‘Roswell, New Mexico’ Season 1 Episode 13 Recap: “Recovering the Satellites”

Roswell, New Mexico Season 1 Episode 13
Jeanine Mason as Liz in ‘Roswell, New Mexico’ season 1 episode 13 (Photo: Ursula Coyote © 2019 The CW Network)

The CW’s alien drama, Roswell, New Mexico, finishes up its first season with the show’s fate still unknown. The CW renewed most of their primetime shows earlier this year, however midseason newcomer Roswell, New Mexico is still waiting to learn whether it will return for a second season.

With its status unknown, the season one finale (episode 13 airing April 23, 2019) finished up on a cliffhanger. If there’s no season two, we’ll never find out if Max and Liz are permanently separated after finally realizing they were meant for each other. (Update: The CW confirmed it’s bringing the series back for a second season.)

Season one episode 13 opens with Max (Nathan Dean Parsons) and Michael (Michael Vlamis) continuing their fight over Noah’s fate. Max holds his brother at gunpoint as Michael breaks down, convinced the only way they’ll ever learn about themselves is if Noah remains alive long enough to divulge their history. Max is moved by Michael’s story of finding aliens, including their mother, locked up in the prison and of then having to watch as everyone inside the building was incinerated in a bomb blast.

Michael wants to administer the antidote, allowing Noah to live. Noah’s just minutes from dying and Max won’t be swayed from his position that Noah must die. Instead of shooting Michael, Max shoots the antidote. Curing Noah is no longer an option.

Michael, furious, sends his brother flying through a glass window. (Michael doesn’t think when he’s angry.)

Michael turns his attention to Noah (Karan Oberoi), demanding to know the location of more of the antidote. Holding him at gunpoint, he walks the weakened alien toward the door. Noah stumbles, picks up a piece of glass, and stabs Michael in the neck. Noah then sucks down what’s left of the antidote before escaping, leaving Max unconscious and Michael bleeding out.

Over at the bar, Liz (Jeanine Mason) and Maria (Heather Hemmens) are attempting to relax when Liz notices the flower inside Maria’s necklace. It’s a family heirloom Maria’s mom swears protects them from evil. Liz realizes it’s an extremely rare flower that only grows in one spot in the Libyan desert. (Liz is a walking encyclopedia of relevant facts.)

Over at Alex’s lab, Kyle (Michael Trevino) looks through the prison’s hard drives for more info on the alien who gave his dad Stage 4 brain cancer. He sees his dad fall into the cell where the alien was locked up. It turns out Alex’s dad, Jesse, pushed him and caused his death.

Speak of the devil, Jesse (Trevor St. John) tells his son, Flint, that he’s disappointed the intruders (including his other son) escaped alive.

Liz is back at the closed café ready to drown her worries in ice cream when Noah shows up. Liz manages to escape into the freezer while Noah taunts her that she’s nothing like her sister.

Meanwhile, Max finally comes to and discovers Michael looking like a bloody mess. He’s not moving, and Max uses his powers to revive him.

Noah’s able to use his mind to unlock the freezer. Fortunately, Liz is super smart and very lucky. She just happened to have a vial of the powder that knocked out Max and Michael in her pocket. Before Noah barged in, she dumped it on the floor, rendering him powerless. Smooth move, Liz!

Noah is now the one trapped in the freezer.

Max heals Michael just as Isobel (Lily Cowles) arrives. Michael’s still unconscious and Max thinks it’s best they take over before he comes around. Max is drained but Isobel supplies him with nail polish remover to help get his strength back. He calls Liz to warn her Noah’s escaped, something she’s aware of.

As they talk, Noah begins yelling at her from the freezer. Max tells Liz to run but she refuses because she doesn’t want Noah on the loose and killing innocent people.

Ever the quick thinker, Liz picks up a spice that looks like the powder. She also picks up a knife because fake yellow powder might not be enough to hold Noah at bay.

Noah and Liz scream at each other through the freezer door. Noah has become an even bigger jerk since nearly dying and he reveals Liz’s big secret: Liz sent their mom away after she learned their mom cheated on their father with Kyle’s father who’s really Rosa’s dad.

Noah escapes the freezer and grabs the knife from Liz. She tosses the yellow powder on him and he flees the café after stabbing Liz in the side.

Liz calls Max to let him know Noah’s escaped but doesn’t reveal she’s hurt. When he says he’s on his way to the café, Liz insists he try and locate Noah instead. Isobel has a good idea where he might be headed.

Noah heads to the bar and stumbles into a patron in the parking lot. He kills the man and regains some more of his strength.

Liz called Kyle for help and he arrives at the café, shocked that she’s been injured. She refuses to go to the hospital and instead insists he stitch her up at the café. While he works, Liz tells him what Noah said about Rosa’s father. Kyle admits he’d already learned that little secret.

Max and Isobel find Noah in the desert…but it turns out Isobel is under Max’s control once again. Noah used her to bring Max to him. Max takes aim and fires, but Noah is faster than a speeding bullet. He’s also capable of using his mind to tie Max’s intestines in a knot. (Noah is a truly awful alien.)

Michael’s finally up and moving around again. He makes it home to find Alex is at his place. Alex confesses he enlisted because of what his dad did to them. However, Alex thinks he’s becoming his dad.

As they talk Michael has a vision of Isobel with Noah by their pods. He leaves Alex behind without an explanation, promising they’ll talk later, and heads out to help his sister.

Noah’s brought Max and Isobel to the pods, and Noah admits he’s keeping them alive because of Max’s powers. Noah reminds him their home planet was ravaged by war. Whoever won won’t leave them on Earth; they’d come and pick them up. Or, at least they’d make the journey to retrieve Max. It turns out Max is the savior. (What?!) At some point in the future they’ll come and when they do, Max, Michael, and Isobel will be in the pods. Noah will trade them for a ride home.

Max protests, saying he’s not a savior. Noah reveals Max is powerful enough to be a god. He has untapped resources within him, if he’d only just unlock them. (Do it now, Max, and save your family!)

Noah informs Max those Biblical stories about men coming from the heavens and parting seas were actually written about him. Noah can’t kill Max or he won’t have leverage, but he can render him near death.

Michael makes it to the cave and uses his powers to send Noah flying into a wall. Max asks Michael to hold Noah off as Max runs from the cave into thunder and lightning. Max walks into the desert and grabs lightning from the sky. His hands flicker with electricity as he stands in the rain and looks to the sky.

Noah emerges from the cave and immediately tries to convince Max that they are the serpent and the man. “They’re not killing each other; they are one!” yells Noah.

Max turns to face him and launches the lightning directly at Noah’s chest. The bolts hit and course through Noah as he’s lifted into the sky. Isobel is inside Noah’s mind as he’s dying. She tells him she never loved him and hands back his wedding ring. Isobel’s confused when he replies, “Take care of her, Isobel.”

Michael and Isobel emerge from the cave as Max drops Noah to the ground, dead. He has the lightning pattern across his chest.

Kyle heads to the gun store and wants to buy a weapon. He admits he’s not the type of person who buys a gun, and he’s surprised there isn’t even a background check. The clerk laughs and asks if Kyle thinks he’s in California.

Kyle’s obviously messed up and angry, yet the clerk agrees to sell him a gun, even offering to do so at a discount.

Max, Michael, and Isobel return to the pod cave where Liz confesses she lied to Noah as he was dying. She then reveals Noah said, “Take care of her,” but Max blows it off. Michael wished they had gotten some answers from Noah, but Max is over all that. He doesn’t want to know anything and just wants to live in the present.

Max is frustrated with his siblings and their desire for details of the past. He wants them both to live for the future. Without Michael’s permission and before he can react, Max grabs Michael’s damaged hand and heals it.

The next morning Liz beats Max to his house. She finds the broken window and the blood and then hears Max call her name from outside. Max assures her Noah is gone and won’t be back. When she asks if he’s okay, Max says, “I’m better than I have been in a long time.”

They head inside and immediately start stripping off each other’s clothes. Max stops as he finds her bandaged wound, but she insists she’s fine. They make it to bed and are lost in each other when Liz asks him to place his hand on her chest so they can connect. “I want you to feel what I feel for you,” says Liz.

Meanwhile, Michael and Isobel are still walking around in the desert. She thinks Noah hid more antidote somewhere nearby, but then the talk turns to romantic troubles. Isobel reminds him her dysfunctional marriage trumps his “flimsy little closet.”

Michael surprises Isobel by opening up and revealing Alex knows everything. Plus, Alex’s family is involved in the conspiracy that killed the aliens held at the prison. Yet even with all that, he loves Alex. But it hurts.

Isobel thinks maybe they should just start looking forward. Of course, that’s when they spot Noah’s secret hiding spot. There are books and other items inside the small cave. And, there’s a pod…

Michael and Isobel assume it’s Noah’s until they pull the blanket off to reveal…wait for it…Rosa’s inside! So that’s who “take care of her” was referring to.

Max and Liz are in a much happier mood post-sex. Isobel texts at an inopportune time, but Liz tells Max to go be with her since she’s going through a rough time. Besides, Liz wants to go visit her sister’s grave. Now that Liz has all the answers, Rosa feels even more gone.

Kyle is continuing his research at Alex’s lab when he’s surprised by Alex’s dad, Jesse. When Kyle turns around to confront him, Jesse shoots him in the chest without giving Kyle a chance to speak. Fortunately for Michael Trevino fans (and what Roswell, New Mexico viewer isn’t one?), Kyle isn’t dead. He catches Jesse by surprise, hits him over the head, and then grabs his gun.

It turns out Kyle bought a bulletproof vest instead of a gun. He points Jesse’s weapon at him as Jesse confesses that even though an alien killed his daughter, Kyle’s dad still wanted to close the prison. Jesse wants to expose the aliens and arm Americans to do battle with these visitors from space.

Kyle’s a man of action now and he plunges a syringe into Jesse’s neck. It’s loaded with barbiturates that’ll put Jesse in a medically-induced coma.

Max joins Michael and Isobel at Rosa’s pod. They’re not sure when Noah placed Rosa in the pod or why, but Max knows he needs to tell Liz what’s going on. Isobel warns that if he does, it will haunt Liz’s nightmares forever.

Max comes up with the brilliant (depending on your point of view) idea to try and revive Rosa. He parrots Noah’s words, asking his siblings if it’s possible they’re only using a small piece of their potential powers. Michael doesn’t want him to resurrect a girl who’s been dead for a decade. He wants them to bury her and then take the time to just be normal and happy.

Max leaves with Isobel and Michael without doing anything to Rosa other than replace the blanket over her pod.

Michael shows up at the bar while Maria’s counting money. They get all flirty again and kiss, both aware they need to talk this over. (Just want to note that Michael Vlamis has amazing chemistry with all his co-stars.)

Michael picks up the guitar and begins playing.

Liz visits Rosa’s grave and tells her sister she’s in love with Max. She never admitted it before and back when Rosa was alive, she felt guilty about it. Liz wishes her sister had the chance to love someone the way she loves Max. She also wishes she could call Rosa and confide all her secrets.

As Liz stands at the grave, Max returns to Noah’s secret cave. He removes Rosa’s body from the pod and touches the burned area around her neck.

Liz feels what Max is doing and runs to her car.

Isobel’s at home staring at a cute photo of her and Noah. She makes it vibrate and then shatters it, sending the glass flying. This seems to satisfy the newly widowed alien.

Alex waits, alone, in front of Michael’s trailer. He glances at his watch but continues waiting.

Michael continues playing for Maria who smiles sweetly at the music. Her smile disappears when she realizes Michael’s damaged hand has been healed.

Max uses his powers to try and resurrect Rosa. He screams as his hand turns bright red on her neck.

Liz arrives at the cave as Rosa emerges alive and unscathed from inside. They hug and Rosa begs her sister not to be afraid. They stare into each other’s teary eyes and Liz realizes Max isn’t around. She runs into the cave and finds him lying on the ground. She shakes him and he doesn’t respond. His eyes stare straight ahead, unseeing. She pounds on his chest and then collapses in tears.

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