‘Roswell, New Mexico’ Season 3 Episode 13 Recap: A Game-Changing Finale

Roswell New Mexico Season 3 Episode 13
Nathan Dean as Max Evans and Jeanine Mason as Liz Ortecho in ‘Roswell, New Mexico’ season 3 episode 12 (Photo: John Golden Britt © 2021 The CW Network, LLC)

The CW’s Roswell, New Mexico season three episode 13 – the season finale – picks up seconds after the end of episode 12. Max (Nathan Dean), Isobel (Lily Cowles), and Michael (Michael Vlamis) use their powers to save Heath, Kyle, and Eduardo from plunging to their deaths, with Liz helping by pulling the men in.

Now that everyone’s back on solid ground, the squad assembles to go over Liz’s actions and what to do next. Liz (Jeanine Mason) explains they needed to inject either Max or Jones anyway, and now they have nine hours before Jones’ DNA detangles from Max’s. However, the bond will be re-established if they don’t kill Jones during the period of time when Jones and Max are fully separated. As soon as that happens, Liz needs to inject Jones with biomolecules that will keep the DNA from reconnecting.

Michael reveals Jones took the Lockhart machine because he wants to send a signal out. Alex and Eduardo are currently working on a way to send a signal to the machine, which will not only help locate Jones but also allow the broadcast of a frequency burst capable of forcing Max and Jones back into their old bodies.

Isobel’s not sure about their plan and opts to spend her time rebuilding her mother’s sword.

Isobel and Rosa (Amber Midthunder) head over to The Wild Pony and discover Maria (Heather Hemmens), crying. She doesn’t offer much of an explanation as to what’s wrong and instead asks about a bag they’ve brought. Isobel lays out the pieces of the sword and explains they need to put it back together to take on Jones again.

Rosa’s not sure the sword matters; it’s not what makes Isobel strong. Isobel’s adamant about piecing it together as it’s the only thing that’s ever stopped Jones in the past. Maria points out Isobel’s nosebleed and Isobel admits she hasn’t slept in days.

Marie sends Isobel off to take a nap by promising she and Rosa will work on the sword.

Over at Deep Sky an exhausted Liz confesses to Kyle (Michael Trevino) that’s she scared of losing Max. As they’re talking Liz’s computer beeps and she learns that once they inject Jones with the biomolecules, they’ll only have seconds to kill him without killing Max.

Meanwhile, Max begs Michael to kill him to stop Jones, fearful that when things do eventually turn bad he won’t be able to do it. He needs to die now to stop this, but Michael isn’t having it. He yells at Max to grow up and to stop surrendering.

“Maybe today is your last day, Max. Maybe it’s mine, too. But if that’s true we can’t walk away from the tough conversations with the people who love us,” says Michael.

Heath (Steven Krueger) watches over Dallas (Quentin Plair) as he rests following surgery. He describes Dallas’ condition to Liz as surprisingly good, given everything he’s just been through. Heath confesses that while he was hanging outside the building he thought about never having a chance to say he was sorry for everything.

Dallas wakes and jokes that listening to Heath and Liz is like watching a soap opera. He asks for music to get his blood flowing and Liz has an epiphany.

Kyle’s a little embarrassed to be caught by Heath and Liz dancing with an IV pole to Shania Twain’s “Man! I Feel Like a Woman!” Fortunately, the embarrassment’s over quickly as he and Liz reveal they’ve separately come to the conclusion they need to administer the biomolecules in adrenaline. It only takes seven seconds to travel the entire body. The wall between Max and Jones will go up and Jones will be vulnerable.

Isobel’s definitely not resting when Rosa finds her shooting arrows at a no trespassing sign. Isobel’s an emotional wreck and believes her life is coming apart at the seams. Rosa tells her to think about her life and who she wants to be away from all this noise.

Eduardo locates Jones in a deserted building and fires a shot, shattering the piece of alien glass Jones was about to put into the Lockhart machine. Eduardo demands to know how Jones plans on leaving the planet, but Jones knows Eduardo won’t shoot him. Eduardo admits he’s there to destroy the machine.

Roswell New Mexico Season 3 Episode 13
Nathan Dean as Max Evans and Michael Trevino as Kyle Valenti in ‘Roswell, New Mexico’ season 3 episode 12 (Photo: John Golden Britt © 2021 The CW Network, LLC)

Unfortunately for Max, Kyle needs to extract some alien adrenaline from him without being able to use any anesthetic. Kyle, on the other hand, is perfectly fine with inflicting a little pain on his least favorite alien.

The electronics flicker as Max gets worked up watching the needle approach his abdomen. Kyle’s not helping settle things down and Liz barges in, volunteering to take over. Max heaves a sigh of relief.

Max confesses he’s scared of hurting her; she deserves better. The electronics flicker again and Liz leans over to remind him of when they were kids and she let him listen to a song on her Walkman the day they met. He told her all those years ago it was the first time he felt connected to this world.

“I never told you but I feel so lucky I got to give you that,” says Liz.

Max confesses he sometimes hears that song in his head but doesn’t remember its name. All he can remember from that day are her eyes and how they made him feel calm.

The lights and monitor stop flickering as Liz and Max allow themselves to relax into each other. No matter what happens the remainder of the day, they both quiet each other’s noise. Liz reveals she used to think it was a choice between him or science but she’s learned it’s actually him and science.

Liz extracts the adrenaline and it’s obviously extremely painful, but Max doesn’t cry out or jerk away.

Isobel returns to The Wild Pony and confesses she got lost on her journey to becoming a badass warrior. She’s figured out she doesn’t need to do everything by herself and can let her friends in. “I don’t want to be a lone wolf. I want to be part of the pack,” says Isobel which earns a group hug from Rosa and Maria.

Maria explains they’ve figured out the sword broke because the sword was owned by Theo, Louise, and Nora, which is why it shattered in Isobel’s hand. It doesn’t represent Isobel or her power. Maria reminds them aliens get power from their triad and their generation line. Maria loves Isobel like a sister and wants to use their family’s bracelet (specifically the purple petals) to help power up the sword. She also reveals her mom’s condition has worsened and Maria hopes that they can take down Jones and use his body to figure out a way to keep her from ending up as sick as her mother.

Michael checks in on Alex’s progress preparing Kyle’s dad’s radio to send out a message to the Lockhart machine. Michael admits he’s freaked out and upset they never went on a real first date. Alex (Tyler Blackburn) cuts Michael off as he’s saying, “I need you to know if this goes bad tomorrow I…” Alex isn’t about to consider they won’t win this battle and refuses to let Michael declare his love right now.

Alex is shocked when Michael confesses he’s worried they will win. He doesn’t think Alex will love him if he has to kill his own father. He’s also worried he won’t love himself if he takes his father’s life. “That self-loathing is what caused this mess between us for 15 years. What’s winning going to do? Is it going to set us right back to square one?” says Michael, barely holding it together.

Alex assures him they have grown together and changed. They beat one monstrous dad – they can beat another. Alex kisses Michael and then receives a message from Liz that she’s finished the serum. They sneak in one more passionate though short kiss before Michael takes off.

The sword reassembles thanks to Maria, Isobel, and the purple petals.

Liz, Michael, and Max prepare for the showdown at the electrical tower. Michael secures Max in the alien cage as Liz reveals they’ve got 22 minutes and nine seconds before they can inject Jones. Max asks for a kiss for good luck, but Liz wants to hold off until Max is back in his real body.

Michael turns on the Valenti radio, car headlights and other electronic items feel the surge, and Max appears to pass out. He comes to and it worked! Jones is back in his own body which is currently restrained in the alien cage.

Jones is impressed with what they’ve done, but he already knows about their plan because he saw it in Eduardo’s head. He chuckles as he thinks about Max returning to his own body while it’s plunging the alien sword into Eduardo.

The scene switches to Max back in his own body and using his powers to heal Eduardo.

Michael, Isobel, Rosa, and Maria arrive and Jones is unimpressed. He’s certain he’ll get out and promises whoever helps him get out of the restraints will live. Michael informs him they are standing together; his attempts at splitting them up won’t work.

Jones claims he’s already used the Lockhart machine to leave a message for a vessel’s occupants to come pick him up once they awaken. Michael doesn’t believe him and Maria believes he’s too chatty.

Jones specifically addresses Rosa and asks if she figured out the mistake Michael made. She has no idea what he’s talking about.

While all this is going on, Kyle’s drawing additional blood from Max as the countdown to separation continues.

Maria wonders what Jones was talking about and suddenly Rosa winces in pain. She explains she’s hearing something loud and squeaky just as bats descend on their location. The power to the cage is cut off and Jones is freed. (Thanks a lot, bats!)

Jones immediately uses his powers to pull Liz through the air and into his hands. He demands to know the location of the serum just as Isobel tries to attack him with her sword. Jones turns the knobs on the radio and swaps places again with Max just as Isobel is about to stab him. Fortunately, Max convinces her he’s not Jones before she finishes her attack.

Max asks to be swapped back because right now Jones is alone with Kyle!

As Jones is about to kill Kyle to get the Lockhart machine Alex tases him from the rear. Seconds later Max and Jones swap bodies again, and Max feels the affects of being tased. “Oh today is not my day!” he says and Kyle realizes Max is back.

Isobel attempts to hold Jones in check with the sword but he manages to push it away from his neck. He pushes Isobel to the ground and sends the sword flying into the desert. Maria chases after it while Jones pulls the vial from Liz’s hands. The vial hangs in mid-air as he and Michael attempt to gain possession of it. It’s slowly moving toward Jones when Liz jumps up and grabs it.

Jones creates a circle of fire around he and Liz just as Max and Kyle pull up. Max warns Michael they only have 47 seconds until Jones is disconnected from him, and Michael leaps into action. Michael joins them in the circle and fights with his dad.

Isobel wishes Dallas was there since he can control water, and Kyle points out he has a fire extinguisher in the car.

Jones knocks Michael down and throws a metal cabinet at him. He then summons his sword and prepares to kill Michael but is stopped in mid-swing by Isobel (with an assist from Kyle). Maria tosses Isobel her sword and this time Isobel’s able to disarm Jones.

Jones turns his attention to the Valenti radio, switching the dials to jump back into Max’s body. He and Max wind up fighting over the frequency until finally the radio’s had enough and stops working.

Max and Jones turn to face the group and both declare themselves to be the real Max. Isobel can’t read their auras and Rosa can’t get a read on their frequencies. Liz is completely confused as she loads up Maria’s shotgun with the vial. Max and Jones both know Max’s secrets, including the fact Max has never been in Liz’s bedroom.

Liz finally figures out which is her Max when she asks for the name of the song that was playing on her Walkman. Jones knows the answer, but Max doesn’t. Liz knows which is which since Max confessed he was lost in her eyes the day they met and never remembers the song’s name.

Jones names the song but Max can’t. She shoots Jones but he tries for one final jump into Max before succumbing to the biomolecules. Their struggle with the alien dictator is finally over.

Liz and Max kiss and hold each other tight.

Their nightmare’s ended and Max spends some time in front of his place pounding away on the typewriter. Michael and Isobel join him and Max hands Isobel an envelope. Michael hopes it doesn’t contain more sappy letters. It doesn’t; it’s his secret acetone margarita recipe.

Max confirms he wants to give Jones’ body to Liz, but he believes they should all have a vote. And by all, he means Dallas who pulls up right that moment. Dallas apologizes for being late and blames it on Heath’s long confessional.

Kyle finds Rosa sketching in the park and hands her an envelope. Inside are new IDs under the name Rosalinda as well as a plane ticket to New York! She’s overwhelmed and happy, but also worried she might ruin her new life too. They share a hopeful hug.

Over at The Wild Pony, Michael and Isobel drink while Michael kills time before his first official date with Alex. Alex told him it doesn’t appear Jones was successful in getting out a message.

Gregory Manes (Tanner Novlan) shows up and requests a dance with Maria, and Isobel volunteers to man the bar while they hit the dance floor.

Liz wants some alone time with Max and suggests they leave the bar and head to the ocean.

Michael and Alex’s first in-public date begins at the foot of Alex’s dad’s statue followed by a stroll down main street while holding hands.

Kyle arrives at The Wild Pony and Isobel’s excited to yell out, “We’re closed!” She claims she’s always wanted to say that. Kyle’s brought Tequila for Maria to thank her for saving his life, and Isobel explains she gave Maria the night off. He volunteers to stay and help her clean, but she wants a little alone time.

Before Kyle leaves, Isobel calls him back for a dance. They’ve just touched hands when Anatsa arrives with news she’s landed the job at the newspaper. They kiss and Kyle looks uncomfortable as he suggests they drink his Tequila gift. Isobel asks if he wants to stay and celebrate but Kyle declines.

Max makes his first visit to Liz’s bedroom, confused since she said they were going to see the ocean. She hands him the ocean-themed snow globe and says it’ll do until they get to the actual beach. Liz asks Max to use his powers to lock the door and Max smiles and obliges while they kiss.

The episode – and the season – ends with a naked woman walking around in Careyes, Mexico. A radio gets staticky and a kind woman covers the stranger in a blanket. The woman takes the stranger to see a friend, explaining she believes she’s one of the sky people she talks about when she’s had too much to drink.

The kind woman shows her friend, Allie, the stranger’s tattoo and says she keeps repeating the name Liz Ortecho. Allie knows the naked woman’s not Liz Ortecho since Liz was one of her students in Roswell. Allie (played by Roswell’s original Liz, Shiri Appleby) leans forward and asks, “How do you know who Liz Ortecho is?” as the episode ends.

And that’s it for a jam-packed season three of Roswell, New Mexico. Thankfully, The CW gave the series an early season four renewal order so we’re not left wondering about this new alien and whether her appearance confirms Jones was able to get a message out before he died.