Roswell, New Mexico: Tyler Blackburn Talks Season 2 and Alex’s Relationships

The CW’s Roswell, New Mexico star Tyler Blackburn says we’ll see a more aggressive, take-charge Alex Manes when the series returns for its second season. During our interview at the New York Comic Con, Blackburn also teased that Alex’s relationship with Michael Guerin (played by Michael Vlamis) will remain…well…complicated in the upcoming season.

Roswell, New Mexico returns to The CW’s primetime lineup on Monday, March 16, 2020 at 9pm ET/PT.

Where do we pick up with Alex in the second season?

Tyler Blackburn: “When we pick up, basically Alex has been thinking about getting out of the Air Force for a while. I think that he kind of second guesses whether or not he should. I think that he’s sitting on a lot of information that only somebody in the government can have and realizes that he kind of needs to stay in there if he wants to access that information. So, he’s kind of questioning his decision that he was starting to make at the end of the first season.

But, also his relationship with Michael is a little bit fractured. He is realizing that he’s been playing with his heart a lot, so Michael Guerin’s not extremely interested in playing his games anymore. He’s realizing that he might have to put his own foot in his mouth and deal with the repercussions because Guerin’s sort of moved on from him, emotionally. Which is hard for him.

His father and him still have a contentious dynamic. His father is a little bit under his thumb because he is injured and in the hospital. He’s on a lot of meds. (Laughing) So, his relationship with his dad is kind of a power dynamic shift. It’s interesting. There’s actually a lot that happens in the first episode.”

Are there any new relationships you didn’t get to play with in the first season that you get to explore in the second?

Tyler Blackburn: “Well, it’s actually funny because Guerin and Alex…they’re together a lot this season but they’re just trying to be platonic and kind of start over. Start over to a point where they realize, ‘How do we get along? What is our relationship?’ So, he and Guerin are together a lot.

So, nothing like super new, to be honest. No relationships – other than Alex’s new love interest this season. That happens, I think, episode four you meet his new love interest. We’re actually still diving into that and working on that relationship, so it’s interesting. But in the first four episodes it’s kind of like he and Guerin trying to figure out certain aspects to the history of Roswell and Guerin’s family.”

Roswell New Mexico Season 2
Michael Trevino as Kyle and Tyler Blackburn as Alex in ‘Roswell, New Mexico’ (Photo: Ursula Coyote © 2020 The CW Network, LLC)

What have been some of your favorite moments or scenes from season two?

Tyler Blackburn: “Oh man, this is one of those questions where it’s hard because I can’t really say. It’s usually one of those that has like the most weight to them. I have to be careful. I would say there is a scene between Alex and Guerin where Alex realizes that not only has he been playing with his heart on a romantic level, but the history of the Manes family goes back generations and the Manes family has really been the demise of the alien race. You know, Guerin’s mother and stuff. So, Alex is realizing he also symbolizes a lot of pain for Guerin. He has to make a decision that’s not necessarily easy for him.

It’s a pretty quick scene, but it’s very weighted.”

Do we get to learn more about Alex’s backstory this season?

Tyler Blackburn: “We’re just starting to get into that this season. One thing that I’m eager to dip into is his time in the Air Force. I don’t know that there’s a plan for that this season, but you do see more flashbacks of him in high school – so before the Air Force. And, yeah, there’s a little bit.

But I think what he’s dealing with now is how do I evolve from this point forward? Now that I’ve stood my ground, now that I kind of run the show, how do I move forward from that point and sort of bring a little bit of who he was in high school? You know, like who he truly is. How do I get him to come out? I don’t need to always be this tough guy from the Air Force who’s resentful because I grew up with an abusive father and I lost my leg. He’s like, ‘How do I take this and use this to my advantage?’

I think in a way he kind of goes to the other end of the spectrum where he starts off the series kind of in a shell and this season he’s really coming out of his shell. He’s starting a lot of fights. He’s really becoming a bit aggressive, I would say.”

Did you see that change coming?

Tyler Blackburn: “I talked to Carina (Adly MacKenzie) about that a little bit, yeah. Because it’s like where does somebody go who suddenly feels fortified in themselves? How do they then evolve? You know what I mean? And I think sometimes that does happen where we kind of get too big for our britches and we’re like, ‘Oh, since I did this, this, and this, now I can really go all out.’ And then you realize, ‘Oh, I’m actually hurting people,’ and you have to reel that in a little bit.

That’s been fun to play with. I also love the gay man who’s like the one who’s (aggressive)! I love that, you know? He literally beats people up this season.”

Were you told what Alex’s arc was going to be when you took on the role or are you learning as it goes on?

Tyler Blackburn: “Carina has given us some information. Obviously, it’s hard because you don’t ever know how long the show’s going to go. She has a plan for all six seasons…or five seasons, I think she has. So, she told me her ideas and some things are unfolding that way and some things are not.

It’s helpful to keep us on our toes though because then every script we get it’s like, ‘Oh, okay. Why is he doing this? How do I play this?’

I feel like I knew enough going into it where I was like I like this guy and I can see a lot happening with him.”