‘Mayans M.C.’ Season 1 Episode 3 Recap: “Buho/Muwan”

Mayans M.C. Seaon 1 Episode 3
Carla Baratta as Adelita in ‘Mayans M.C.’ season 1 episode 3 (Photo by Prashant Gupta/FX)

FX’s Mayans M.C. season one episode three kicks off with kids playing at the rebel camp while the adults take inventory of their supplies. Suddenly, Adelita (Carla Baratta) hears a vehicle approaching and screams for everyone to hide. The kids take cover and the adults take up strategic positions, armed with rifles. It’s a false alarm as the vehicle’s occupants are Angel (Clayton Cardenas), Coco (Richard Cabral), and EZ (JD Pardo).

However, Galindo’s men are in fact attempting to track the rebels. Fortunately, they’ve been given directions to a deserted camp. A pinata’s been left behind, stuffed with candy and one of Adelita’s flyers. The pinata also contains a colorful toy skull with the kidnapped baby’s name, Cristobal, written across the forehead.

At the real rebel camp, Angel delivers the news that they might have found a buyer out of Nevada who needs product. The Nevada buyer wants to purchase the nine kilos they stole from the Galindo’s but she only has six left. Adelita warns Angel her group’s running out of places to hide.

The club meets with Miguel Galindo (Danny Pino), warning him Adelita’s video has buyers nervous. They want to make sure there will be product to put on the streets. A meeting’s set up with the buyers as Miguel learns his baby was not recovered and the rebels had vacated the camp. He’s also told another video has been released.

Galindo wants the MC to meet with the Chinese to confirm everything is fine.

The new video shows the burned bodies of the innocent street vendor and his young son. The bodies were meant to frighten the rebels and instead they’ve had the opposite effect. Adelita’s people are using the video to show the ruthlessness of the cartel and how it abuses innocent people. The video demands people take a stand and ends with Cristobal’s rattle on top of a flyer.

Cristobal’s mother, Emily (Sarah Bolger), watches the video and then smashes her phone in anger.

Over at the butcher shop, Felipe (Edward James Olmos) makes time to sit down with DEA Agent Kevin Jimenez (Maurice Compte). Jimenez is checking in on EZ since things are escalating between the cartel and the rebels, with the MC brought in to hunt for Cristobal. Felipe says EZ is fine and Jimenez gives him a new contact number. EZ can use it 24/7, and Jimenez warns he better use it soon.

Angel, Coco, and EZ make it back to the clubhouse in time to learn the meeting has been pushed up. While they have a minute alone, Angel warns EZ not to let his feelings about Emily and the baby affect him.

EZ has a flashback to the night of his arrest and to accidentally shooting a cop.

Miguel arrives home and learns from his mother that Emily watched the video. Emily knows Miguel lied to her and escalated the situation after promising to control himself for their son’s sake.

Galindo’s men bust in on a gang of young men who’ve been shaking down Hidalgo Square (the site of the burned bodies). They apologize, saying they had no idea the square was controlled by the cartel.

Coco and Angel learn Galindo invited the Chinese to a sit-down where the cartel will guarantee their product will still be available.

Meanwhile, the club hits the road for the meeting. It’s being held at the San Buho Tribal Casino and the guys have to turn over any weapons due to tribal law. They’ve got a few hours to kill and split up to have a little fun.

Angel meets on the sly with Jimmy, his contact on the side deal, and reveals he has six kilos of 97% pure heroin. Angel agrees to get it to Vegas, and both confirm it will remain an outside deal.

Back at the butcher shop, Felipe keeps his eyes on a van for a cable company that’s been surveilling the place for a few days.

Mayans M.C. Season 1 Episode 3
Richard Cabral as Johnny “Coco” Cruz and Clayton Cardenas as Angel Reyes in ‘Mayans M.C.’ season 1 episode 3 (Photo by Prashant Gupta/FX)

Coco plays some blackjack and is on a winning streak. It turns out Coco is counting cards and Angel forces him away from the table before he’s busted.

EZ heads to the bar where he’s harassed by off duty cops. One in particular gives him a hard time, but EZ walks away without retaliating.

Emily’s mother-in-law, Dita (Ada Maris), sends Diego out to get Emily a new phone. Emily, still livid and frustrated, decides she needs to go to Hidalgo Square to see the place for herself. When Emily asks what she would do in the same situation, Dita finally agrees to accompany her to the square.

Elsewhere, one of the young gang members is brought to stand before Miguel. Miguel takes a knife, cuts the teen’s hand, and then places the gang member’s blood on his own face. Miguel calls this a sacred vow that means they’re bonded.

After the teen’s taken away, Miguel admits he made the ceremony up. It’s part of a plan to use the young gang – and others from the area – as eyes on the street to watch for Adelita’s group.

Coco, EZ, and Angel finally head to the meeting with their prison hook-ups (supply managers who control 26 prisons). The Chinese are also in attendance to discuss their arrangement and the impact of the rebels. Bishop (Michael Irby) assures their partners the drugs will continue to flow, and even suggests increasing the percentage of profits the prison group will receive to quiet anyone who might be ready to seek an arrangement elsewhere.

Bishop gives his word the shipments will never be interrupted by the rebels again. An agreement is struck, the meeting is adjourned, and the Chinese and MC hang out to celebrate. A toast is made to new allies and dead traitors. With that, Bishop shoots Jimmy in the back of the head.

It turns out the Chinese knew Jimmy was doing side deals but couldn’t kill him themselves. They set it up in advance that the Mayans would take care of their problem.

Before the Mayans leave the casino, EZ’s reminded he has “unfinished business.” EZ doesn’t want to get busted for punching a cop, however he’s told he won’t get in trouble because it’s tribal ground. One punch is all it takes before the cop’s buddies haul him away. EZ has a bit of a smile and more swagger as he leaves the casino.

Adelita and a few of her people walk through the square, unknowingly crossing paths with Emily and Dita who pause to watch the spot where the bodies were place be scrubbed clean. Emily still can’t believe Miguel lied to her. Emily notices a baby in a stroller, but it’s not her son. She cries as she admits it was a stupid idea to come to the square.

That night, Felipe opens a locked cabinet and takes out one of his guns. The stranger in the van that was parked outside the butcher shop is now outside his house, and Felipe demands to know his identity. It turns out his name is Santiago Martin Himmler. Felipe questions him at gunpoint and learns he’s working with Agent Jimenez. He’s there because Jimenez wanted him to watch over Felipe since the Galindo cartel appears to be prepping for war.

Felipe disarms Santiago, tossing the agent’s gun away. “I don’t need a babysitter,” he growls as he stalks away.

EZ finally makes it home and Felipe’s been sitting up, watching TV, loaded gun in his lap. He covers it so EZ doesn’t know it’s there. Felipe then decides to tear up the note with Jimenez’s new contact number instead of passing it on to EZ.

Miguel comes to bed and apologizes to Emily. He’s aware she went to the square, but he’s not angry.

Bishop and Marcus go over the day’s events, and Marcus reveals he still wonders how the details of the Vegas run were discovered the night the shipment was attacked. Bishop wonders if it’s someone in the MC but Marcus isn’t sure.

Angel checks in on his dad and then hunts for food in the frig.

Adelita’s rebels sit around a campfire and eat dinner. A young boy who claims to be the son of the burned vendor has joined their group and when he reaches for a piece of bread, a slash across his palm is revealed!

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