‘Roswell, New Mexico’ Season 2 Episode 6 Recap: “Sex and Candy”

Roswell New Mexico Season 2 Episode 6
Tyler Blackburn as Alex and Heather Hemmens as Maria in ‘Roswell, New Mexico’ season 2 Episode 6 (Photo: Richard Foreman © 2020 The CW Network, LLC)

The CW’s Roswell, New Mexico season two episode six picks up with Isobel (Lily Cowles) and Max (Nathan Parsons) in a brutal fight. Isobel eggs him on, trying to get her brother to expel the darkness. He can’t control himself and is about to zap Isobel when Michael (Michael Vlamis) arrives to help his sister. It works as a brief distraction but then Max turns his attention back to Isobel. The amount of electricity flowing between the siblings shorts out his pacemaker and Michael uses his powers to telekinetically reset Max’s heart.

It works and Max apologizes for what he just put them through. He’s wobbly but alive!

Liz (Jeanine Mason) runs in as Max is hugging Isobel but when she races to hug her resurrected boyfriend, he has no idea who she is.

Liz, Michael, and Isobel try and figure out what’s up and discuss ways to get Max’s memories back. They carry on this discussion in front of him – something he points out when he asks them not to act like he’s not there. Liz really thinks they can get the memories back by pumping him full of antidotes.

Max isn’t comfortable having Liz around because he doesn’t like the idea that she knows their alien secrets.

Maria (Heather Hemmens) sets up a “Mexican market” in the parking lot of the bar and Alex (Tyler Blackburn) wonders what’s up. She wants him to go on a mission with her but before they can take off, an adorable dog runs up and Alex can’t resist picking her up. Turns out her name’s Buffy and her owner, Forrest (Christian Antidormi), says she’s been acting weird. Maria thinks it’s because of the impending meteor shower.

Alex asks how the two know each other and Maria explains Forrest is helping her organize an open mic night at The Wild Pony. Forrest flirts with Alex but that doesn’t go over well.

Maria wants Alex to go with her to figure out where her mom got the boots she came back with after wandering around the desert.

Max and Liz are also hanging out – separately – at Maria’s market. Max absolutely butchers Spanish as he tries to describe what he wants from a vendor. Liz rescues him and they tease each other, getting super flirty. Max has a killer smile going on as he explains he meant to say he didn’t want condoms on his jerky.

Max asks Liz out on a date to watch the meteor shower that night. Initially, Liz turns him down but then pretty quickly caves when Max turns on the charm.

A little later, Michael, Isobel, and Max are hanging out as Isobel puts together an outfit for Max to wear on his date. Max is busy texting people – they’ve been reaching out since he returned. But he’s worried he can’t reach Cameron. Michael explains Max ghosted her so she’s probably ghosting him in return. (Remember, Cameron is MIA afeter being sucked up into a bright light.)

Maria and Alex play a game of Never Have I Ever as they drive to the cobbler’s place. Maria reminds him he was her first kiss and her first boob graze. She had to change her life plans when he came out; she admits she thought she would marry him.

Alex delivers his own bombshell. When he kissed her, it was the first time he felt happy touching someone.

Michael calls but Maria doesn’t pick up the phone. Alex tries to get her to not give up on Michael, reminding her he acted as though he killed someone for 10 years so that Isobel didn’t have to shoulder that guilt. Plus, he really only lies to protect his family. And he pushes people away to protect them.

They keep driving but now they’re pretty much lost. To make matters worse, they get a flat tire and don’t have a spare. Maria’s happy she’s got an armed military guy with her since they’re in the middle of nowhere. Unfortunately, Alex isn’t carrying his gun.

The guy who owns the property appears out of nowhere, holding an ax. When Maria explains they’re looking for the bootmaker, he claims that’s him. He introduces himself as Travis (David Anders) and invites them in. (The man definitely gives off a creepy serial killer vibe. Commence the “Don’t go in the house!” screaming in three, two, one…)

Travis offers them milk but they both refuse. (Extremely wise decision.) Maria asks if he remembers who he sold turquoise boots to and he claims he doesn’t. But when Maria shows him a photo of her mom, he remembers she bought them with cash. Maria doesn’t think her mom has that much cash, and Travis takes offense thinking she’s calling him a liar.

When Travis steps outside, Alex says what we’re all thinking. “This guy’s going to turn us into skin suits!”

Maria can’t reach Michael because the cell service sucks. When she suggests Alex look for receipts while she tries to get better service, Alex squashes that idea. “This is why I don’t like horror films. The gay guy always dies first,” he says. Umm, no, that’s not the horror film first victim trope. Maria stares at him and he corrects himself and says, “Or second.”

Max shows up for their date at the café and Liz is still working. She serves him up a Little Green Men milkshake, hoping that it will – as Max says – “bring all his milkshakes to the yard.” (His pop song recall remains spot-on.)

He takes a sip and says he doesn’t like it. Liz is confused; he’s been ordering this particular milkshake since he was 14. She shakes it off saying when people wake up from comas, they sometimes have changes in their personalities.

Max and Liz take a horseback ride and it’s her first time on a horse. He tells her a story about his experiences but then realizes he’s probably told her this story before. Max apologizes, admitting he just wants this first date to be better than their first first date. Liz corrects him – they never had a real first date.

“It’s a first date for both of us,” she says as they take their leisurely ride.

Isobel’s also pouring on the flirty vibes with a sexy female bartender at the Planet 7 bar, looking to get into the good kind of trouble. She then spots Kyle (Michael Trevino) at a table by himself. She joins him and he admits he just hasn’t wanted to hang out at The Wild Pony. Isobel realizes it’s because he wants to avoid Liz now that Max is back.

A few drinks later, Kyle and Isobel do some dirty dancing and seem to be into each other. They make small talk as they feel each other’s bodies on the dance floor. Kyle brings up watching the meteor shower and Isobel says she doesn’t like them since her family burst into flames entering the earth’s atmosphere. Kyle feels super guilty until he realizes Isobel’s just screwing with him. (This is the happiest we’ve seen either character over a season and a half! True chemistry going on between this unlikely duo.)

Isobel suggests he take her into the bathroom.

Night falls and Max and Liz take a seat under a blanket. He offers her some whiskey before they play 20 questions. Liz reveals it took him 20 years to tell her he loved her. She talks about her ex-fiancé and opens up about leaving him without saying goodbye.

Max confesses the worst thing he’s ever done is kill a man on a camping trip. He recalls the man came out of nowhere and attacked Isobel. He’s ashamed of it and that leads him to explain why he wanted Isobel to kill him. He doesn’t want to risk hurting even one innocent person.

Liz thinks that coming out of the pod with some memories deleted is probably a good thing. It’s a clean slate for them, but Max reminds her she was the love of his life according to his siblings. Liz assures him the worst thing that happened to him was actually connected to her, and she doesn’t want those memories to return.

Liz puts an early end to their first date.

Roswell New Mexico Season 2 Episode 6
David Anders as Travis and Tyler Blackburn as Alex in ‘Roswell, New Mexico’ season 2 episode 6 (Photo: Richard Foreman © 2020 The CW Network, LLC)

Back at Travis’ place, Alex is busted looking around the house. He’s forced to admit Maria’s mom was taken and showed up weeks later wearing Travis’ rare boots. They just want some answers.

Travis is as crazy as we assumed and begins singing, “I think we’re alone now.” Alex attempts to leave but Travis takes a swing at him with his guitar. As they fight, Travis picks up a sharp tool and stabs Alex in the chest.

Alex screams out in pain and Maria, cautiously, moves toward the house. Only Travis emerges, claiming that Alex attacked him. Maria turns to run away as he says, “My condolences.”

Maria attempts to grab the ax but can’t remove it from a tree stump. Instead, she flees into a cornfield. Travis follows close behind.

Maria’s totally freaked out and screams as she runs into Michael who’s also shown up in the cornfield. He explains he saw her truck and followed her screams. As they’re talking, Travis walks up behind Michael and hits him in the head with the ax. Michael’s knocked out as Maria takes off screaming – again.

From the terrifying cornfield we head straight to the bar where Isobel is assuring Kyle she’s not the type of alien who eats humans. They discuss the merits of casual hookups and Kyle admits he’s six drinks in and she’s super attractive. But, there’s someone else.

Blaire the bartender cuts in. It’s not Kyle she wants to dance with – it’s Isobel.

While Isobel’s getting her flirt on, out in the cornfield in the middle of nowhere Maria’s tricked Travis and kicks him in the balls. She grabs his ax, hits him with it, and flees again. She runs to Michael’s who seems to be okay and the two return to retrieve Alex.

The threesome’s outside the house when Travis appears. But wait…there are two Travises. (Or is it Travi?) Anyway, the one who isn’t insane shoots the one who stabbed Alex and chased Maria into the cornfield.

The “good” Travis explains the evil one showed up a few weeks ago and locked him in a shed. He was finally able to escape when Maria and Alex distracted the evil Travis. The clone apparently has to do with some paramilitary group and research & development.

Max is back home by himself when he starts looking through his books. A bullet falls from one and as he holds it, he remembers Liz being shot and saving her life.

Liz is on the roof of the Crash Down Café with a bottle of wine when Max shows up. His memories have come back and he explains that he never liked Little Green Man milkshakes. He only drank it when she brought him the wrong shake because he was in love with her. Since that day he’s just acted like he enjoys them.

Liz listens with tears in her eyes as she realizes he truly does remember her.

“I am not better off without you. I am not whole without you,” says Max. He confesses he had no idea what would happen when he brought back Rosa, but he just wanted to heal everyone by resurrecting her.

They passionately kiss. When he suggests they go back to his place, she says no. She wants him right now on the café’s roof.

Back at the bar, Isobel is also busy passionately kissing the bartender. Her shift must be over because they drift out of the bar together with Isobel in the lead.

Michael, Alex, and Maria make it back to Michael’s trailer where Michael looks over Alex’s knife wound on his chest. “I can’t believe I was Shyamalaned by an evil twin,” say Alex.

The sexual tension flows as Maria and Michael tend to Alex in close quarters. Michael can’t believe he almost lost both of them, and he and Maria kiss. Alex watches and then says it’s time for him to go. Maria doesn’t want him to leave and kisses him on the lips. She says, “I just want us all safe.”

She grabs Michael’s hand while still seated next to Alex. Commence a sensual threesome that heats up the screen.

The following morning Alex and Michael discuss Travis. Apparently Travis set his house on fire and is gone, according to the sheriff’s report.

Alex wonders if Maria’s still asleep as they stand just a few feet from Michael’s trailer. “I really never thought I would check that off my bucket list,” admits Alex.

Michael asks if Alex believes they’ve crossed a line. “I mean, if you told me I was gonna have a threesome with my best friend and my first love I would say, ‘Which circle of hell am I in?’”

Alex confesses he felt loved. They both admit they thought they’d end up together.

Michael doesn’t follow Alex as he walks away. Instead, he returns to Maria.

Max and Liz make-out outside the café before she has to start work for the day. He tells her he loves her and as he walks away, Liz realizes she still hasn’t said it to him. She blurts out, “I love you,” and can’t believe she didn’t say it for the first time after his milkshake speech. She blames the fact she didn’t on him removing his pants and distracting her.

Max reveals that the whole time he was gone he knew she loved him.

Alex shows up for open mic night at The Wild Pony. He listens as Forrest recites an original poem.

Isobel’s waiting at Max’s place when he finally returns home from his overnight date. She wants to catch up and demands to hear the scoop on his date. She’s proud to show off her “I got probed at Planet 7” T-shirt from the gay bar. When she tells him she saw Kyle there and she met a lesbian, Max doesn’t respond. He’s taken off his shirt and has a vision of himself as a child chained to the floor.