‘Roswell, New Mexico’ Season 3 Episode 12 Recap: “I Ain’t Goin’ Out Like That”

Roswell New Mexico Season 3 Episode 12
Nathan Dean as Max Evans and Jeanine Mason as Liz Ortecho in ‘Roswell, New Mexico’ season 3 episode 12 (Photo: John Golden Britt © 2021 The CW Network, LLC)

The CW’s Roswell, New Mexico season three episode 12 (the penultimate episode) picks up with the squad stuck in Jones’ mindscape. Dallas (Quentin Plair) has never experienced this before and he’s briefed on the ground rules, including the fact they’re unable to lie in a mindscape.

Jones (Nathan Dean) is going to kill someone if Liz (Jeanine Mason) doesn’t sever his DNA from Max’s and asks if he should just pick who to sacrifice. Liz and Michael (Michael Vlamis) remind the group Jones has heightened their emotions and is attempting to pit them against each other. Liz is Jones’ target for the most part and he works hard to turn everyone against her. He also tries to use their vulnerabilities against the others, including Dallas.

Dallas assures Jones he’s okay with whatever insult he tosses his way. “Not only did my dad give me this equation that I know you need so bad, he also gave me the memories of all the times that he had the courage to stand up to you,” says Dallas.

Michael figures out Jones isn’t able to get into his mind. Michael warns Jones that if he keeps poking around, he’ll just make himself vulnerable. Michael’s sure Jones won’t kill any of them since he’s made it a point of saying they each have something he wants.

Suddenly, they’re free of Jones’ mindscape and back in the middle of the swordfight. He’s able to incapacitate the group and grabs Michael, stealing him away from his friends. As Jones leaves, he warns that when he returns, Liz will provide him with the solution. If not, someone will die.

Dallas was gravely injured during the fight and Liz sets to work keeping him alive. Isobel (Lily Cowles) and Liz have a heated argument and Max reminds them that’s exactly what Jones wants; he needs their alliance to be splintered.

Max suggests Liz get busy on the serum and Isobel calls Kyle to come help save Dallas. Liz reveals she needs a couple of hours to finish her research.

Maria (Heather Hemmens), one of the few not involved in Jones’ reindeer games, has a vision and once again it includes a possible death of a friend. However, in this vision there are three coffins and no mourners. Kyle (Michael Trevino) shows up and apparently he hasn’t received any texts or messages from any member of the Scooby gang all day. He asks if there were lilies on one of the coffins and then admits that’s Isobel’s favorite flower. It dawns on Maria not everyone knows that, and she puts two and two together and concludes Kyle’s in love with Isobel.

Kyle stumbles through a response before finally admitting he likes her. He realizes he’s got bad timing since she’s with Anatsa and pretty happy at the moment.

Speak of the devil, Isobel calls Kyle and he tells her to take Dallas to Deep Sky.

Once there, Kyle asks Eduardo Ramos (David DeSantos) to assist but it’s too far outside his wheelhouse so he declines. Isobel steps up and volunteers to be Kyle’s scrub nurse.

Max and Liz fill Eduardo in on what went down. Heath (Steven Krueger) joins them and reveals Sheriff Taylor is out of surgery and he escaped before answering her questions. Liz breaks the news Dallas is injured and Kyle’s about to operate on him. Heath reacts to the news with a few jokes and then explains joking has always been his coping mechanism to keep from losing it.

Isobel doesn’t do well with the actual surgery; apparently she’s a bit of a lightweight when it comes to glass protruding from chests. She knows she can’t leave – even though she wants to – since the glass is from her sword. Isobel blames herself for Dallas’ injury since she let Jones get under her skin. “This whole time I’ve been thinking I’m a badass fearless warrior but it turns out I am nothing like my mother,” says Isobel.

Kyle admits his insecurities have been triggered too and thinks he’s not living up to his dad’s legacy. Isobel chuckles and reminds him he invented a new branch of science to save her family. “You never cease to impress me,” says Isobel.

Jones has taken Michael back to Michael’s secret lair and threatens to harm Walt if Michael doesn’t behave. They exchange insults and Jones insists he’s going to ultimately break into Michael’s mind – one way or another.

Jones brings up Michael’s mom hoping to spark a reaction. He claims Nora was his righthand man until she sided with the rebels. Michael becomes enraged, which is exactly the reaction Jones was after. He insults Michael and Nora, declaring Michael’s the most broken of his tribe. Jones calls him weak as he continues to try and get into Michael’s head.

Michael points out Jones’ efforts have caused a nosebleed. Michael thinks his dictator dad’s powers have been weakened from holding five people in his mindscape. He decides this is the right moment to probe Jones’ mind in search of the truth.

Michael discovers Jones wants to use the Lockhart machine to call something (not someone). Jones warns Michael to get out of his head but Michael persists. He learns Jones killed his own triad when his sword wouldn’t charge. Michael figures out that’s when Jones discovered that taking lives powers his sword. “You murdered your family for power!” says Michael.

Jones mistakenly believes he’s in charge and is shocked to discover Michael’s capable of stripping the sword from his hands and sending it flying out of the underground bunker.

Michael’s done with his dad and is about to climb the ladder when Jones tries to stop him. Michael’s strong enough to overcome his dad’s powers and leaves the bunker.

Jones follows him and they engage in a tug-of-war over the sword. Following a battle involving hubcaps as weapons, Jones is finally able to send Michael into the side of the trailer and grab the sword.

Walt (Nicholas Ballas) gets the drop on Jones and hits him. With Jones’ attention turned to harming Walt, Michael’s able to regain control of the sword. Unfortunately, the brief fight that follows ends with Michael stabbed in the stomach with the sword! (Did that really just happen?!)

Jones grabs Michael’s face and this time he’s able to see into his mind. He learns about Michael’s relationship with Alex (Tyler Blackburn) and sees them working on the Lockhart machine together.

Jones tosses an injured Michael back into the bunker.

Liz and Heath get busy on their research but they’re, as Liz says, “duct-taping a solution” since they don’t have the remainder of the equation. Max arrives with coffee and Heath steps out to let them talk. Liz reveals the details of Jones’ offer which she knows was just a trick to enable him to clone himself.

Liz explains they’re getting closer to a solution using stem cells from Noah’s spores. The downside of the serum is that it will strip Max of his powers.

Heath returns and they go over what they’ve learned thus far, and she confesses she’s thought about the knowledge she’d gain by accepting Jones’ deal. Jones knew exactly which buttons to push and dropped that tantalizing offer because he knows what she wants.

As their research continues it’s obvious Heath’s distracted. Liz suggests he take a minute and see Dallas in surgery, advising him he doesn’t want to live with the regret of not saying goodbye if Dallas dies on the operating table.

Kyle, with Isobel’s assistance, finishes up taking the shards out of Dallas’ chest. He’s impressed at how much Isobel’s picked up in just an hour of playing nurse. “You’re a quick study. Level-headed, determined, all these great traits aside from being a warrior,” says Kyle, adding, “Don’t sell yourself short.”

They stare at each other and Kyle breaks off eye contact, returning his attention to Dallas. Isobel feels his energy and notes it’s all over the place right now. She wonders what’s up and Kyle may have been about to answer when Dallas’ condition tanks.

Isobel can feel Dallas is terrified and decides she needs to convince him to keep fighting.

Meanwhile, Alex is busy working on the Lockhart machine when Max joins him offering to help. Alex is hoping he can alter it in such a way it will lead them to Michael’s location. Alex believes Michael’s DNA might be the key to activating the machine, but the DNA off Michael’s dirty handanna doesn’t work. He asks Max to use his powers to open the machine and a frequency of 0325 appears on the dials. Alex thinks it could be both Max and Jones’ frequency.

Max confesses if Liz’s serum works, he may lose his powers. Alex reminds him that he’s always wanted to be human and Max seems conflicted. He even sounds a little jealous that Dallas is taking his place in the tribe anyway.

“Max, your siblings don’t love what you can do for them – they love you,” says Alex. Max admits he’s worried Liz won’t be attracted to him anymore after falling in love with him as an alien. If he’s no longer the secret to the universe, what is he?

“You’re not built for just one thing. You’re not just an alien; you’re not just a brother. You’re not just a clone. You are Max Evans, no matter what form that takes,” says Alex.

Roswell New Mexico Season 3 Episode 12
Michael Trevino as Kyle Valenti, Quentin Plair as Dallas, Jeanine Mason as Liz Ortecho, Lily Cowles as Isobel Evans-Bracken, Nathan Dean as Max Evans, and David DeSantos as Eduardo Ramos in ‘Roswell, New Mexico’ season 3 episode 12 (Photo: John Golden Britt © 2021 The CW Network, LLC)

Max notices Heath has walked outside and slaps Alex’s arm in a thank you gesture before joining Heath. Heath confesses he’s terrified he’ll lose Dallas which means his best friend will be gone along with the final piece of the code. Heath also admits he’s worried he’ll never be redeemed for the bad things he’s done.

Max assures him they’re all trying to navigate their missteps.

Isobel interrupts the heart-to-heart, explaining they need a “Dallas specialist” in surgery.

Over at The Wild Pony, Maria tries to make the vision come back. She spots tarot cards and thinks they might be able to trigger it. The first three cards she flips over are ones representing imprisonment, fear, and painful endings. The fourth card signifies catastrophe.

Maria feels like the answer is up and sends the cards flying toward the sky. They spread out like fan blades in front of the light and she has a vision of Michael in pain in the bunker.

Heath enters the operating room and Isobel asks where Dallas would go if he was afraid. Isobel takes Heath’s hand and asks him to show her where they’d go to quiet the voices.

Isobel and Heath enter Dallas’ mindscape and upon seeing them Dallas wonders if this is his “walk into the light” moment. It’s not, but Heath’s really confused about the physics of it all. Dallas and Heath comfort each other, and Heath promises he will make things right. He asks for the last bit of Theo’s equation.

Max returns to Liz with a confession that he had an existential moment and was worried she wouldn’t love him if he was just a guy from Roswell. She assures him whoever/whatever he is, she will always love him. They’re about to kiss when Heath rushes in, admitting he has terrible timing.

Heath quickly writes out the remainder of the formula.

Maria rushes to the junkyard to help Michael. He’s in bad shape but thinks acetone will be enough to get him moving. It’s not and Maria knows he needs a hospital. Michael suggests booze, a stapler, and mechanics glue instead. He reveals Jones is on his way to Alex and the Lockhart machine at Deep Sky and begs Maria to take care of him enough to get through the night.

Over at Deep Sky, the lights flicker in the operating room and Isobel wants to find out what’s going on. However, Kyle needs help removing the shard from Dallas’ neck first.

The lights flicker again as Liz and Heath move closer to the solution. Max warns they need to hurry because he’s not the one making the lights flash. They figure out they need DNA from someone related to Jones and Max suggests Michael’s handanna.

Back in the operating room, Isobel tells Kyle they make a good team as the shard’s removed. She asks Kyle what he’s been wanting to tell her all day just as the lights go out. Isobel’s sure Jones is responsible as the lights turn on again. Kyle tells her she’s ready to be a warrior, even without an alien sword.

Liz holds up a syringe with the serum that will separate Max and Jones forever. Jones barges in holding his sword, declaring they are right on time. Eduardo is also in the room and points his gun at Jones, but Jones ignores him.

Jones demands the serum and Liz refuses to hand it over. Jones also demands Eduardo (who he calls by his real last name, Valenti) bring him the Lockhart machine.

Isobel and Kyle enter the room and badass warrior Isobel declares she’s about to kick Jones’ ass! Jones turns his back on her, not in the least bit worried. “It seems no one here has any common sense,” says Jones.

Jones breaks the plate-glass window and sends Eduardo, Heath, and Kyle flying out of it. They don’t fall and instead are suspended in mid-air. “Give me what I want or I drop them,” warns Jones.

Michael makes quite the entrance clutching the Lockhart machine. Michael turns over the machine and Jones realizes his son’s injury will keep him from being able to catch all three of his friends.

Jones, again, demands the serum from Liz. She looks at Kyle, Heath, and Eduardo hanging in the sky outside the building and as Heath yells, “Don’t do it!” Liz approaches Jones and injects him in the wrist.

Jones advises Liz she made a very wise choice. He picks up the Lockhart machine and snaps his fingers, causing the three outside to fall.