‘The Curious Life and Death Of…’ Trailer: Shining Light on Mysterious Deaths

Smithsonian Channel is set to premiere The Curious Life and Death Of… on September 6, 2020. The new 6-part series is hosted by medical historian Dr. Lindsey Fitzharris and delves into famous mysterious deaths including that of legendary magician Harry Houdini.

Dr. Fitzharris will bring in experts to assist in the search for answers to lingering questions surrounding the tragic deaths of individuals including actress Brittany Murphy (Clueless) and legendary magician Harry Houdini.

New episodes premiere on Sundays at 9pm ET/PT.

Series Details, Courtesy of Smithsonian Channel:

The six-part series combines history, forensic science, and true crime, to explore some of the most mysterious deaths in history – and the fascinating and often strange lives that preceded them. Whether its 90s icon Brittany Murphy, Rolling Stone founder Brian Jones, or axe-murderess Lizzie Borden, the lives of these fascinating individuals are revealed through tests, investigation and autopsies as medical historian Dr. Lindsey Fitzharris provides a curious and sometimes macabre glimpse into a biography from the morgue.

Additional episodes reveal the team on a quest to identify a tiny body, “the Unknown Titanic Child,” rescued from the icy Atlantic, the mysterious death of Harry Houdini, and the infamous drug lord Pablo Escobar. Dr Lindsey Fitzharris and her team attempt to unpack curious details that have recently come to light. Along the way, she’ll be joined by a revolving cast of experts, including Scotland Yard detectives, medical examiners, weapons gurus and more.

The Curious Life and Death Of
‘The Curious Life and Death Of…’ episode 1 examines the Lizzie Borden axe murders (Photo credit: Smithsonian Channel)