve of this new arrangement.

Angel pulls EZ aside and demands his younger brother quit the club and leave town. EZ disagrees, saying what he did in jail was about survival. Now that he’s out, everything’s been about Angel, Felipe, and the club. He’s lost sight of himself but knows he’s not supposed to run. He all but dares Angel to rat him out.

A SAMCRO prospect interrupts to ask if they have any other beer besides Dos Equis. EZ promises to fetch some and asks who it’s for. When the prospect points out his sponsor, EZ lapses into a flashback to his mother’s murder.

Images of her dead body, obtaining a gun from Angel, staking out a bar, and chasing after a fleeing car with a Wildcats sticker flow through his head. He recalls smashing into the back of the car and the driver getting out and fleeing down an alley. The driver turned and fired two shots at him and EZ fired back. Unfortunately, EZ also accidentally fired at a cop who appeared out of nowhere.

After shooting the officer, EZ dropped the gun and ran. Additional cops pursued him and he was trapped by a locked chain-link fence. However, through the fence he saw the car and its driver. The driver looked him straight in the eye and…wait for it…it was Happy! (No, say it isn’t so!)

Cut to current events and Happy makes eye contact with EZ. The final shot of season one shows EZ looking confused and glancing back toward the clubhouse.

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