‘Roswell, New Mexico’ Season 3 Episode 10 Recap: “Angels of the Silences”

Roswell New Mexico Season 3 Episode 10
Nathan Dean as Max Evans and Jeanine Mason as Liz Ortecho in ‘Roswell, New Mexico’ season 3 episode 10 (Photo: John Golden Britt © 2021 The CW Network, LLC)

Just one minute in, The CW’s Roswell, New Mexico season three episode 10, “Angels of the Silences,” finds Max (Nathan Dean) asking Liz (Jeanine Mason) a key question, one she’s unable to answer. What does eventually getting back to normal mean to her?

But first, a quick flashback opens the episode and establishes the bond between Heath and Dallas as kids at camp.

Flash-forward to current events, Liz is taken aback to see a shirtless Max minus his tattoos. The flirty (at least on Max’s part) conversation continues and Liz is frustrated Heath stole her tapes and spores, which means she’s starting from scratch. Heath won’t return her calls and Liz admits she’s getting nowhere with her research into how to separate Max and Jones.

Michael (Michael Vlamis) lays out a breakfast of champions for Alex (Tyler Blackburn), and Alex assures him he’s doing okay after spending so much time with the Lockhart machine. They kiss and then Michael explains he believes he knows why the Lockhart machine turns on every 47 days. It was originally designed to turn on and send a message timed with the Earth’s heartbeat, but Alex’s dad screwed around with it and now it’s on a 47-day cycle instead.

Michael’s anxious to hear his mom’s message and reveals Isobel and Maria found the alien it’s calling out to. Michael shows Alex what they’ve found out about Dallas, and Alex notes Dallas’ childhood of bouncing in and out of foster homes followed the same pattern as Michael’s.

They need to get Dallas in front of the machine ASAP. To do so, Michael asks Alex to get the “wannabe Tardis” out of Deep Sky.

(Love seeing #Malex finally back together! Also, Michael’s a much better friend/lover/sibling now that he’s not drinking.)

Elsewhere, Isobel (Lily Cowles) spends a little one-on-one time with Anatsa (Sibongile Mlambo). Anatsa’s a champion archer and the sparks fly as she instructs Isobel on handling a bow. They’re about to kiss when a call about a job interview interrupts the moment. Isobel’s all smiles when she learns Anatsa may be sticking around Roswell.

Kyle (Michael Trevino) is drinking coffee at the café when Isobel comes up behind him and says, “Paging, Dr. Abs. A hug is needed in room 2.” Isobel’s caught up in Kyle’s bear hug and declares she’s happy he’s alive and not dead. “Alive is a low bar, but I’m happy too,” replies Kyle.

Isobel hands over info on Dallas, and Kyle’s shocked they’ve discovered another alien. She’s not sure if Dallas – who she describes as a cool preacher – realizes what he is but is enthusiastic about the possibility of welcoming him into The Pod Squad. She’s also fairly certain her calling is helping other people.

Kyle’s worried this man of God’s world will be shattered to learn he’s an alien. He suggests they approach Dallas together.

Michael, Isobel, and Liz sit through one of Dallas’ sermons and of course Michael makes a joke about a scientist and two aliens walking into a church. Liz’s day hasn’t been quite as happy as Isobel’s – she and Max can’t locate Heath. Liz wants to find out if Dallas (Quentin Plair) knows Heath’s whereabouts, but Michael calls first dibs on Dallas’ time. He needs to access Theo’s mind from inside the mystical jukebox his mom built.

Isobel’s going to poke around inside Dallas’ mind to get him to open up. She promises to also take a peek around for Heath.

Isobel attempts to get into Dallas’ mindscape and is immediately knocked out and sent flying backwards off the bench.

A few minutes later the sermon’s wrapped up, the parishioners are gone, and Isobel assures Dallas this happens to her all the time. After Dallas steps away to cancel the ambulance, Isobel reveals the shove out of Dallas’ mind felt involuntary.

Michael grows impatient; they need to get Dallas (or Baby Yoda as he dubs him) in front of the machine which Alex can only keep out of Deep Sky for a few more hours.

Liz asks Dallas if he can help her find Heath, and Dallas recognizes her name as Heath’s lab partner. He thinks Heath may be at his family’s cabin in Santa Rosa and shares a map to its location.

The EMTs insist on checking out Isobel and Isobel calls an audible, damaging Dallas’ car which means he’s forced to get a ride with Michael.

A short while later Dallas and Michael are at the junkyard fixing the car, and Michael does his best to stall Dallas by claiming the car’s catalytic converter is corroded. They chat and Michael confesses he isn’t a new parishioner; Isobel made him tag along.

Dallas calls Michael’s bluff and Michael’s forced to admit the car is working just fine. Isobel pulls up at just the right moment, freeing Michael from having to explain why he’s stalling.

Michael confronts Isobel and informs her he believes Dallas heard the conversation they had in their heads. He doesn’t know if Dallas understands he’s an alien, but he can read minds.

Sheriff Taylor calls Max in to discuss the two mercenaries spotted outside his house. They were found dead, burned from the inside out. She’s linked scorch marks in their getaway car to other murders, including Deputy Pete’s. Max tries to shut her down by saying she’s basically describing “death by lightsaber.” He thinks most murders are personal, but Sheriff Taylor is sure he’s up to something. She reveals she recently found the same fractal burn patterns that appeared in the past around Max’s house and Roswell.

Max pretends he’s upset she’d consider him a suspect. Sheriff Taylor orders him to turn in his badge until she completes her investigation.

Liz and Max break into Heath’s family’s cabin but Heath is nowhere to be seen. Why? Because he’s with Jones harassing Kyle.

Max discovers his jacket at Heath’s and they realize Jones beat them to the punch. Liz discovers something in Jones’ handwriting and they figure out Jones and Heath are now working together. Max then finds the letter he gave to Kyle to give to Liz describing where he hid the tapes. Liz wonders why Heath was in Kyle’s office and Max thinks it was when Liz sent him off looking for the non-existent Dr. Holden.

Max is pissed he didn’t figure out Heath and Jones would team up, but Liz says no one would have ever assumed that would happen. She suggests they catch up to what the “unholy alliance” has discovered and begins looking for clues around Heath’s cabin. She and Max realize they haven’t figured out she used sound frequency manipulation on Maria, but they have made headway on the equation. Liz believes Heath will figure it out soon, and then Max spots the box of Liz’s tapes.

Over at his office, Kyle tries to reason with Heath by explaining Jones (who he calls a galaxy turd) will never heal Dallas. Kyle confirms he understands Dallas’ unique physiology and can help him. Jones doesn’t want to listen to this anymore and uses his powers to reveal where Liz hid the bag containing her research.

Jones is done playing nice and chokes Kyle while confessing he’s always hated the Valentis. Only a call from a receptionist explaining Sheriff Taylor’s on her way over, along with Heath pleading with Jones to stop, saves Kyle’s life this time around.

Back at the junkyard, Isobel’s doing some pleading of her own to keep Dallas from taking off. Kyle was supposed to meet them to break the news to Dallas that he’s an alien, but he hasn’t shown up yet. Dallas is about to leave when Isobel communicates with him telepathically asking him not to go.

Dallas believes he’s always been able to hear people’s prayers and assumed it was a gift from God. Isobel can’t wait for Kyle so she blurts out the news they’re both aliens, following it up with a display of her powers.

Dallas, justifiably, freaks out. Alex and Michael arrive with the Lockhart machine, but Dallas wants no part of whatever this is. Dallas recognizes the machine and confirms he sees it every 47 days. He yells, “Keep that thing away from me!” before getting into his car and driving off.

Michael wants to turn on the machine after Dallas flees but Alex wants him to think about it. Alex believes Michael needs to talk Dallas off the ledge first before engaging the Lockhart machine again. Alex wants Michael to remember how he felt when he learned the truth, but Michael confesses he can’t live through that again. Alex suggests he stop being afraid of his past.

Kyle texts Liz warning her Jones and Heath took her research bag. Liz can’t believe she put her theories on sound frequency and its use in severing the connection in that bag and now it’s in Jones’ possession. Liz realizes Heath and Jones are heading to Bandelier University to retrieve the item he believes is the answer.

If Heath finishes the equation first, Jones will remain in Max’s body permanently. Max tries to convince Liz none of this is her fault. He also admits he believes Heath’s a desperate man just trying to save his friend.

Sheriff Taylor pops into Kyle’s office with a lot of questions about his recent whereabouts and about why he hasn’t given her a statement about the night of the break-in. She wants the truth about why he disappeared from a crime scene connected to multiple murders.

Sheriff Taylor’s come armed with a search warrant and demands a folder she spots with info on Max and Isobel. Kyle can’t let her read it and quickly tosses it into the trash can and lights it on fire. He’s placed in handcuffs but at least she can’t retrieve the folder.

Max and Liz head over to Bandelier University and discover Jones and Heath have been there. Max explains the guards said they waved “him” through security 20 minutes ago. Max explodes in rage when they discover a dead woman in the hallway, certain Jones is responsible for her death.

Liz tries to convince Max he’s not just a tool of war. He needs to stop thinking about Jones, Nora, and Louise, and instead remember the people who raised him. Max reminds her no matter what he does, he’s still drawn to Jones.

Liz replies, “Max Evans, you’re the most genuine, caring, wonderful person I have ever met.” She’s known that since she met him. Liz adds, “Isobel loves you. Michael loves you. And I love you, Max Evans.”

The radio informing them Sheriff Taylor’s onsite at the university stops Liz from following her declaration of love up with a kiss. Max heads off to meet Sheriff Taylor and suggests Liz go ahead and look for Heath without him. He’ll be back as soon as quickly as possible.

Kyle’s finally able to meet up with Isobel and is forced to admit he had to burn the files to keep them out of Sheriff Taylor’s hands. She wonders how Kyle will convince Dallas to trust him without the files on Isobel and Max, and reveals she improvised and told Dallas the truth. Isobel says she panicked, and Kyle thinks he should never have told her to wait for him. He caused her to doubt herself and that’s why she failed. He now believes she should follow her instincts.

Another flashback – this time to Heath and Dallas as young adults – finds Heath drowning his sorrows after being told by a professor at John Hopkins he’d never amount to anything. Heath thinks he’s only good at failing but Dallas knows that’s not true. Dallas reminds Heath he’s the only person who believed him when he said he heard voices in his head. Heath was also the only person who could convince a doctor to further examine Dallas’ brain. That doctor finally gave Dallas an explanation as to his condition – he has neural inconsistences incompatible to human life.

Heath’s determined to save his friend.

Michael and Isobel locate Dallas and Michael confesses he feels like he’s looking at a mirror when he looks at him. He recalls his youth and sending a religious foster parent through a window when he was angry. They assumed he was a demon and Michael let himself believe it for a while.

Dallas says after his third foster home he thought he was cursed. He then met Heath who became the only person he could trust.

Isobel apologizes for the way she broke the news he’s an alien.

The Pod Squad joins Alex and Kyle in Michael’s secret lair and Dallas is assured they’ve fixed the Lockhart machine. Kyle explains Dallas’ neurological disorder comes from the machine’s distorted frequency. Kyle pledges he’ll help Dallas with his medical condition any way he can.

They turn the machine on and Theo appears, greeting Dallas who it turns out is his son. Theo explains he teamed up with the empath and the engineer to form a triad committed to making a better world for their children. He hopes Dallas joins the children of the triad to form a connection.

Theo embeds the equation in Dallas’ mind, explaining it’s capable of decoupling the dictator from his vessels permanently. He warns Dallas to keep the equation out of Jones’ hands and to trust in his triad. “If you do that, you will succeed in finishing what we started,” says Theo.

Liz finds Heath hunting for supplies and promises she’ll help him save Dallas. After she convinces him he doesn’t need Jones to heal Dallas, Heath hands over her research bag. Heath will buy her some time while she completes her research.

Max joins them but Liz won’t leave the university until Heath comes with them. They head outside and Liz realizes when she kisses Max that he’s actually Jones! Sheriff Taylor tased and handcuffed Max outside the university and Jones took his place.

Sheriff Taylor appears out of nowhere and yells at Jones to freeze, aware this person who looks like Max isn’t Max. Jones maneuvers her gun up to her temple and threatens to shoot her if Liz doesn’t voluntarily come with him. When Liz agrees, Jones moves the gun down to Sheriff Taylor’s side and makes her shoot herself in the leg. He then forces Taylor to join him, Heath, and Liz in the car.

Later that evening, Michael and Alex relax at Alex’s place. Michael believes they’re not the same as they were as high school kids, and it feels different now between them. Alex agrees and says it feels better.

“You sang to me in a crowded cowboy bar. That’s why I’m here to tell you, Alexander Manes, I’m home,” says Michael before delivering a series of passionate kisses.

Outside The Wild Pony, Dallas hands Kyle a paper with the equation on it. Dallas confesses Theo told him that if they can’t sever the connection, he needs to be the one who kills Max to end the dictator.