‘Mayans M.C.’ Season 1 Episode 5 Recap: “Uch/Opossum”

Mayans MC Season 1 Episode 5 Recap
JD Pardo as EZ Reyes in ‘Mayans M.C.’ episode 5 (Photo by Prashant Gupta/FX)

FX Network’s Mayans M.C. season one continues with an episode that finds the net seeming to be closing around Adelita and her rebels. Season one episode five also found EZ and Angel’s side deal coming close to being fully exposed to the club.

Episode five opens with EZ (JD Pardo) arriving at the hospital to check on Emily’s condition. Officer Franky Rogan (Edwin Hodge) meets him before he heads inside, explaining what happened at the Fiesta. Rogan warns him Miguel Galindo’s men are all over the place watching over Emily, but EZ’s nearly frantic wanting to check on her himself. A nurse conspires with Rogan, and EZ is able to see Emily without Galindo or his men aware of what’s taking place.

Emily (Sarah Bolger) blames herself for pushing through the crowd at the church, and EZ’s confused as to why the rebels would kill a nun. Emily rages that the rebels are dangerous and the nun was killed to hurt Miguel. She asks after her baby and EZ lies and tells her he hasn’t heard anything.

Galindo’s main enforcer, Nestor (Gino Vento), spies EZ leaving a room followed by Emily.

EZ calls his brother, Angel (Clayton Cardenas), and briefly fills him in on what went down. After Angel hangs up, he hears someone in his house. His window’s open and he spies the back of Alice’s head. It turns out that’s the only body part of Alice’s that’s in his house, and Cole’s the one who delivered it. Cole’s helping himself to orange juice in the kitchen when Angel finally realizes what he’s seeing.

Cole (Branton Box) admits to the slaughter of Alice’s men, and they sit down to have a surprisingly civil discussion. Angel reveals his little group inside the club has six kilos of heroin to move that the club doesn’t know about. Cole describes his group as being “unf*ckable” and Angel is up for making a deal.

Back at the hospital, Devante (Tony Plana) assures Miguel (Danny Pino) the photo of Adelita’s gone out to everyone. Also, the church is pleased Galindo’s paying to repair the damages. Miguel admits Emily’s, understandably, upset about the death of the nun.

Nestor interrupts to inform Miguel he saw Emily and EZ meeting on the sly. “It’s good to know my wife is talking to someone,” replies Miguel, sarcastically.

EZ pays a visit to his dad, Felipe (Edward James Olmos), breaking the news Emily was injured at the church. He thinks Emily’s in trouble and he tells his dad the Feds want Emily to flip. EZ believes it might be her best option because it would keep her safe. Felipe, wisely, advises him not to do it because he’d have to disclose the whole story and Emily’s been with Miguel too long.

After the visit, Felipe closes his shop and removes a gun from its hiding place.

Over at the clubhouse, Angel, Coco (Richard Cabral), and Gilly (Vincent Vargas) discuss the Fiesta and the church. Coco’s learned Adelita’s telling the town Galindo was behind it. Angel passes along the news Cole wants to buy the heroin. He describes Cole as part of a group of ex-military mercenaries who have contacts everywhere. The rebels need the cash, so a deal has to be made. Cole also wants Angel to provide passage into the country via the tunnel for an Afghanistan interpreter who’s on the no-fly list.

Angel sends Gilly off to the ranch to find out more about the tunnel they uncovered when they were burying Dennis. Angel and Coco split up as the rest of the MC arrives.

Galindo thugs pull up alongside EZ and suggest he follow their car. They drive to somewhere close to the border where Miguel is waiting for the meeting. Miguel apologizes for handling it this way and reveals he knows EZ saw Emily at the hospital. Miguel explains he’s going to be buying this property, which is in no man’s land, for a major development. EZ compares Miguel to Michael Corleone, aware this will be a money laundering operation for the cartel. They compare intellects by speaking Latin, equally surprised the other is capable of doing so.

As they’re talking another car pulls up. Miguel warns EZ to stay away from Emily, and EZ indicates he got the message loud and clear. Miguel finishes up his brief talk with EZ to greet the Mayor who’s arrived to discuss his business plan.

Over at the clubhouse, Marcus (Emilio Rivera) shows Bishop (Michael Irby) and two other Mayans the photo Galindo’s passing around. They didn’t realize the rebels are being led by a woman, and Marcus suggests they don’t show the photo to any other club member. Marcus still believes there’s a traitor among them.

Angel warns EZ to stay away from both Emily and Miguel. Angel thinks if they can finish the deal with Cole and get the money to the rebels, they can end the cartel’s hold over everything including the club.

Adelita (Carla Baratta) is told the church believes the cartel killed Sister Jane, but they need to break off their ties to the rebels (Los Olvidados) until things settle down. Adelita is determined to continue her work, convinced Sister Jane wouldn’t want the rebels to be deterred.

As Angel and EZ make their way through the tunnel and into a parked car in Mexico, Angel explains to EZ he’s not sure why Adelita needs so much cash. He’s only told bits of the plan at a time.

They follow instructions to pick up the Afghan translator, but unfortunately the cops have beat them to it. The translator and his wife are already handcuffed, and EZ and Angel are also placed in cuffs. The translator explains a doctor was called in to check on his pregnant wife and tipped off the cops.

Mayans M.C. Season 1 Episode 5 Recap
Clayton Cardenas as Angel Reyes in ‘Mayans M.C.’ season 1 episode 5 (Photo by Prashant Gupta/FX)

Angel attempts to explain they were just following orders. The ranking cop tells them to return to whoever sent them and tell him it’ll cost $100,000 to free the translator (who the cops assume is a terrorist) and his wife.

The cops give EZ until the morning to get the money or they’ll kill Angel, the translator, and his wife.

EZ calls Coco, panicking about what just went down. Unfortunately, only Angel has Cole’s number so they can’t get the money that way. Coco sets up a place to meet EZ and then rides off without telling the club.

After Coco takes off, Chucky (Michael Ornstein) tells Bishop and the MC he believes Coco’s going through some issues. He reveals he saw Coco and a woman arguing at a diner but doesn’t know who she is. Bishop shows him Adelita’s photo and he says, “I don’t know. Maybe,” when they ask if she’s the woman who was with Coco. (Damn Chucky, keep your mouth shut!)

Bishop sends Tranq (Frankie Loyal) off to follow Coco, instantly suspicious that Coco is the traitor. However, Bishop doesn’t tell Marcus he suspects Coco. He confesses he hates the idea of spying on someone in his club.

Meanwhile, Felipe meets with an old friend at the La Iguana Bar in El Centro. It turns out the man is Agent Jimenez’ father.

Gilly checks out the tunnel under Dennis’ grave. It’s fairly large and he finds an exit that leads straight to the back of Vicky’s whorehouse. Riz and Creeper are there, and they’re surprised to see Gilly, dirty, at the front door. When he goes inside to clean up, they are clearly confused about how he got there and where he parked his bike.

Coco and EZ meet with Adelita assuring her they have a buyer for the heroin. She’s not sympathetic about Angel’s capture by the dirty cops and doesn’t think that even if they turned over $100k, they’d get him back alive. EZ’s angry Adelita won’t help, and then Coco suggests they give the cops heroin instead of the money.

At the hospital, Emily’s advised by Devante that she can’t pick and choose what she accepts about Miguel. She has to be all in or get out. She believes Miguel’s lost and swings between volatile moods. Devante suggests she has to tell Miguel everything and that secrets aren’t healthy. (Five episodes in and Emily remains my least favorite character of the series. It doesn’t help the role’s underwritten, at least thus far.)

Tranq calls in that he lost Coco in the tunnels.

EZ, Coco, Adelita, and one of her men arrive at the house where Angel’s being held. They brought heroin instead of the cash and the cops aren’t satisfied. They handcuff everyone, including Adelita.

The cops suddenly cut everyone free and let them go, except for Adelita. They show Adelita her photo on the computer, identifying her as the rebel leader. There’s a reward and the cops want to collect on that by turning her over. (It’s the first time EZ, Angel or Adelita are aware her identity has been made public.)

Angel protests but the cops have the upper hand. Adelita warns the cops they’ll suffer the consequences if they don’t let her go since they’ve received their payment. They don’t listen and Adelita’s taken to the bedroom.

However, she didn’t enter the house without backup. Her man signals to the rebels that she needs help and they spring into action, gunning down the cops. Just as quickly as her rebel backup assembled, they disperse.

Adelita kisses Angel on the lips when he apologizes for the deal going south. She then warns him not to do that again.

The translator and his wife are brought across the border and delivered to Cole. Cole offers $50k for each of the kilos of heroin and Angel accepts.

Felipe’s doing undercover work, parked outside a house where a woman and her children are unloading a car. He surreptitiously snaps a few photos and then drives away.

The Mayor pays a visit to Bishop at the clubhouse, upset Miguel will pull the building project if she doesn’t change the zoning and lie about the EPA reports. Bishop reveals Miguel’s son was kidnapped by the rebels and he might not be thinking straight. Bishop promises to keep her informed about the kidnapping and assures her he has her back.

EZ, Coco, and Angel arrive as the Mayor leaves and they’re grilled about where they’ve been. After they’ve walked away, Bishop whispers to his guys to keep an eye on Coco and Angel.

EZ heads into his trailer and is shocked to find Emily inside. She confesses she had an abortion out of spite after EZ went to prison and told her to stay away. EZ takes all the blame (as usual) while Emily cries (as usual) about doing it to hurt him. She thinks her baby’s been taken as a punishment by God for what she did.

EZ comforts her and is about to confess the truth when Angel opens the trailer door. Emily leaves and Angel won’t allow his brother to go after her. Angel yells at his brother not to see Emily until everything’s done. They wind up in a fist fight and accidentally knock down a photo of them with their mom. The punches stop flying as they apologize to her picture.

EZ agrees to what Angel said, telling him he has his back. They hug and then Angel takes off to call Adelita about the deal with Cole.

Felipe tracks down Agent Kevin Jimenez (Maurice Compte) as he’s about to get into his car after work. Felipe informs Kevin he visited his dad, and then hands over his real paperwork. It turns out he was a drug inspector with the Federales. He then shows Jimenez the photo of he and his partner with the severed heads, explaining he did very bad things to corrupt people. He left that life behind and wants Jimenez to forget about exposing his story to his boys. If Jimenez continues down this path, Felipe promises he’ll become that man again and ruin him and everything he loves.

Jimenez wants to know what that means but Felipe just drives away. Jimenez gets a text as Felipe’s truck disappears and it’s photos of his wife and kids taken by Felipe.

Emily returns home and Miguel’s in a rotten mood. She doesn’t explain where she went other than to say she took an Uber to clear her head. Miguel follows her and continues asking about what she was up to. He wants to know if she was with EZ, and Emily doesn’t answer. Miguel confesses he knows she saw EZ at the hospital, and Emily claims it was nothing.

Miguel tells her not to take Ubers anymore because he can’t protect her. The argument turns to who’s to blame for Cristobal being kidnapped. Miguel places the blame squarely at Emily’s feet since their baby was with her when he was taken. She slaps him hard across the face demanding he take it back. He won’t, and he grabs her by the hair and slams her down on the couch. He slaps her and suddenly the fight shifts from just anger to anger/lust.

The episode ends with Emily and Miguel having sex. Over at the whorehouse, EZ is doing the same.

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