‘Roswell, New Mexico’ Season 3 Episode 11 Recap: “2 Became 1”

Roswell New Mexico Season 3 Episode 11
Quentin Plair as Dallas, Michael Vlamis as Michael Guerin, Lily Cowles as Isobel Evans-Bracken, Amber Midthunder as Rosa Ortecho, and Nathan Dean as Max Evans in ‘Roswell, New Mexico’ season 3 episode 11 (Photo: John Golen Britt © 2021 The CW Network, LLC)

The CW’s Roswell, New Mexico season three episode 11 opens in a sprawling mansion where Jones (Nathan Dean) has brought Liz (Jeanine Mason) and Heath (Steven Krueger) to work on his DNA dilemma. Jones attempts to convince Liz he’s not going to kill her by freeing him from her bonds, delivering a single white rose, and inviting her to lunch.

Elsewhere in the house, Heath’s busy attempting to work against Jones while at the same time keeping the alien dictator convinced he’s hard at work solving the separation of Jones and Max’s DNA using Liz’s research. Heath explains he needs Noah’s spores in order to get over a bump in the research, and Jones reluctantly hands them over.

After Jones leaves the room, Heath figures out the final step in getting a message out.

Jones tells Liz he needs her “creativity.” Together they can save his planet and Earth. Plus, he can also save Max if she agrees to hear him out and then help with his plan.

Elsewhere, Dallas (Quentin Plair) asks God to explain this whole alien thing and in response he receives a mysterious phone call.

Dallas joins Michael (Michael Vlamis), Isobel (Lily Cowles), Max, and Rosa (Amber Midthunder) and reveals the call was from an old camp counselor friend. The counselor received a message from Heath (via a CB radio) that he and Liz are being held captive by Jones in a mansion. Isobel recognizes the mansion and remembers where all the entrances are located.

Isobel and Michael insist Max remain behind so Jones can’t finish his body-snatching plans. Rosa suggests Max should get into the honeycomb cage so he’s ready when Liz and/or Heath complete their research.

While Max remains behind twiddling his thumbs, Isobel thinks Michael should jump into Sheriff Taylor’s head and get her to free Liz and Heath. Unfortunately, Michael says didn’t inherit Jones’ bodysnatching abilities so that’s a no go. Fortunately, Rosa reveals she’s gotten closer to zoning in on Nora’s sword’s location. Max is sure that Nora’s sword could be a game-changer since it enabled Nora to stand her ground against Jones.

Michael believes he can make handcuffs that will disable Jones’ abilities. And Dallas volunteers to secure Max in the cage and then continue transcribing the equation his deceased alien father embedded in his mind.

Back at the mansion, Jones confesses he knows he has to remain in Max’s body to exist. Jones insists that if Liz agrees to help him, he’ll provide her with alien scientific knowledge she desperately needs. And the cherry on top of his offer…he’ll peacefully leave the planet when they’re done. Plus, Max can be saved and Liz can help others with what she’s learned.

Liz offers her own solution to Jones’ problem. If Jones returns Max’s body, she’ll amend his genetics. Jones won’t agree and Liz confirms she’s not going along with his plan because she doesn’t trust him.

Jones insists they’re more alike than Liz will admit. He made the tough choice to become his planet’s savior and believes she can do the same for Earth. But then he proves just how much of an alien psychopath he is by revealing he set fire to his planet, believing the only way to save his race was to start anew.

This new knowledge makes Liz less tempted to partner with Jones, and Jones realizes that despite the fact she’s brilliant, she really doesn’t understand his abilities. He makes a ball of flame appear and declares fire is his destiny.

“It doesn’t just destroy for no reason. It destroys to create,” says Jones while a flashback shows a flower growing out of the ashes of alien bodies. Although that flower’s yellow pollen inhibits alien powers, the purple petals contain the equivalent of stem cells.

Jones can sense Liz is judging his choices. He’s right. Liz says, “You want me to do a bad thing to do a good thing. You want me to work with you to save Max.”

Liz will consider Jones’ offer if he heals Sheriff Taylor and frees her. Jones agrees, heals Sheriff Taylor, wipes her memory of recent events, and sends her on her way.

Over at the cave, Max has come to the decision he needs to die in order to save millions of people. He’s thought everything through and sees that choice as their only option. Dallas confesses his father told him that might be the only option; his father said – if need be – killing Max might be the only way to save two worlds.

Dallas explains he asked God about aliens, morality, and faith, when he received the call from the camp counselor. Dallas said the counselor told him the knife he possesses represents the fact there’s more than one path. Max, however, remains set on sacrificing himself to save his loved ones. He gives Dallas permission to follow Theo’s instructions.

Dallas reveals he believes he’s there because God wants him to keep Max alive. (Max looks skeptical.) Dallas further explains his father’s memories showed him Jones was trying to repopulate his world by using Theo’s cloning technology. Jones offered to heal Theo’s sick wife in exchange for the clones, but Theo said no. Jones ultimately forced Theo’s hand by threatening Dallas’ life.

After that, Theo, Nora, and Louise spent years planning a rebellion. They stole Jones’ DNA and created a Trojan horse by making Max. They altered Max’s DNA and since he was tethered to the dictator, Jones’ DNA was also altered. Nora destroyed all the other clones making Max invaluable to Jones.

Max thinks this proves he was “built to die,” but Dallas reveals his father believed Max symbolized hope for a peaceful future. Max has the same powers as Jones but acts differently. If Max could change, then so could Theo’s world.

Isobel joins Rosa on the hunt for the sword and as they walk toward the sword’s frequency on the Longs’ property, Isobel feels conflicting vibes emitting from Rosa. Rosa finally confesses she melted Wyatt Long’s brain and made him forget his racist past. And, they’ve been hanging out.

“Please tell me you’re not going all West Side Story with this kid,” says Isobel.

Rosa wonders if it’s possible for her to change and grow too, the way Wyatt did after she injected him.

And speak of the devil…Wyatt puts in a surprise appearance and Rosa looks genuinely happy to see him. He’d been out of town helping a charity but he’s back for his dad’s retirement party. Isobel makes up a story of forbidden romance in the Evans family in order to explain why they’re searching for an artifact on the Long land.

Wyatt offers to help by getting his family to clear out by pretending he just saw the coyote that’s been killing chickens. Rosa leads Isobel to the exact spot and Isobel explains it feels like an army’s standing behind her once she takes hold of the sword.

Now that the sword’s retrieved, it’s time for Rosa to get to safety. Isobel’s ready to show Jones what she’s actually capable of. (Watch out, Jones. Isobel’s always a badass, even without the super-sword.) Rosa warns Isobel not to fall for Jones’ mind games.

Before heading off Rosa and Wyatt have a little alone time to discuss the future. Wyatt’s ready to leave Roswell again; he doesn’t feel the same around his family anymore. Rosa confesses she wants to apply to art school, and Wyatt grabs her application and promises to mail it when he gets to Colorado. He wholeheartedly believes in her talent and hopes their paths cross again.

Michael tests the alien-restraining handcuffs with Walt’s assistance. Walt speaks for Roswell, New Mexico fans everywhere when he asks why Michael has never tried to figure out the full depth of his powers, given that he’s the son of the dictator. Michael confesses he doesn’t want to be like Jones and reveals right after high school he got into a fight, went into a man’s head, and forced him to step in front of truck. He nearly died. Michael admits he never told Isobel or Max what happened.

Unlike Isobel’s powers, he can actually take over someone’s body – just like his dad – although he denied he could earlier. Michael refuses to turn to the dark side, but Walt doesn’t believe that’s possible. “I’ve been your one-eyed Miyagi for most of your life which is why I try so hard to keep you grounded – not to give you too many compliments,” says Walt. “You ain’t nothing like your dad, kid. You have a lot of your momma in you though. She didn’t shy away from her power. She used it to fight for a better world, and you will too once you get your head out of your rear.”

Walt finishes up by telling Michael to go kick his dad’s ass.

Roswell New Mexico Season 3 Episode 11
Jeanine Mason as Liz Ortecho and Nathan Dean as Max Evans in ‘Roswell, New Mexico’ season 3 episode 11 (Photo: John Golen Britt © 2021 The CW Network, LLC)

Heath shows Max and Liz the results of his research which indicate it’s now possible to separate Max’s DNA from Jones’. Unfortunately, Jones figures out Heath’s up to something and becomes enraged his prisoner might have been trying to find a way to kill him. Liz steps in to save Heath, demanding Jones back off so she and Heath can work together on the solution.

Liz accepts the deal Jones offered earlier, and Jones leaves them to their research.

Liz tells Heath they’re going to use the alien spores to end this once and for all. Liz reveals her old self may have made a real deal with Jones but now she’s definitely not on board. She picked up on a clue he inadvertently dropped – flowers grow out of aliens’ decomposed genetics. She can use Noah’s spores to grow a flower that would create the genetics to block off Max from Jones.

Max and Dallas leave the cave and are immediately confronted by Jones who’s now taken over Sheriff Taylor’s mind. Jones admits he can’t wait to be free of his tether to Max. He’s also anxious to kill Heath.

Jones offers Dallas a deal to save Heath. Dallas leaves his knife on the ground and heads off with Sheriff Taylor while Max is left behind. Max calls Michael as soon as Jones, in his Sheriff Taylor human suit, drives away.

Max, Michael, and Isobel prepare to take on Jones and the mind-controlled Sheriff Taylor. Michael finally confesses he’s able to enter people and make them do his will, and neither Max nor Isobel’s upset with this development. Isobel’s sure Michael would never abuse his powers.

It’s decided Michael will work on Sheriff Taylor, Max will free the hostages, and Isobel will distract Jones.

Jones (in his normal Max body) tries to get Dallas to write down the formula. Dallas refuses even when Jones threatens to kill someone he loves. Jones taunts Dallas, wondering if his God will save the day.

Liz and Heath use iron nitrate to dissolve the lock and escape the room. Just as they join Dallas in the dining room, Sheriff Taylor appears and demands Dallas write out the formula. Liz asks Sheriff Taylor to fight the voice in her head, but Taylor can’t.

Outside, Jones and Isobel engage in a sword fight. Isobel gets in a few good licks before Jones disarms her.

Michael enters Taylor’s mind and tells her to fight this. If she can’t, he’ll have to jump in her body and force the “galactic assclown” out. Taylor finally does as instructed and collapses into Heath’s arms. Liz, Dallas, and Michael send Heath off with Taylor as Jones gets the better of Isobel and disarms her.

Max steps in front of Isobel just as Jones is about to kill her. Max knocks Jones’ sword out of his hand and Michael retrieves it. Jones knows Michael won’t kill him because it would mean hurting Max.

Dallas warns, “But I would,” as he aims Taylor’s gun at Max’s head. Jones thinks it’s a bluff, but Dallas assures him sacrificing one to save many is a principle of modern Christianity. The stalemate continues as Dallas demands Jones beg, just like he forced his father to beg.

Jones is able to take the alien power-binding handcuffs from Michael but, strangely, he requests someone use them on him. He believes after the handcuffs are on him, they can all work on their “collaboration” together.

Liz isn’t about to work with Jones, so he pulls them into his mindscape. The episode ends with Jones looking smug as the group is seated around the dining room table which now appears to be in the desert.

But wait…Michael isn’t among those seated. He’s standing back and seems to be concentrating.